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13:47 kados hiya jaron
13:47 jaron hello
13:48 kados what's new?
13:49 jaron ah, not much and with you?
13:49 jaron i haven't had much of a chance to work on anything really
13:49 kados yea, I know the feeling
13:49 kados heading to Kansas :-)
13:49 jaron Kansas?
13:50 jaron what takes you there?
13:50 kados doing a presentation for a library consortia
13:50 jaron cool
13:50 jaron how often are you travelling these days?
13:50 kados I go in spurts
13:51 kados it's been an awful lot lately
13:51 kados 2-3 flights per week for a month, then two weeks off, repeat
13:51 kados but there doesn't seem to be any way to avoid it, libraries really want to see you in person
13:52 jaron yeah, can't completely understand it but I guess that's the way folks are
17:42 martinmorris evening - I've been asking about a problem I'm having generating barcodes and wondered if anybody could help
17:43 martinmorris (hello btw)
17:43 jaron hiya
17:44 jaron I can't help much with barcodes though
17:44 jaron I first used preprinted barcodes
17:45 jaron then used my script to automatically insert the next barcode number into the record
17:46 martinmorris fair enough
17:46 jaron are you looking for how to initially create barcodes or how to print barcodes?
17:46 martinmorris it would be lovely to get it working so if anybody out there can help that would be good
17:47 martinmorris i've got barcodes, i just want to print them using koha
17:47 jaron yeah, that's the part I never got working to my satisfaction
17:47 jaron I wanted custom information on my barcodes
17:48 jaron I use glabels for printing barcodes
17:48 martinmorris i'd be perfectly happy with the bog standard ones
17:48 martinmorris glabels?
17:48 martinmorris for gnome, OK
17:48 jaron export to csv file and then print to custom template using glabels
17:48 jaron yeah, but using it on kde ;)
17:49 martinmorris OK :)
17:49 martinmorris is koha's barcoding generally hard to get working then?
17:49 jaron well, I gotta run. you've sent emails to the list?
17:50 martinmorris not yet, that's probably the next stage
17:50 jaron yeah, I'd try that--and if I remember there's some stuff about perl modules and all in the archives
17:51 jaron hope that doesn't send you one a wild goose chase :)
17:51 jaron later
18:20 martinmorris if anybody notices this, I get an error: Can't locate PDF/API2/PDF/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/local/koha/i
18:20 martinmorris ntranet/modules /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8 /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.8
18:20 martinmorris /usr/share/perl/5.8 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bi​n/barcodes/ line 33., refe
18:20 martinmorris rer: http://katalogo.martinmorris.o[…]codes/
18:54 CGI650 hello?
18:55 CGI650 ???
18:55 CGI650 anyone here?
19:12 pidgee hello all...
19:12 martinmorris hello pidgee
19:12 pidgee I've a strange return when querying the DB...
19:13 pidgee I'm asking for item with barcode 505
19:14 pidgee it returns the notice 495
19:14 pidgee but there is no barcode 505
19:14 pidgee in fact there is no more barcode 505
19:14 pidgee this book was not correctly encoded and deleted
19:15 pidgee i try to understand what's wrong in DB viewing it with mysql...
19:15 pidgee is there any drawing of the relations between DB tables ?
19:31 pidgee is there any development document explaining the linking between the tables ?
20:09 thd pidgee: is your question specifically about barcodes?
20:14 pidgee i've seen the problem at barcode level...
20:15 pidgee I'm "building" some SQL commands to generate some listings (lists of the books, borrowers, ...)
20:15 pidgee that will help us to have at some times an overview of the library
20:32 thd pidgee: you need to communicate with kados about the current koha barcode module,  I think there is problem with individual releases and the barcode module.  kados wrote the module to work from a CVS update of a particular release.  Some how I think individual releases do not all have the files in the correct location for the barcode module.
20:36 thd pidgee: kados maybe online in half an hour or so for you to ask him or you could try the koha mailing list.
20:58 pidgee I think I've found an other problem...
20:59 pidgee Some data seems to be duplicated in tables marc_subfield_table and biblio
20:59 pidgee Is it right ?
21:02 pidgee For one book, the marc data are stored correctly in table marc_subfield_table... but nothing is stored in biblio except the timestamp...
21:02 pidgee Is it normal ?
21:06 masonj pidgee: nope, that is a bit odd
21:08 masonj depending on your  kohadb/marcdb mappings, your biblio.bibitem, items records should be getting updated with your marc data
21:38 pidgee kados: hello are you online ?
21:41 kados hi pidgee
21:42 kados pidgee: what's up?
21:43 pidgee I'm using koha 2.2.5
21:43 pidgee I've a problem with the linking between the the barcode and the notice for one book...
21:43 kados I'd recommend upgrading to 2.2.9
21:44 pidgee there is nomore a barcode 505... but the search return a notice...
21:45 pidgee how is build the sql query when searching for the barcode ?
21:51 martinmorris while you're there kados - i've just sent a post to the list about a problem with barcodes I'm having
21:51 kados *nod*
21:52 martinmorris can you see it or shall i describe it again?
21:52 kados well, it's difficult because that's not exactly a maintained module
21:52 martinmorris right OK
21:52 kados someone wrote it, it never worked, and then they just up and left :-)
21:52 kados but the good news is, we just created a pretty nice new one
21:53 martinmorris in koha 3.0?
21:53 kados yep
21:54 martinmorris i can wait until then :)
21:54 kados can or can't?
21:54 martinmorris can
21:54 kados cool
22:05 thd chris: are you there?
22:13 thd kados: when I switch branches in git using the checkout command how is it possible to have different changes for multiple branches if there is only one master stored on the file system where switching branches with a checkout command does not use a different directory on the file system from the master directory?
22:32 pidgee "marc_subfield_table.bibid" should be linked to wich fields ?
23:06 thd pidgee: you are looking at something confusing because multiple keys are used redundantly
23:35 thd chris: are you awake?
23:36 thd chris: I have a question about git usage
00:09 masonj thd: chris is having a little jet-lag nap
00:10 kados naps++
00:10 thd masonj: I should have one too
00:10 thd masonj: git kept me up past my bedtime
00:13 masonj yeah, she takes a little while to get your head around
00:13 thd masonj: do you have some experience with gitweb?
00:14 masonj a little
00:14 masonj as a user, i havent set one up
00:16 thd masonj: I am trying to set one up as a user to better understand what I am doing.  I have used a local copy of viewcvs and a rsync copy of the Koha CVS to see what I am doing in CVS.
00:16 masonj right
00:17 thd masonj: unfortunately, gitweb is giving me a 403 permission denied error which I do not know how to solve
00:18 masonj yeah, ive found gitweb a good buddy to have when trying to work out what git is doing behind the scenes
00:18 masonj gitweb uses apache?
00:19 thd masonj: mine does
00:19 thd masonj: I image that any web server would do
00:19 masonj so tailing apaches error.log gives you some clues?
00:20 masonj and apaches access.log too
00:20 thd masonj: if clues were the same as solutions then I would be fine
00:20 masonj perhaps apache does have perms to read yr gitweb files
00:21 thd masonj: one of the first thing that I did was ensure that would not be true
00:22 thd masonj: I even made them world readable
00:23 masonj hmm, execute perms too?
00:24 thd masonj: everything but write permissions but I even granted those for a test
00:24 masonj :(
00:25 masonj hmmm, get chris when hes about , he has a happily running gitweb that you can compare yours too
00:26 thd masonj: yes, he must have the magic joo joo dust

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