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12:50 crt Hi!
12:50 crt I have just installed koha for windows and now I have some problems.
12:50 crt is there anybody who can help me?
12:51 kados hi crt
12:51 kados lloyd: yo
12:51 crt hi
12:51 dewey what's up, crt
12:51 lloyd oh ehehhe
12:52 crt when I start MARC Checks, it finds error:
12:52 lloyd kados, pm
12:52 crt Item fields: ALL items MUST: be mapped to the same tag and they must all be in  the 10 (items) tab
12:53 crt what does that mean?
12:53 crt and what should I do?
12:58 kados it means all your items fields need to be mapped to the same tag
12:58 kados and the must all be set up in tab 10 :-)
12:58 kados sounds like you may have edited your frameworks?
12:59 crt how can I do that?
12:59 crt I mean, how I can solve the problem? :)
13:00 kados I'd suggest reading the documentation:
13:01 kados in particular
13:01 crt thank you
13:01 crt :-)
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17:11 matthewmetzger Hello. I have a feature request that is fairly simple. Is that something that I would submit to
17:15 owen matthewmetzger: Yes, an enhancement
17:15 owen ...although not many enhancement bugs ever are taken up :(
17:17 matthewmetzger thanks for the info.
17:17 matthewmetzger Is bugzilla then not the best place to make the request? Or should I still make it there?
17:19 matthewmetzger I'd just like to request a "search results summary" on in reports. I'd like to know the total number of books that are returned on a search without having to manually count them.
17:20 matthewmetzger Something like: "Items found: 253"
17:21 owen There are a few different ways to get things done. First, you can submit an enhancement bug. The problem there is that most developers don't look there for new ideas. They've got enough of their own to fill up their time.
17:21 owen Second, you can catch a developer when they're receptive to new ideas and get them to write it on the fly
17:21 owen That's pretty rare, but not unheard of
17:22 owen Third, you can back up your request with cash :)
17:22 matthewmetzger thanks owen :)
17:22 owen Option two actually works pretty well for really small stuff, but again--you have to catch the right person at the right time
17:24 matthewmetzger kados put me on some committee involving the reports, but I haven't been mailed at all about it yet. Maybe I'll wait until that comes up.
17:25 matthewmetzger I'll also try to figure out how to leave an enhancement request on bugzilla.
17:36 ryan matthewmetzger: the in cvs reports the number returned
17:36 ryan and also has an lc sort option.
17:38 ryan matthewmetzger: it involves an update to the Circ2 module as well as the pl script and template (for npl).
17:38 matthewmetzger thanks for the update ryan.
17:39 matthewmetzger I did have a cvs downloaded version as of a month ago, but the number of items returned must be a newer addition. I'll check it out.
17:40 matthewmetzger What is the Circ2 module? Will I find it by just searching CVS?
17:44 ryan it is  C4/Circulation/
17:44 ryan ( and yes, this was just added a couple weeks ago).
17:45 matthewmetzger thanks very much! :)
17:51 ryan np
17:52 ryan hope it works for yo
17:52 ryan (you)
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23:54 walter hey jaron
23:54 walter good news
23:54 dewey good news is that search?q=callnum works now.  :)
23:55 jaron hi, walter.
23:55 jaron oh, yeah.
23:55 walter got a c coder well on his way to implementing the extended services for ruby-zoom
23:55 jaron that's great!!
23:55 jaron today I finally read the thread you'd started about it.
23:55 walter hopefully he'll finish in the next couple days and we can commit his work soon after
23:56 jaron I'm so glad to hear that.
23:56 jaron that'll make things sooooo much simpler
23:56 walter yeah, looking forward to elimenating perl dependency, complicates my install for my rails app
23:56 walter yep
23:56 jaron absolutely
23:56 masonj heya walt
23:57 jaron how's kete coming along?
23:57 walter currently you have to set cpan just to get the perl mods needed
23:57 walter hey mason
23:57 masonj still keepin' it reel?
23:57 walter or should i call you by your motorcycle gang name or something?
23:57 masonj lol
23:58 walter jaron: kete is doing well, just got three more big projects funded
23:58 jaron excellent!
23:58 masonj i be riding wit tha' perls-angels
23:58 walter including translation of interface and ability to add translation for user submitted content
23:58 jaron nice
23:58 walter and what do they call you mason?
23:59 masonj lil' kim
23:59 walter heh
23:59 walter i tought it was "lil' kim chi"?
23:59 walter cuz youse is so spicy
23:59 masonj ohh you....
00:00 walter jaron: i'll keep you posted
00:00 jaron walter: thanks
00:01 walter catch all you perls-angels, later
00:02 masonj cya walter
00:03 jaron later walter
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