IRC log for #koha, 2007-07-31

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12:32 owen kados around?
16:55 foxnorth hi all...
16:55 foxnorth kados around?
17:57 kados hiya foxnorth
17:59 foxnorth hey kados--
17:59 foxnorth kados: did you say you had a script or two for downloading marc records in various formats?
18:00 kados well, for converting at least
18:00 foxnorth ah ok
18:00 foxnorth yeah, that would be useful if you've already gotten one written
18:01 kados
18:01 kados lemme nab the xsl too
18:01 foxnorth ok great
18:01 kados ahh, and the function module too :-)
18:01 foxnorth k
18:02 kados
18:03 kados oops
18:03 kados
18:03 kados
18:03 kados heh
18:05 kados
18:07 kados so you'll need to adjust the reference to that MODS xsl file in the module
18:08 kados sloppy, I know, but it was a rush job
18:12 kados foxnorth: that only deals with records one at a time as well
18:18 kados I assume you'll want to combine a bunch of records fora batch file save
18:20 foxnorth right i'll be sending 1+ records to a script
18:22 foxnorth thanks- i'll have a look at these.  I'd like to get that, and uploading, workign over the next day or two
18:27 kados lemme also give you one that does it for 1+ records
18:28 kados
18:28 kados lots of extra stuff you don't need in there, but it'll give you some interesting hints on how to handle the header
18:28 kados and how to change the filename (if you want to let the user decide the filename )
19:06 foxnorth great- thanks!
19:06 foxnorth i think i just figured out the whole <iframe> downloading process to download records
19:07 foxnorth so hopefully i'll commit that later today
19:20 kados cool
02:35 kados hiya darcilicious
02:35 darcilicious kados!
10:10 lloyd kadso, you about?

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