IRC log for #koha, 2007-07-14

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12:58 JCATS hi
13:00 JCATS I have installed koha2.2.9 on debian 3.1r5. I'm trying to play with ./ create ..... but I get the following error:
13:00 JCATS Warning: Can't determine original templates' charset, defaulting to ISO-8859-1
13:00 JCATS Charset for /home/kds/translation/circ_al.po : ISO-8859-1
13:00 JCATS Removing empty file /home/kds/translation/circ_al.po
13:00 JCATS Create FAILED.
13:00 JCATS the command is:
13:01 JCATS ./ create -r -i /home/kds/koha-2.2.9/intranet-htm‚Äčl/intranet-tmpl/default/en/circ/ -s /home/kds/translation/circ_al.po
13:01 JCATS am I missing smth?
13:14 hdl JCATS: would you have a problem of rights ?
13:15 JCATS no
13:16 JCATS I'm logged as root
13:16 JCATS strange
13:34 hdl JCATS: is the directory destination created?
13:34 hdl should be
13:35 hdl JCATS: which country are you from ?
13:35 JCATS albania
13:35 JCATS yes the directory is created
13:55 hdl I tried and it worked.
13:56 JCATS before that I got an error for Locale::PO. I installed it. i have This is perl, v5.8.4 built for i386-linux-thread-multi
14:00 hdl have you done export KOHA_CONF=path/to/koha.conf; export PERL5LIB=path/to/modules/
14:10 JCATS hdl: yes, anyway thnx 4 ur help. I'll try again with a fresh linux intall, cause I've messed to many things up. I'll be back later. thnx again
19:56 darcilicious kados: ping?
21:52 kados hey darcilicious
21:52 kados things are winding down here, friday afternoon and all
21:52 darcilicious hey there :)
21:54 chris hey kados and darci
21:54 kados hiya chris
21:54 darcilicious heya chris :)
21:55 chris we got our gas meter upgraded and the clowns didnt reconnect it
21:55 chris its no fun having cold showers in winter
21:55 kados geeze
21:56 darcilicious ugh
21:58 chris least its not raining today
22:06 chris yay, plumber is here, might get gas again in time to go out protesting hehe

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