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12:39 hdl owen: kados hi
12:59 hdl owen : Do you know where joshua is ?
13:04 CGI960 hi anyone here
13:04 CGI960 i have installed koha and  trying to do an admin user
13:04 CGI960 with a blank database
13:06 toins CGI960: default admin user is the login/pass for mysql
13:07 toins s/for/from/
13:09 CGI960 i am not trying to login into mysql
13:09 CGI960 i want to be admin for the koha library system module
13:10 CGI960 so that i can add users and members
13:10 CGI960 anyone to help me
13:12 toins CGI960: the default admin user's login and pass *for koha*  are the same as mysl one.
13:14 owen hdl: kados was travelling yesterday, so he may still be recovering
13:15 hdl I can understand.
13:15 hdl I didn't know where he travelled to or from...
13:21 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: dbs
13:22 hdl hi
13:24 darcilicious hello
14:10 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: jaron
14:10 [K] <jaron@FreeNode> hiya
14:11 [K] <jaron@FreeNode> just me or is the regular koha channel having problems?
14:14 hdl just you
14:14 [K] <jaron@FreeNode> thanks hdl
14:14 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: jaron
14:24 jaron ok, installed pidgin and all's well
15:33 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: darcilicious i=plinkit@
16:17 MotleyFool Is this a good place/time to ask Koha questions?
16:27 jaron there're koha folks around the world so you might find someone here at any hour
16:27 jaron what's up?
16:27 jaron I might be able to help
16:28 jaron MotleyFool: and if you don't get a quick answer here you should email the listserv
16:29 MotleyFool Oh, hey.
16:30 MotleyFool Well, I have lots of Koha questions, so I might post a big long newsgroup posting.  Here's one, though...
16:30 MotleyFool When a client makes a "Reserve" request for a book,
16:31 MotleyFool 1) Is there a way Koha can stop displaying the status of "Available" for anyone who does a search for that book?  
16:31 MotleyFool 2) How does Koha "notify" the librarian?  i.e. what tells him/her to go get that book off the shelf and move it to the "Reservation Shelf" ?
16:33 jaron unfortunately I don't have enough experience with those parts of koha to know.
16:34 jaron if it doesn't do #1 you could create a dummy patron and check it out to that account
16:35 MotleyFool Ok.  No problem.
16:35 MotleyFool Hey, one other question...
16:35 jaron sure
16:35 MotleyFool The Koha Showcase libraries I see (like NPL, look beautiful
16:36 MotleyFool But my default installation of Koha doesn't look nearly as nice. Even with the NPL templates.
16:36 MotleyFool Where do all those "beautiful" layouts come from?
16:36 jaron 1st that's the dev_week version not 2.2 so that might be why
16:36 jaron I'm sure they do a lot of modifications of the templates
16:37 jaron and stylesheets
16:37 dewey stylesheets are gone from the OPAC
16:37 jaron stylesheets
16:37 dewey stylesheets are gone from the OPAC
16:37 jaron really, dewey?
16:37 dewey jaron: excuse me?
16:37 jaron dewey's a bot
16:37 jaron don't mind him
16:37 MotleyFool Ah. :-)
16:38 jaron dewey: botsnack
16:38 dewey :)
16:38 MotleyFool I see that they're using something called "KohaZOOM" - is that different than Koha?  Prettier?  Not free?
16:39 MotleyFool I also see that SMFPL ( looks almost identical to NPL. :-(  Wish mine looked that nice.
16:40 jaron it's free but more difficult to set up
16:41 jaron a lot of the features in dev_week are in koha 3 which is under development
16:41 jaron you might try looking at your settings and trying different opac templates
16:42 jaron I'm not sure which are available now
16:43 MotleyFool Hmmm.  Well, I can probably handle a difficult setup if need be.  Do you know where I can download KohaZOOM then?
16:43 MotleyFool (I tried some different templates - they're not bad, but not quite as good as the "real" libraries have)
16:45 jaron might see here:[…]ingzebraplugin226
16:46 jaron the other option that I would take would be to play with the stylesheets to get more what you want
16:46 jaron and then if you have to change the templates
16:46 MotleyFool Thank you.  As I search around, I'm getting the idea that dev_week is probably the bleeding edge version of Koha?  i.e. maybe not stable, but the latest/greatest version?
16:46 jaron dev_week is a dead end
16:47 jaron that's my understanding
16:47 jaron currently 3 is being developed
16:48 MotleyFool Ok.
16:48 MotleyFool Tricky stuff. :-)
16:49 dbs Hi MotleyFool: I _think_ KohaZOOM is a Liblime-specific product name
16:50 dbs 3.0 is in the process of getting pulled together for a prerelease candidate
16:50 jaron dbs: I think you're correct on that. Right now though the KohaZOOM product is probably dev_week.
16:50 MotleyFool I guess my question kinda boils down to "How do I get as nice a looking OPAC page as the Koha Showcase libraries have?"  If the answers is "Spend money!" or "Do lots of custom CSS work", then I guess I may just try to live with 2.2.9's default or npl templates. :-)
16:50 dbs jaron: right -- sort of a Koha 2.4 (by way of the zebra plugin)
16:51 jaron you might ask on the list for other suggestions, but CSS and HTML template changes are all that I can come up with
16:52 dbs MotleyFool: Right now there's a lot of discussion on the list about the 3.0 templates; I suspect that 3.0 will have nicer looking templates, but "Spend money / Do lots of custom work" is always the default answer :)
16:52 MotleyFool But I want everything for free, and I want everyone else to do the work!!1
16:52 MotleyFool :-)
16:54 MotleyFool Ok.  Where's the best place to find more help - posting to the mailing list, or to gmane.comp.misc.koha?  (or are they the same?)
16:55 jaron I'd subscribe to the mailing list
16:55 jaron gmane is a nice interface for reading back threads though
16:56 MotleyFool M'kay.
16:56 MotleyFool Thanks for all the help.
16:57 jaron sure good luck
16:57 hdl jaron you're right.
16:57 hdl dbs too.
18:16 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: darcilicious i=plinkit@
20:26 chris morning
20:26 jaron good evening
20:27 chris busy day jaron?
20:27 jaron should be ;)
20:29 chris thats what i like to see, wake up to a bunch of cvs commit mails :)
20:31 owen Hi chris
20:32 chris heya owen :) hows things?
20:33 owen Pretty good. Coming up on a big project deadline, so...busy.
20:33 chris kahurangi is loving the little wooden fish toy
20:33 owen Good. :)
20:33 owen I really like seeing the updates on your blog
20:33 chris did you hear im going to be over your way in august?
20:33 owen No, that's great! Whole family?
20:33 chris cool, ill keep doing them, ill try to get a photo of him with his fish
20:34 chris just me im afraid, in athens for a couple of weeks then new york for a bit
20:35 chris laurel and kahu might be heading over in september tho, ... for a family reunion, so separate travel this year hehe, but that way we dont have to kennel the dogs and get a house/cat sitter
20:36 chris next year we will have to be more organised :)
20:36 owen Yeah, I know how that is. Think of it this way: at least you don't have chickens too :)
20:36 chris hehe good point
20:41 hdl hi
20:41 dewey bonjour, hdl
20:41 chris hdl is still awake?
20:41 hdl just passing around
20:44 chris hdl: i just finished a coffee and a pan au chocolat
20:44 chris it wasnt as good as the ones i had in france :)
20:44 hdl :P
20:45 hdl yeah French are the kings for that
20:45 chris sure are
20:45 hdl And My brother wants to specialize in pastries.
20:45 chris ohhh, thats a good brother to have
20:45 hdl Sure!
20:46 hdl time to go to bed.
20:46 hdl See you
20:46 chris good night
20:50 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: dbs n=dan@pdpc/supporter/active/denials
22:55 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ahinui
07:43 hdl salut
07:53 toins salut
07:53 dewey hello, toins

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