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22:19 chris morning
22:48 kados hiya
10:47 jamesa hello all, can anyone tell me if email notification of requests in in 2.2.7 and where in the doco to find out about it please?
11:30 kados morning all
11:30 kados hi jamesa
11:30 kados jamesa: it should be in the cron/ directory
11:30 kados dcs will be in the scripts themselves I think
11:35 jamesa ok, I just got back, so setup a cron job to run a script that i should find in the koha/cron directory ?
11:36 kados think so
11:37 kados ahh
11:37 jamesa I have some scripts .pl in /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/misc/notifys but none seem to be about reserves - seem to be about fines
11:37 kados in rel_2_2 it's in koha/misc
11:37 kados
11:38 kados ahh, you need one for requests
11:38 kados sorry
11:38 kados the way I've done that in the past is to just insert some code into
11:38 kados what's your email I'll send you a patch
11:39 jamesa ok thanks,
11:41 jamesa so that's part of C4::Koha ?
11:42 jamesa oh no I see it in /intranet/modules
11:42 kados ?
11:42 kados C4/ patch should be in your inbox :-)
11:43 jamesa the module is in /intranet/modules
11:43 kados yea
11:43 kados intranet/modules/C4
11:46 jamesa ok got the email - thanks, on first glance it seems to be sending to a pre defined email address (librarian?)
11:46 kados that one does, yea
11:47 kados you could easily snag the patron's email
11:47 jamesa I would like to notify the borrower when their request is available (status = checked in, or on shelf)
11:47 kados ahh
11:47 kados for that you'd have to play around in I think
11:47 jamesa this could be a basis for creating something, perhaps a cronjob after all
11:48 kados yea, it could also be a cronjob that watches the reserves table
11:48 jamesa cronjob - lookup reserves table, check item status, notify borrower
11:48 jamesa easy when you type it quick!
11:49 kados :-)
11:49 jamesa will take me some time though, so if no one has invented this wheel before I will consider if it is within my meagre skills
11:51 jamesa would perl be the preferred tool, I see some koha add ons in PHP
11:52 jamesa might need to track if email has already been sent, dont want to nag borrower every day
11:53 jamesa another table or collumn in the DB?
11:53 kados that'd be one way to do it
11:53 kados what I'd do, is email the koha-devel list
11:53 kados and explain what you need in detail
11:54 kados then propose a design idea you have
11:54 kados see what folks say
11:54 kados it'd be nice if whatever you create could be used by others IYKWIM
11:55 jamesa I have no problem sharing it, a cance to give something back, would like to know it has not been written already though
11:58 jamesa ok, time for bed here, I shall check koha-devel archives and then send an email
11:58 jamesa cheers

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