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16:57 owen Somehow I'd never seen this before today:
07:28 toins hi #koha
07:41 hdl lo toins
07:41 toins hello hdl
08:55 chris hi fallor
08:59 Fallor hello chris
09:00 Fallor i have a bit of a problem here
09:01 mason heya chris and fallor
09:01 Fallor i'm trying to install koha 2.2.9 on a CentOS 5 system
09:02 Fallor it had MySQL 5 which obviously is not a good choice, so I replaced it with MySQL 4.1 from MySQL's site
09:02 toins hi all
09:02 mason hi toins
09:02 Fallor but MySQL 4.1 refuses to start :(
09:02 chris righto, to get it going with mysql 5 isnt actually too bad, you have to edit one file
09:02 chris to get it installed
09:02 toins Fallor: you should take mysql from package
09:02 chris then 2 or 3 modules
09:03 Fallor toins: MySQL is from a package for rhel4, but it seemed to install without problems
09:04 Fallor so to get it going with MySQL 5 what do I have to do?
09:04 Fallor is there somekind of wikipage or something?
09:04 chris[…]/2006/010269.html
09:04 chris and
09:04 chris[…]/2006/010477.html
09:04 chris the bits at the bottom
09:05 toins Fallor: i've just say if you want mysql4.1 try to get it from package instead from mysql website....
09:05 Fallor i don't think there is a other mysql 4.1 rpm packages for centos beside the ones in mysql site
09:06 chris Fallor: or if you know your way around cvs .. you can checkout the rel_2_2 branch
09:06 toins try rpm -qa | grep mysql
09:06 chris and get the and files from there .. then all you need to do is edit the koha.mysql file
09:07 chris (but if you can get mysql 4.1 going that would be easier)
09:07 Fallor toins: it lists the packages that I have installed, thus
09:08 Fallor MySQL-server-standard-4.1.22-0.rhel4
09:08 Fallor MySQL-shared-standard-4.1.22-0.rhel4
09:08 Fallor well, if I can't get 4.1 working, then I'll try the other way
09:08 toins Fallor: so 'yum install MySQL-server-standard-4.1.22-0.rhel4'
09:09 Fallor toins: hmm... what difference would that make?
09:11 Fallor ... and it doesn't even work ;)
09:12 toins Fallor: what's wrong ? error ?
09:13 toins service mysqld start ?
09:14 Fallor yum has no such packages
09:14 Fallor it's not in centos repos
09:22 Fallor and it _is_ installed from rpms
09:23 Fallor the ones provided by mysql :)
09:23 Fallor but i think i'll go the mysql 5 way
09:36 Fallor DBI connect('Koha:localhost','kohaadmin',...) failed: Access denied for user 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' (using password: YES) at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 411
09:36 Fallor Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at scripts/updater/updatedatabase line 1553.
09:36 Fallor Problem updating database..
09:36 Fallor the same error
09:37 Fallor i don't understand
09:37 Fallor it creates a new database fine, but doesn't let kohaadmin in
09:42 Fallor and doesn't have a line that[…]/2006/010477.html is talking about :(
09:44 mason hmm, so is koha creating the db ok, but not succeeding to create the 'kohaadmin' user...
09:45 mason $ mysql -ukohaadmin -pMyPassword Koha
09:45 mason does that work?
09:47 chris i know the fix for that
09:50 Fallor ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
09:50 chris shell> mysql -u root
09:50 chris mysql> DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE User = '';
09:50 chris mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
09:50 Fallor if i try to access the Koha database as kohaadmin
09:50 chris then try again
09:51 chris whats happened is that with mysql 5, there is a default user set for anything@localhost, with  no privs
09:51 chris its matching that
09:51 chris before it gets to the rule saying kohaadmin@%
09:51 chris which does have privileges
09:52 Fallor hmm, Koha database exists
09:52 chris ive made a small fix to the installer in cvs to cope with htat, but for its easiest to just drop the default user
09:52 Fallor should I drop it first?
09:52 chris before you do, just try connecting as kohaadmin on the commandline
09:53 chris to check if that works now
09:53 Fallor works now :)
09:53 chris cool
09:53 Fallor let's try the installer again
09:53 chris so you will want to drop the db, and drop that user
09:53 Fallor ok
09:53 chris (or make a different user and db)
09:53 chris in the installer
09:55 Fallor DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Invalid default value for 'aqbudgetid' at scripts/updater/updatedatabase line 1717.
09:55 Fallor DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Invalid default value for 'id' at scripts/updater/updatedatabase line 1717.
09:55 Fallor synch'ing borrowers
09:55 Fallor two DBD errors, is that a problem?
09:55 chris hmm could be
09:56 chris i think you will be missing a table, or two
09:56 chris but we can fix that
09:56 chris by running some sql in mysql, so not a biggy
09:56 chris ill just check what line 1717 is
10:01 chris when its finished the installer
10:01 chris can you jump into the Koha db
10:01 chris and do a describe aqbudget;
10:02 chris and describe z3950servers;
10:02 chris if you get back table definitions from them, then all good, nothing to worry about
10:03 Fallor they don't exist
10:03 Fallor ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'Koha.aqbudget' doesn't exist
10:03 Fallor and the same for Z3950servers;
10:04 Fallor nope
10:04 Fallor they exist alright
10:04 Fallor wrong database... ;)
10:04 chris :)
10:04 chris cool
10:05 Fallor seems to be fine
10:05 Fallor now I'll just have to deal with httpd.conf
10:05 chris sweet
10:05 chris yep, there should be a koha-httpd.conf (in /etc) which is a decent start
10:06 chris just out of curiousity can I ask where you are?
10:06 Fallor from finland
10:06 chris im guessing finland (as a random guess)
10:06 chris heh
10:06 chris the suomi in ur host was what gave it away
10:07 Fallor yep :)
10:07 Fallor and you understood it :)
10:07 Fallor most people don't have a clue
10:07 chris i met a couple of students from finland when i was in university
10:08 chris its on my list of countries i want to visit one day
10:10 Fallor ok, welcome :)
10:10 Fallor you're from U.S.?
10:10 chris new zealand
10:10 Fallor ah, ok
10:10 chris most of the US koha developers are still asleep :)
10:11 Fallor yes, of course
10:11 paul and frenchies will be afk soon : lunch time :-D
10:11 paul good night chris
10:11 Fallor You work for Katipo?
10:11 paul who ? me or chris ?
10:11 chris i used to, until april this year
10:12 Fallor well... both? ;)
10:12 chris paul is in france and works for paul :-)
10:12 paul I never worked for katipo myself, but works on koha since 4,5 years now.
10:13 Fallor ok
10:13 chris i worked for katipo from 1997, to 2007, and now for liblime
10:13 Fallor i've just done some random koha installations here
10:13 Fallor i'm still studying
10:14 chris have you seen
10:14 Fallor right now i'm doing one for the kuopio art museum
10:14 chris oh and bonjour paul ( i forgot to say hi)
10:14 chris ohhh, my wife would love that, shes an art teacher
10:14 Fallor nope, i haven't seen that
10:14 Fallor i do have somekind of finnish translation for the NPL templates
10:15 Fallor it's quite complete but needs some brushing up
10:15 chris cool, the idea here is that we get the translated strings, and then can generate the templates for each version
10:16 Fallor yep it's translated from the .po file
10:16 Fallor i could send you the .po if you like
10:16 chris that would be great
10:16 chris ill get it added to the site
10:17 Fallor so where shall i send it to?
10:18 Fallor mind you, it's not a perfect translation
10:18 chris i bet its better than if i tried :)
10:19 Fallor some texts are a bad finnish
10:20 Fallor it's _possibly_ better than your finnish translation would be ;)
10:21 chris hehe
10:21 Fallor it's difficult to translate english to finnish
10:21 Fallor the two are incompatible
10:21 Fallor for example we don't have words like from and to
10:21 Fallor we express them with suffixes
10:21 chris ahh that would make it tricky
10:22 Fallor it does indeed :D
10:23 Fallor and that's not the only problem
10:23 Fallor they are just very different languages
10:23 chris right
10:23 chris sometimes you cant just do it with po files
10:24 Fallor automatic machine translations usually make finns rolling on the floor
10:24 chris yeah, thats one of the reasons we went with html::templates
10:24 Fallor roll on the floor (i think that should be)
10:25 chris because sometimes you need to just go edit the templates because direct translations dont work
10:25 Fallor true
10:26 Fallor well, i'll send the .po to you later today or tomorrow
10:26 chris cool
10:27 Fallor now i have to go and carry my new kitchen in
10:27 chris good luck :)
10:27 Fallor i've bought an appartment and i'm renewing it
10:27 chris oh cool
10:27 Fallor so see you :)
10:27 chris see you another time
10:27 Fallor nice chatting with you
10:27 chris you too

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