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12:09 slef hi
12:11 paul hi slef.
12:11 paul i'll try this week to commit working sql files for koha 3.0
12:12 paul (to answer you koha-devel mail)
12:16 slef paul: thanks 1000
12:23 slef paul: will we be moving to web installer during 2.2?
12:23 slef with the sql and the xml and kados's notes and asking, I can maybe crack the new installer this week
12:47 slef just discovered why one of my partners had gone unreachable
12:47 slef[…]shire/6236196.stm
12:48 slef they've evacuated as a precaution... their address is something like "Waterside"
14:21 slef what spec servers are people using for koha-zebra?
14:32 martinmorris hi there, quick newbie question - is there a way of setting up default entries for hte fields in teh 'Add MARC' page?
14:32 martinmorris my cataloguing source and so on will prettty much always be the same and i'd like to save time
14:33 slef I don't think so, but I'm probably wrong. Would be a useful addition.  request it as an enhancement at
14:34 jaron martinmorris: you could probably write a plugin and point to it with the framework.
14:34 martinmorris i was thinking of perhaps authorized values
14:34 martinmorris which isn't quite the same but would help
14:35 jaron you should be able to do that
14:36 martinmorris fair enough, ta guys
15:16 slef serene koha-git is back up-to-date (memory problem cured)
20:54 mason_ morning
21:26 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ben_goodger
21:26 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: ben_goodger
07:30 toins hi #koha
08:34 chris evening
08:34 paul hi chris
08:36 chris hows things in france?
08:45 chris it behaving badly paul?
09:20 paul chris: my problem was that is case sensitive...
09:21 chris ahh
09:21 paul and the reported error was not that clear (as usual...)
09:21 chris that is a good thing to now
09:21 paul know even ;-)
09:21 chris yeah, when it works its great, when it doesnt work, the error messages arent usually helpful at all
09:22 chris yep know :)
09:23 chris do you have tickets to any of the world cup paul? :-)
09:23 paul nope.
09:23 chris probably very expensive?
09:23 paul france or all black are expensive, yes.
09:24 paul but italy vs argentina is probably not
09:24 paul there are some games in Marseille however. but with 4 childrens, I have higher priorities.
09:24 chris i think argentina might be a suprise package this year
09:25 chris they have been playing very well lately
09:25 paul but i'm sure my brother will buy some tickets.
09:25 chris how are the children? all well I hope
09:25 paul you mean beat all blacks in 1/4 finals ?
09:25 chris i hope not :)
09:25 paul then being so tired that they will loose against france in semi final
09:25 chris :)
09:25 paul france winning the final vs australia
09:26 paul sounds a good plan ;-)
09:26 chris as long as australia dont win :)
09:57 si chris: so you haven't swung some way for liblime to have a meeting in france at the appropriate time?
09:57 chris im working on it .. but its not seeming likely :)
09:59 si it'll only lead to heartache...
09:59 chris heh
10:14 paul chris sleeping or still around ?
10:15 chris still around for about 15mins more
10:15 paul I have a problem with callnumber search.
10:15 paul zebra says :
10:15 paul 12:14:42-26/06 zebrasrv(4) [request] Search biblios ERROR 114 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @attr 4=1 @attr 1=20 44.180
10:15 paul 12:14:42-26/06 zebrasrv(4) [session] Connection closed by client
10:15 paul any idea what is "ERROR 114 1" ?
10:15 chris hmm no, i havent seen that one before
10:16 paul hehe, /me is a great explorer !
10:16 chris[…]tober/001223.html
10:16 chris might help
10:17 chris thats the only thing about error 114 i could find :)
10:18 paul I love those kind of mails, that, once read, make me feel really a stupid guy... as I don't understand even a word of what marc says !
10:19 chris ill ask joshua when i see him
10:19 paul thx, i'll continue to investigate.
10:19 paul sweet night to you & your family
10:19 chris he might understand that email, its like it was written in another language to me :)
10:19 chris thanks, have a good day
10:19 paul time to go to lunch in France
10:20 si mmm, lunch

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