IRC log for #koha, 2007-06-06

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13:40 paul kados_: are you around ?
13:40 paul rch: are you around ?
13:50 owen Hi paul
13:50 paul hi owen
13:50 paul liblimers are away it seems.
13:50 paul i had a zebra question, I won't ask you ;-)
13:51 owen Wise choice.
14:32 slef Hi all. Is there anything I should urgently do for koha?
14:45 owen slef, you could always pick something randomly from bugzilla :)
07:06 paul hello js
07:07 js hello #koha
08:59 slef In 2.2.9, does Normal acquisitions work?
08:59 slef It tells me to define a budget, which I think I've already done in the Parameters section.
09:00 paul hi slef
09:00 slef hi paul
09:00 paul you have defined a budget, but do you have affected an amount & a valid date for it (ie : i have 1000€ to spent between jan, 01 and dec 31 of this year)
09:01 slef I think it deleted my end date from the budget.  Let me check.
09:01 slef yep... readded end date
09:02 slef yep, now normal Acqui works
09:02 slef so the error should be that no *usable* budget exists, not that no budget exists?
09:03 paul it means "no budget active today"
11:16 kados_ hi all
11:36 slef kados: hi
11:36 dewey niihau, slef
11:36 slef dewey: shutup and eat a botsnack
11:36 dewey thanks slef :)

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