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16:12 rch owen: hi - are you around ?
16:12 owen Yup
16:13 rch was wondering what the issue was with jquery ?
16:13 rch i have need for some more javascript stuff...
16:13 rch btw, the sweet Titles thing is very nice
16:14 owen I'm sure it's possible to put together a good jquery system to do the thing we're trying to do. I was just trying to find something pre-made so that a lot of time wouldn't go into it. The jquery system I showed you relied on storing the popup text in an external file, and that wasn't a very flexible way to do things.
16:14 owen I
16:14 rch ah, right.
16:15 owen I'm fairly new to jquery, so I don't have confidence that I could whip something together in a short time.
16:15 rch you have an opinion on jquery v yui?
16:16 owen Jquery is so lightweight, I'm attracted to it just for that. On the other hand, YUI has a lot of stuff built in that makes it very useful
16:17 owen To be honest I haven't done enough with either one to really be able to make a judgement
16:19 rch yeah, i'm looking for more of a cut-n-paste solution than to learn jquery (or yui)...  too bad sweetTitles can't do what i need...  
16:19 owen It can't?
16:21 rch I need to pop up a full marc record
16:21 owen Oh, you're talking about something different. I thought we were still on title tooltips.
16:22 rch ah, no... the tooltips are great as they are...
16:22 rch but it would be nice to have the same code handle this, since it's for same site.
16:22 owen What are the requirements?
16:22 dewey the requirements are listed on
16:23 rch i just need to hide/display the full marc on z39.50 search.
16:23 rch there's an issue with that script, though, that makes it a little weird.
16:24 rch the axynchronous zoom search forces several pages to load... so divs are defined multiple times
16:32 owen I'm not sure I understand the problem... I'm picturing the z39.50 results list, and a button or link or something that says 'view MARC' ?
16:32 owen And you'd like that click to open up a window that shows the contents of the MARC record?
16:34 rch yep. tho' i'd rather have all the marc data in the searchresults page and show/hide div.  
16:35 owen You could have the click show/hide a div that uses AJAX to dynamically load the MARC as needed
16:35 owen I'm not sure what would be involved in styling the data you'd be retrieving
16:36 rch well, i can get it _as_formatted, and put it in <pre> tags, which works
16:36 rch or as xml and apply xslt, which is too hard for me right now, but would be cool.
16:37 owen Agreed on both counts.
16:37 rch but i was looking for js library to add some nice style to the hide/show bit.
16:38 rch tho, frankly, i'm having more trouble with the basic hide/show than i expected...
16:38 rch too bad the documented ESCAPE="JS" doesnt' actually work in html::template :(
21:16 chris morning

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