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12:00 kyle I really don't want to create merge tables and have to make everyone who uses my reports create them also, so I'd much rather do it the way you suggest.
12:01 kyle so how would I combine 'items' and 'deleteditems' with 'statistics'
12:02 hdl Select IF(items.itemnumber IS NOT NULL, items.itemnumber, deleted_items.itemnumber) itemnumber WHERE issues left join items on issues.itemnumber=items.itemnumber left join deleteditems on issues.itemnumber=deleted_items.itemnumber
12:03 hdl Sorry.
12:03 kyle wow, I wish koha would just use the MERGE tables instead ; )
12:03 hdl Change WHERE into FROM.
12:03 dewey hdl: that doesn't look right
12:06 hdl kyle.
12:07 kyle yes hdl
12:07 hdl Looking at merge tables, maybe you are right to use this.
12:07 hdl BUT.
12:07 kyle ...
12:07 hdl I hope taht other sqlengine can have the same facility.
12:07 kyle you mean like postgresql?
12:08 kyle or you mean like myisam?
12:10 hdl postgresql...
12:14 kyle yes, it appears that postgresql supports a similar functionality
12:14 kyle may I ask why?
12:18 kyle has there been thought of switching koha from mysql to postgres?
13:15 hdl kyle : thought of being sql manager independant is always present. Even though none of devs or clients are about to implement such a change in the next few months.
13:15 hdl But thinking about it can be of great help.
13:15 kyle that's what I figured, try to keep one's options open
13:16 kyle for the most part, mysql is the least feature rich dbms out there, so we have that on our side.
13:16 kyle has anyone had a chance to take a look at the ClubsAndServices stuff I committed?
13:17 kyle I was hoping to get some feedback.
13:17 kyle I should really make some npl templates for it, right now there are only ccfls templates.
13:17 kyle I thought I should talk to owen first.
13:18 owen kyle, I certainly don't mind if you want to make some npl templates
13:18 kyle good to know, thanks owen.
13:18 owen I'm so busy with another project right now that I don't much time to work on Koha
13:18 kyle : /
13:19 kyle Cindy and I are going to work on making a Koha virtual appliance this summer, after we've switched meadville to koha
13:19 kyle that would make for a nice way to have a test service in minutes.
15:08 cm hey owen, i just committed a modification to that might help you out.
15:08 owen Oh yeah? You found the problem with the blank expiry dates?
15:09 cm sort of.
15:09 cm it calculates an expiry date if it doesn't exist when you're modifying a record.
15:09 cm before it only did if you were adding a new one.
15:10 cm it's in the modmember sub.
15:10 cm still don't know why it's occuring initially, though.
15:11 cm aack! i've got to go to a meeting.  be back here later.
15:27 hdl cm
15:27 hdl When you are back; I have a little remark on your commit.
15:28 hdl It looks that you are relying on Date::Manip and not Date::Calc.
15:28 hdl Which is not the standard we chose to use.
15:29 hdl I agree that you committed on dev_week and not rel_2_2... But The more we do standard dev.
15:29 hdl The less integration will be painfull.
16:03 rch owen: you around?
16:03 owen yes
16:03 rch got a javascript Q
16:03 owen I'll do my best :)
16:03 rch Stow reports the intranet is working well and fast in Opera
16:04 rch except for
16:04 rch <input type="submit" name="submit"  value="Place New Request"  class="submit" onclick="if (this.form.member.value=='') { alert('Borrower Card Number Required'); return false; } else { this.value='Please wait...'; this.disabled=true;return true;}"  />
16:05 rch The page hangs, form not submitted when you click this button.
16:05 rch (i added the return true)
16:05 owen I'll check it out right now. They're Opera users hunh?
16:06 rch well, the tech guy claims significant speed difference from FF.
16:09 owen Yeah, definitely not working in Opera. I'll see what I can come up with. It was kind of a hack to begin with, but Koha doesn't prevent duplicate reserves.
16:10 owen Although librarians sometimes /want/ to be able to reserve multiple copies at a time...
16:11 kyle Does anyone know why the choice was made to have the catalog search display the homebranch of an item instead of the holdingbranch?
16:11 kyle Under 'Location' in the intranet catalog search
16:12 owen kyle, I don't like that either. kados says I told him to do it that way in dev_week, but I deny it :)
16:12 owen It needs to be changed ASAP
16:12 kyle I just changed it, should I commit the change?
16:12 owen I'd say so
16:12 kyle ok, will do.
16:14 kyle also under location, koha lists the call numbers after the location, but it lists *all* the call numbers at *every* location for *each* item
16:15 owen kyle, I'm not sure what you mean. do you have an example?
16:15 kyle it seems that it should lists the call numbers for only the items held at each library.
16:15 kyle Stone Memorial Library (1), (ECLS Coll. 4 | ECLS Coll. 1)
16:15 kyle Meadville Public Library (1), (ECLS Coll. 4 | ECLS Coll. 1)
16:16 kyle Call number ECLS Coll. 1 is held at Stone Memorial, ECLS Coll.4 is held at Meadville Public Library
16:16 owen Are you talking about the search results screen?
16:16 kyle yes
16:19 owen Ours doesn't display that way... I'm not sure why
16:20 kyle interesting...I'll have to dig further. Which version are you running?
16:20 owen dev_week from CVS, not updated in a while
16:21 kyle ok, we're running dev_week too. I'll have to do some digging I guess.
16:41 hdl kyle rel_2_2 display as such :
16:41 hdl 11  
16:41 hdl
16:41 hdl CPPM (2) (EC1-ACC-91)
16:41 hdl
16:41 hdl IPNL (CERN11 - Bib)
16:41 hdl
16:41 hdl IPNO (EC 458-NOO 1)
16:41 hdl
16:41 hdl LAL (210.60-24-A)
16:41 hdl
16:41 hdl LAL (210.60-24-B)
16:42 hdl
16:42 hdl LAPP (CERN RJ)
16:42 hdl
16:42 hdl LPCC (RAP)
16:42 hdl
16:42 hdl LPCC (CERN)
16:42 hdl
16:42 hdl LPNH (300 NOO 1)
16:42 hdl
16:42 hdl LPSC (09)
16:42 hdl (When more than 1 item, put item count in 1st ())
16:42 hdl CPPM LAL is a branchcode.
16:46 toins hi all
16:46 rch hi toins
17:00 owen rch, I just committed modified version of request.tmpl and that should fix the Opera problem. Works for me now in Opera 9
17:01 rch great! thx owen
17:02 cm kyle, ours has all of them because we're using itemcallnumber instead of callnumber or dewey or whatever it is normally.
17:03 cm we often don't have callnumber in our records, but we always have itemcallnumber.
17:03 cm hdl, you're right about using date:calc.  i'll look into converting it.
17:03 cm yeah owen, you're right.
17:05 cm hdl, i just copied & pasted some code from the newmember sub.  I guess hasn't been converted to use Date:Calc in dev_week yet.
18:20 hdl kados around ?
18:21 hdl cm in rel_2_2 it was.
19:10 cm hdl:  rel_2_2 uses Date:Calc?
20:15 cm hdl, nevermind, I see that it does.  I changed dev_week so it uses Date::Calc too.  Someone might want to have a glance at it to be sure I didn't miss anything, though.
20:38 hdl cm : I cannot test dev_week. We donot have time enough.
20:38 hdl will kados come around ?
20:45 cm hdl, that's okay.  i can relate.  ;)
20:46 hdl cm thanks for your understanding.

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