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13:06 owen rch or kados around?
13:10 rch hey owen
13:11 owen Hi rch, can you take a look at a catalog problem for me?
13:11 rch sure
13:11 owen Searching for "we shall not sleep" -- http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]e+shall+not+sleep
13:12 owen Doesn't work. But this does: http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]?q=we+shall+sleep
13:12 owen I'm guessing it's the "not" ?
13:14 rch yep, i'd say so
13:14 rch quoting 'not sleep' works
13:22 rch owen: we need to do some parsing of input...
13:29 hdl hi rch and owen.
13:30 owen Hi hdl
13:30 rch hi hdl - any fix for this in rel_3 ?
13:40 hdl rch : I could work on it soon. But not today.
13:41 hdl a workaround is obvious.
13:41 hdl as you stated.
13:41 hdl But a true parser would be better.
17:25 slef hi all... anyone know a free software PDF viewer for Windows?
17:33 owen Foxit
17:49 slef apparently SumatraPDF is one
17:49 slef
17:49 slef Foxit isn't free software AFAIK
17:50 owen No, not open source, just no charge
17:50 owen Can't have everything.
17:54 slef can... see SumatraPDF ;-)
18:00 cm owen, did you ever figure out what was going on with bug 1315?
18:00 cm[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1315
18:01 cm i'm experiencing something similar.
18:01 cm the expiry is auto-calculated if i'm adding a new patron, but if I'm editing one that doesn't have an expiry,
18:02 cm or the expiry is messed up, it won't auto-calculate.
18:02 owen No, cm, I really only reported the bug. I never tried to track it down.
18:02 owen I'd love to get it fixed, because none of the librarians here remember /why/ the circ page is throwing an error. They just panic and call me :)
18:03 robin hi everyone i am newbie with koha and i want to convert my winisis database into koha,
18:03 cm yeah, exactly.
18:03 cm hi robin.
18:04 cm i thought maybe if the field wasn't null, but had garbage in it like 0000-00-00, it wouldn't autocalculate, but that isn't the case.
18:04 robin but i cannot beacouse tellme that the isb or issn thannot exist
18:04 robin sorry my english
18:05 owen robin have you seen:
18:05 robin i see it
18:05 robin i try it but give an error with that script
18:06 cm me neither.  
18:07 robin everyone uses that script??
18:08 robin it works??
18:08 robin how??
18:08 owen robin are you on the Koha mailing list?
18:09 robin yes i am
18:10 owen Did you see the discussion "From CDS/ISIS to Koha" ?
18:10 robin yes
18:11 robin tall about marcbreaker and more
18:11 owen That information was not helpful? You might get better help by replying to that thread
18:12 robin one problem maybe can be tha we uses ^ to separe or subfields
18:12 robin anyone uses that??
18:12 owen I don't think anyone here has any experience with CDS/ISIS
18:13 robin ok
18:14 robin thanks anyway
19:28 cm kyle, i was'll probably need to do your database magic on the borrowers & deletedborrowers tables, too.
19:29 cm though it won't be as pertinent, because we only delete borrowers if they haven't used their card in a very long time.
11:46 kyle hey all, is anyone around?
11:46 kyle I have a question that I think is reasonably important.
11:49 paul kyle : i'm here
11:49 paul hello
11:49 dewey salut, paul
11:52 kyle hey paul
11:53 kyle I'm working on my custom reports, and I realized that whenever I have a report that selects statistics and items, or statistics and borrowers, etc.., the stats will be fine until said item or borrower is deleted, at that point, everything that had to do with that borrower will dissapear from the statstics.
11:54 kyle I checked koha's internal reports, and the same problem appears
11:54 kyle am I missing something?
11:55 hdl Yes and no.
11:55 kyle please go on...
11:55 hdl Indeed, if we do stats only on biblios and items asoasf... then you are right.
11:56 hdl But if we also join with deleteditems... and any deleted tables, then the problem... Wil be solved in 3.0
11:56 kyle that's what I would like to do in my reports.
11:57 hdl (Will be because at the moment, with 22 deleted tables are not accurate)
11:57 kyle I couldn't find any way to create a combined virtual table of items and deleteditems on the fly
11:58 kyle but I did find a way to create a table in the database the is a virtual table that can be up of any number of tables as long as the table structure is identical between them.
11:58 kyle so I created a MERGE table of items and deleteditems called all_items
11:59 hdl With table a left join items on ... left join deleteditems on ...
11:59 kyle I had to drop and recreate the deleted_ tables because they weren't identical
11:59 kyle could you give me a full sql example?
11:59 hdl You could leave a merge table aside.
11:59 kyle for items...

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