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12:23 heroxbd hi
12:24 heroxbd # be mapped to the same tag,
12:24 heroxbd # and they must all be in the 10 (items) tab
12:24 heroxbd I checked the MARC framework and the second field got this error.
12:25 heroxbd What does this mean? I have surfed through koha demo but got no clue.
12:37 hdl heroxbd: it means that some items table field are not mapped to various MARC tags, which should not happen.
12:38 hdl heroxbd: go to parameters/links Koha-MARC
12:38 hdl On items table.
12:38 hdl You shoulf have only fields of the SAME MARC tag.
12:39 heroxbd Oh, I rememeber that I linked two tags to one item.
12:39 hdl If you donot, then you have to change.
12:39 heroxbd I will check that
12:40 hdl heroxbd: mapping two tags to 1 item DO NOT work.
12:40 heroxbd So that's the error resides?
12:41 hdl Maybe.
12:42 hdl Remeber : tag stands for 001 to 999 and subfield is 0-9 and a-z plus @
12:42 hdl (In MARC*)
12:45 heroxbd "You shoulf have only fields of the SAME MARC tag." I don't quite understand this, sorry
12:46 heroxbd hdl: Maybe you can tell me howto reproduce the second error on the demo system.
12:46 hdl Which second error.
12:47 hdl and they must all be in the 10 (items) tab
12:47 hdl this one ^
12:47 hdl ?
12:47 heroxbd Yes.
12:47 heroxbd the second row in "MARC check "
12:47 hdl Simply go to biblio framework.
12:48 heroxbd ok, Im there
12:48 hdl And edit tag 324 subfield a
12:48 hdl or any other.
12:48 hdl And link this field to an items table field.
12:49 hdl (3XX is a note block.)
12:50 hdl (It would also break things with any other 1XX 2XX 4XX 5XX 6XX 7XX tag)
12:50 heroxbd Oh, I see.
12:50 heroxbd what about 0XX?
12:50 hdl 0XX too.
12:50 heroxbd oh
12:51 heroxbd even though the subfield is ignored?
12:51 hdl All items table field must be linked to subfields IN THE SAME tag
12:52 hdl If you made some customising, then it may be taken into account.
12:52 heroxbd Thank you, but how can I locate the error linked tag-subfield?
12:53 heroxbd Would I have to walk through the whole framework?
13:00 heroxbd Ok, I have settled the error.
13:01 heroxbd Thank U very much, hdl :)
13:01 hdl ure welcome
13:48 kernel_2 i have a problem with installing koha 2.2.8 with mysql 5
13:49 kernel_2 check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'return char(4) default NULL,
13:49 kernel_2  renewals tinyint(4) default NULL,
13:49 kernel_2  timestamp tim' at line 9                                                                                            
13:50 kernel_2 thats the error message i got and then there were numerous lines that said DBD::mysql::db do failed:
13:50 paul kernel_2: it is known that 2.2.8 don't work with mySQL 5.0 and requires 4.1
13:50 paul (and it's written in the release note iirc)
13:51 kernel_2 can i make it work by having a few changes
13:51 paul yep, but I can't tell you which ones.
13:51 paul you should ask kados (but he seems to be afk)
13:51 kernel_2 i read in this post[…]March/011270.html that its fine
13:52 paul mmm... kados (ie joshua) is wrong here
13:52 kernel_2 joshua wrote that there shouldnt be an issue with mysql 5.0
13:53 paul i'm 2.2.8 release manager, and I can tell you i haven't made what anything in DB definition to be mySQL 5 compliant :-(
13:54 kernel_2 but can u point me out to resources where i can fix it
13:54 tumer hi all
13:54 paul hi tumer
13:55 tumer paul:are you still interested in indexing all marc fields?
13:55 paul kernel_2: nope, sorry. I could not find time to investigate really this problem.
13:55 paul tumer: yes
13:55 paul kernel_2: iirc, the main remaining problem is the issues.return column
13:55 paul return is a reserved word.
13:55 tumer i am working on a new indexing filter, like this:
13:55 tumer <xsl:template match="record">
13:55 tumer <xsl:for-each select="datafield">
13:55 tumer       <xsl:variable name="tag" select="@tag"/>
13:55 tumer <z:index name="any:w" >
13:55 tumer <xsl:value-of select="."/>
13:55 tumer </z:index>
13:55 tumer <xsl:for-each select="subfield">
13:55 tumer <xsl:variable name="code" select="@code"/>
13:55 tumer <z:index name="b{$tag}{$code}:p b{$tag}{$code}:w" >
13:55 tumer <xsl:value-of select="."/>
13:55 tumer </z:index>
13:55 paul use `return` and it should be better (in koha.mysql)
13:55 tumer </xsl:for-each>
13:55 tumer </xsl:for-each>
13:56 tumer </xsl:template>
13:56 tumer <xsl:template match="record"><xsl:for-each select="datafield">       <xsl:variable name="tag" select="@tag"/><z:index name="any:w" ><xsl:value-of select="."/></z:index><xsl:for-each select="subfield"><xsl:variable name="code" select="@code"/><z:index name="b{$tag}{$code}:p b{$tag}{$code}:w" ><xsl:value-of select="."/></z:index></xsl:for-each></xsl:for-each></xsl:template>
13:56 paul kernel_2: use `return` and it should be better (in koha.mysql)
13:56 tumer paul:oops forget the second part
13:57 tumer this way we can index everything in marc whether UNIMARC or MARC21
13:57 tumer if you think its usefull i will pursue on this
13:59 tumer well technically it works great
13:59 tumer basically it generates indexes automatically to every tag and subfield like 245a 245b 100a 100b etc
14:00 tumer getting the names from the record itself
14:00 tumer so in ccl you could say ti=245a (for MARC21)
14:01 tumer this way the lost marc serach feature is back again
14:01 tumer am i sounding correct?
14:02 tumer its like your old marc_subfield_table and no predefinition of tags are required
14:34 hdl tumer : this indexing filter relies on alvis filter. Am I wrong ?
14:35 tumer[A] hdl:it relies on a newer fiter called dom filter
14:35 hdl Oh it is in 2.0.13 ?
14:35 tumer[A] may work with alvis as well but this is more powerfull
14:35 tumer[A] its in 2.0.12
14:36 tumer[A] in fact yes it works with alvis  as well
14:38 hdl z tags are zebra specific.
14:39 tumer[A] hdl: z tags mean indexing point ,zebra specific
14:39 hdl and calls for indexing procedures Am I right ?
14:39 hdl ok
14:39 hdl Very good.
14:39 tumer[A] that simple code indexes the whole marc to every single tag/subfield combination
14:39 hdl Is it slow to index ?
14:40 tumer[A] 5 second per 1000 records
14:40 hdl Does it slow down research ?
14:40 tumer[A] nope and faster than any xpath
14:40 hdl tumer++++++
14:41 tumer i think you should try it some time
14:41 hdl I will.
14:41 tumer also the result coming back from zebra is very interesting as well
14:41 hdl as soon as i have some time.
14:42 hdl Why ?
14:42 tumer either xml,dc,mods or whatever you want
14:42 hdl Did you work on filters for all these record types ?
14:42 hdl Or is it embedded ?
14:43 tumer i have created then for <koharecord> but easy to transorm
14:43 tumer s/then/them
14:44 hdl Astounding.
23:59 heroxbd HI. Can I view all the catalog in the database through "intranet"? Or do I have to use mysql console?
00:00 heroxbd And what about exporting all the bibliography into a csv file?
01:02 heroxbd HI. Can I view all the catalog in the database through "intranet"? Or do I have to use mysql console?
10:31 Lea hi guys
11:26 heroxbd Hi. When a cateloger want to add 10 same books. What should he do?
11:27 heroxbd I know there is a "duplicate" button, does he have to click that 9 more times?

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