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07:57 heroxbd Hi. everybody. How can I customize the "10 tabs" as mentioned in
07:58 heroxbd The cataloguing template of each framework ("MARC editor") is divided into 10 different tabs, making it possible to organize the display of the catalog record according to the practices of the library: The MARC tags most frequently used can be put in tab 0, while the more rarely used fields are still available in only one click. This method guarantees effective and fast cataloguing.
07:58 paul (hi) koha >> parameters >> frameworks >> select field >> select the "tab" where to put each subfield (Ignore / 0 -> 9 / 10 (items) )
08:01 heroxbd Thank you, but I can't find exactly the items you mentioned. I am using Koha 2.2.8. What's your version?
08:06 heroxbd pual, maybe you can tell me how to manage the tabs in the demo ( We can have a common base.
08:07 paul ok
08:08 heroxbd Thank you! :)
08:08 paul[…]oha/
08:08 paul then :[…]
08:08 heroxbd Yes, I am in that place.
08:08 paul select BOOK for example
08:08 paul (MARC structure)
08:09 paul 020 > view subfields
08:09 heroxbd Ok,
08:09 paul edit subfields
08:09 paul Managed in tab :
08:09 paul ignore, 0-> 9 or 10 (items)
08:09 heroxbd Oh, I see!
08:10 heroxbd I am very appreciated. :)
08:10 paul just 1 note
08:11 paul avoid having a subfields in 2 differents tabs for a given field.
08:11 paul koha don't like that at all...
08:11 paul (and it's illogic from a librarian point of view)
08:11 heroxbd OK. I will remember that point.
08:37 heroxbd Excuse me. Can I backup the curret setting of biblio framework into a file?
08:41 chris hi all
08:41 chris yes you can using mysqldump heroxbd
08:42 chris mysqldump -uusername -ppassword databasename tablename > tablebackup.sql
08:43 heroxbd oh, great. Thank U!
08:43 chris i think the table you want is marc_subfield_table (paul will tell you if im wrong)
08:45 paul heroxbd: chris is right
08:45 paul oups, no...
08:45 paul it's marc_subfield_structure
08:45 paul (not table)
08:45 chris ahh, i always get that wrong :)
08:45 heroxbd ThX, I will try it out :)
08:47 chris heroxbd: you are in Beijing right?
08:48 heroxbd Yes.
08:48 heroxbd Have you been here?
08:48 chris cool
08:48 chris yes in 1997
08:49 heroxbd Beijing is busy preparing 2008 Olympic right now.
08:49 heroxbd Maybe you can come again :)
08:49 chris :) i hope too
08:49 chris i was in China in 2003 as well, but just Shanghai that time
08:50 chris its not so far from New Zealand :)
08:53 heroxbd It is far, I bet. I can imagine how far it is through a world map.
08:54 chris not as far away as Paul :)
08:54 paul heroxbd: chris is only interested by Rugby : organise china <=> all blacks, and he will come for sure :-D
08:54 chris hehe
08:55 heroxbd :D I don't know much about Rugby, maybe I should learn to play some time.
08:56 paul much more interesting than soccer to look at imho.
08:56 chris paul: i see the All Blacks play Italy in Marseille on 8 september
08:56 paul (although i'm in the city in france where soccer is a religion...)
08:57 paul yes. there are already many paintings in the city saying "marseille, the city of all blacks"
08:57 paul s/many/some/
08:57 chris :)
08:57 paul the city of all blacks, for world cup, of course ;-)
08:58 heroxbd hehe. Now I am examining the subfields one by one. Is that a reasonable approach?
08:59 paul are u a librarian or techy guy ?
08:59 heroxbd neither.
08:59 dewey neither is additionalauthors
08:59 hdl hello.
09:00 hdl dewey: forget neither
09:00 dewey hdl: I forgot neither
09:00 heroxbd paul: I am a second year undergraduate major in Physics
09:00 heroxbd and currently helping department of Mathematics set up an ILS.
09:01 paul in MARC there are usually much much much more fields than needed by "small" libraries.
09:01 paul so examining subfields one by one is maybe a hard work for a small result.
09:01 paul maybe you should start with marc fields and do a 1st selection here.
09:02 heroxbd paul: Then is there an easy way?
09:02 heroxbd 1st selection?
09:02 paul (I don't know MARC21, but in UNIMARC, there are more than 15 fields to manage indexing of a biblio. Usually 1 is enough)
09:02 paul look at marc_tag_structure table.
09:02 heroxbd the exported one?
09:03 heroxbd or this one?[…]
09:04 paul yep
09:04 heroxbd Maybe this IP can't be visited due to the control of our univ
09:04 heroxbd Yes, I can c a pills of fields that I am not fimilar with.
09:05 heroxbd How can i ignore most of them?
09:05 paul do a global update to ignore everything (SQL) then, select only the subfields you want
09:06 paul update marc_subfield_structure set tab=-1
09:07 heroxbd in a shell? "update marc_subfield_structure set tab=-1"
09:07 hdl No, in mysql console.
09:07 hdl Or in phpmyadmin interface.
09:08 hdl mysql mydb -u user -ppassword
09:08 hdl then type update marc_subfield_structure set tab=-1
09:09 hdl if you are not on the same machine for mysql and your work, you will have to use -h host option to mysql command line.
09:09 heroxbd Ok, I will try out. ThX
09:10 heroxbd I have already sshed into the host :)
09:18 heroxbd mysql> update marc_subfield_structure SET tab=-1
09:18 heroxbd    -> \c
09:19 paul missing ;
09:19 heroxbd like this? there no output of this command.
09:19 paul (at the end)
09:19 heroxbd oh
09:21 heroxbd Great! Done. I will go with my work. Thanks, pual and hdl!
10:03 heroxbd good night
10:28 heroxbd Excuse me. Is there a price field in MARC?
10:39 heroxbd[…]
10:39 heroxbd How is the item "price" in the bottom of the page managed?
10:44 heroxbd Oh, I have found it. :) good

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