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12:36 kados cm: hi :-)
12:37 kados cm: I've forwarded it to ryan
12:37 kados cm: he can help ya' out
12:38 kados cm: should be able to do what you want quite easily
12:51 kyle kados, you around?
12:52 kyle I've found an issue that is either a huge bug, or an intentional but confusing choice when it comes to issuing items.
12:53 rch hey kyle
12:53 kyle hey rch, how I about I just toss this issue out and get your input.
12:53 rch sure... what's the issue?
12:54 kyle Basically, we've found that when issuing items, the governing issuing rules are chosen but the borrower's home library, *not* the library being issued *from*
12:54 kyle Is that intentional?
12:55 kyle It's certainly a problem for us because each library in our system has different rules.
12:55 kados wow, that is interesting
12:56 kados rch: man, I cant wait for your rule-based stuff to be done :-)
12:56 kyle I thought, if this was not a desired way of doing things, it may have slipped through all this time because all Koha users are either single libraries or are library systems that all use the same rules.
12:57 kyle I believe that NPL has the same rules for all branches, am I correct?
12:57 kados yes
12:57 rch this should be a pretty easy fix, though.
12:57 kyle Since CCFLS is not a Main Library / Branch Library system, each library sets it's own rules.
12:58 kyle I think it should be an easy fix. I've been poking around in Circ2::Issuebook, but the problem is somewhere deeper than that.
12:59 kyle It's just a matter of grabbing the logged in branchcode and substituting for wherever the homebranch branchcode is being used, but I don't know where that is.
13:00 rch kyle: i'll take a look
13:00 kyle thanks, I appriciate that.
13:07 kyle On our koha server, the Marc Export function appears to be broken (export/ Is this broken for everyone?
13:08 kados kyle: could you define broken?
13:09 cm hey kados, i can answer that.
13:09 cm & thanks, btw.
13:09 kyle Instead of doing something, it asks me to save
13:09 cm yeah, it does that, but it's not the actual .pl file
13:09 cm it's the marc output
13:09 kyle it's a marc file?
13:09 cm yeah, AFAIK.
13:10 cm however, it doesn't limit by itemcallnumber.
13:10 kados there's a patch to make it save it as .mrc
13:10 kados ahh, interesting
13:10 cm i tried exporting a call number range of OS 000 through OS 999 (oversize)
13:10 kyle have you tried it by callnumber, or only by biblionumbers? By callnumber is an option on the form, but I don't see any mention of it in the perl file.
13:10 kados honestly I've never tried limiting by callnumber
13:10 cm and it exported the whole database
13:11 cm 64 mb!
13:11 kados I wonder if it uses the record-level call num or the item-level
13:11 kados s/uses/supposed to use/
13:11 kados any thouhts on how it _should_ work?
13:11 cm dunno...the template says item call number, i think.
13:11 kyle first it checks for start_bib and end_bib, then it tries for start_bib on, then it just grabs everything!
13:11 kados what would be useful for you?
13:12 cm item callnumber would be useful.
13:12 kyle Our librarians wanted to export by callnumber.
13:12 kyle I mean export by barcode
13:12 cm yeah, that too.
13:12 kyle It would be no harder than by callnumber, but for some reason by callnumber was never implemented.
13:12 kados and when we say callnumber, we're talking about item.itemcallnumber, right?
13:13 cm weird...maybe somebody started it but didn't finish.
13:13 cm yeah, item.itemcallnumber.
13:13 kados yea, probably
13:13 kyle It shouldn't be very hard to add export by *both* callnumber or barcode.
13:13 kados or?
13:13 kyle I can do that, I believe.
13:13 kados do you mean 'and'?
13:14 cm i think kyle means either/or.
13:14 kyle either export by a range of callnumbers, or by a range of barcodes.
13:14 kados ahh, ok
13:14 kados yep, should be simple
13:14 kyle my bad, poor choice of language.
13:15 kyle I'll go ahead give a shot at implemening those.
13:15 kados sweet
13:15 cm cool.
13:17 cm hey kados, where's that patch for saving the output as a .mrc?
13:17 cm is it in cvs?
13:19 kados I think so
13:19 kados might not be in dev_week
13:19 kados lemme see
13:20 cm ok.
13:21 kados if ($op eq "export") {
13:21 kados    print $query->header(    -type => 'application/octet-stream',
13:21 kados                -attachment=>'koha.mrc');
13:21 kados that's all you need
13:21 kados I can commit to dev_week
13:21 kados just a sec
13:21 cm spiffy.  :)
13:22 kyle cm: don't overwrite our current, I'm working on it : )
13:22 cm i was just wondering about that.  :)
13:23 kados kyle: if you run cvs update it should patch it for you
13:25 kyle won't that overwrite my newly modified I've added the by callnumber stuff, and now I'm working on the by barcode part.
13:25 kados shouldn't touch that part
13:25 cm you could just paste the code in
13:25 kados cvs update will patch it for you :-)
13:25 cm we have a funky install, though.
13:25 kados diff and patch are your friends
13:26 kyle but our main code isn't CVS.
13:26 kados ahh
13:26 kados so you can use diff and patch directly then
13:26 cm yeah, we've tweaked bits of it.
13:26 kyle it's a CVS pull without the CVS, as per the dev_week install howto.
13:26 cm yep.
13:29 kyle cm: just update /build/koha and I'll pull the changes from there.
13:31 kyle Also, on that form, there is Item Type, with no choice pulldown, and branch, which only has the choice "default"
13:32 kyle There is supposed to be a Branch Loop, but doesn't give it any data.
13:32 kyle and the Item Type line is this: <tr><th scope="row">Item Type: </th><td><!--TMPL_VAR Name="CGIitemtype"--></td></tr>
13:33 kados ahh, right
13:33 kados there's a bit of history there
13:33 kados we switched the way we do itemtype dropdows
13:33 kados someone musta forgot to update the export routine at the same time
13:33 kados someone--
13:33 kyle how should I fix that?
13:33 kyle how should I fix that?
13:34 kados well I'd be happy to do it
13:34 kados or if you want to take a crack at it
13:34 kados have a look at how the itemtypes dropdows work in opac/search
13:34 kados and in the corresponding template
13:34 kyle Ok, let me just make sure the export by callnumber and barcode are working, then I'll commit my changes.
13:34 kados kyle++
13:42 kyle cindy has confirmed that my modifications work. I'll add that patch code and commit it.
13:43 kyle kados: did you commit that update to dev_week?
13:45 kados yep, think so
13:46 kados kyle: are you subscribed to koha-cvs?
13:47 kyle excellent, works. And yes, I'm on the koha-cvs list.
13:49 kyle ok, my changes are comitted. You can add the fix for the Item Type, and Branch dropdowns.
13:56 rch kyle: / cm : if each branch has its own issuingrules.maxqty = 10 , say for itemtype DVD, can a patron check out 10 DVDs at each branch?
13:59 kyle rch: that's a good question, I would say yes.
14:00 kados wow
14:00 rch good... that's the easy answer.  there should be system-wide limits in place, though.
14:01 rch maybe for 3.2
14:01 kados yea, makes sense
14:01 kyle I borrower should be able to check out the Meadville maximum of 4, and then go to Saegertown and check out thier max of say 2.
14:01 rch or maybe even for 3.0
14:01 kados or just your rules technique
14:01 kyle I agree.
14:21 kados hdl: are you around?
16:00 kados kyle: you around?
16:00 kados kyle: check my recent commit please
16:00 kados kyle: which allows the librarian to pick a branch when they are logging in
16:10 kyle I'm around
16:10 kyle you mean logging in to koha?
16:11 kados kyle: yup
16:11 kados kyle: just cvs update and auth.tmpl
16:12 kyle I'll let cindy know about that. She handles all the updates.
16:13 kyle For the CCFLS we don't want librarians to accidentally set themselves to the wrong library, so i added a little javascript to our templates that sets the cookie based on the login name.
16:13 kados interesting
16:13 kyle That's a nice update though.
16:14 kyle I'm trying to add the branches pulldown to, but I'm not getting anywhere.
16:14 kados ahh, it's quite easy
16:14 kados add:
16:14 kados use C4::Koha;
16:14 kyle I pulled the code from and advsearc.tmpl, but I'm not getting anything.
16:14 kados actually, just add exactly what I added to and auth.tmpl
16:14 kados look at those diffs
16:15 kyle ok.
16:16 kyle I'm still getting nothing.
16:18 kados could you be more specific? :-)
16:19 kyle in :
16:19 kyle # load the branches
16:19 kyle  my $branches = getallbranches();
16:19 kyle  my @branch_loop;
16:19 kyle  push @branch_loop, {value => "", branchname => "All Branches", };
16:19 kyle  for my $branch_hash (keys %$branches) {
16:19 kyle    push @branch_loop, {value => "branch: $branch_hash", branchname => $branches->{$branch_hash}->{'branchname'}, };
16:19 kyle  }
16:19 kyle  $template->param(branchloop => \@branch_loop,);
16:19 kyle in marc.tmpl:
16:19 kyle <tr><th scope="row">Branch:</th><td><select name="branch">
16:19 kyle                        <option value="">Default</option>
16:19 kyle                <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="branchloop" -->
16:19 kyle                <option value="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME='value' -->"><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME='branchname' --></option>
16:19 kyle                <!-- /TMPL_LOOP -->
16:19 kyle                        </select></td></tr>
16:20 kyle and yet, nothing.
16:20 kados you sure you added it to the right auth.tmpl?
16:20 kados and the right
16:20 kyle I think we are talking about different things.
16:21 kados yea, sorry
16:21 kados I mean marc.tmpl and
16:21 kados are you sure they are the ones in the path of your server?
16:21 kyle oh, ok.
16:22 kados can't tell you how many times I've made that mistake :-)
16:22 kados one way you can test is by putting some garbage string into the template
16:22 kyle That was the problem ; )
16:22 kados and refresh the page to see if it shows up :-)
16:23 kyle I was working on the correct marc.tmpl, but the wrong
16:23 kados yea, it can be confusing
16:23 kyle how I have to implement the branchcodes in the sql
16:23 kados woot
16:33 kados kyle: looks like you got it sorted, congrats
16:36 kados hi _paul
05:29 lea hi
05:38 chris hi lea
05:41 lea hi chris
05:41 lea i have a quick copule of questions before i have to go
05:42 lea is there a standard Subject Authority i can get hold of for Koha? We don't want to create one from scratch!
05:42 lea brb
05:43 chris yes, no, maybe, 12
05:43 chris (quick answeres)
05:43 chris short answer no, but we are working on it
05:43 chris the good news is its very very easy to create one from your existing records
05:44 chris i havent done it, but kados assures me its easy, and no more than an hour or 2 work
05:45 chris he
05:45 chris he'll be asleep at the mo, but i can find out the details for you when i next see him
06:03 lea super
06:03 lea i mean, I was going to write a program to map existing keywords to Subjects. We just thought it might be nice to get a predefined target data set
06:04 lea ok, next: short loans. Is there a way of specifying that a book is short loan by means of flagging it?
06:04 lea or does it have to go in it's own item type?
06:04 hdl lea : builauthorities is a script to have a look at.
06:05 lea hi hdl
06:05 hdl it will be allowed in rel30
06:05 lea ok. When is that scheduled?
06:06 hdl God knows :P But soon.
06:06 lea heh
06:06 hdl 3 months.
06:06 lea ah ok
06:06 lea what is the strategy to take before then? One that can be migrated to the new flagging system at a later date?
06:07 hdl Now, you could create a new itemtype and affect short terms to it.
06:07 hdl (IMHO)
06:09 hdl buildauthorities builds authorities from peculiar fields in  biblios and link biblios to them.
06:09 hdl Can be helpfull
06:10 lea hdl: Our source data is not marc21
06:10 lea so any data imported is mapped by us
06:11 lea actually, i tell a lie. It *is* marc21, but it sucks.
06:11 lea it has very little info in it
06:12 lea ok. another quick q: Is it possible to extend the borrower categories IDs from 2 chars?
06:12 lea or is that fixed?
06:13 paul lea : in 3.0, all codes can be 10 char long (minimum)
06:13 lea minimum? What if you just want to have a "staff" category?
06:15 hdl paul tells you you can at least have 10 chars if not more (12 or 16)
06:15 hdl lea : don't you use z3950 sources to enrich data ?
06:16 lea well, i tried, but they dont work very well
06:16 lea we have 15K books to migrate so automation is essential
06:16 lea i tried isbn matches and that doesn't work too well
06:17 lea unless i'm approaching this wrong?
06:17 lea Ah, i know what the issue was
06:17 lea suppose you use 10 different servers, each server will have different subject Authorities no?
06:18 lea thus polluting your target data
06:19 hdl In france there are two or three servers so the problem is different.
06:19 lea What's the normal strategy with this? I can't be the first person to hit this issue.
06:21 lea bbiab
07:09 lea this koha meeting is mad
07:36 lea i'm getting moved. BBIAB
08:26 kados paul around?
08:26 kados hdl: ?
08:26 kados hi all
08:52 hdl hi kados
08:53 kados hi
08:53 kados hdl: did you solve the zebra server probs?
08:54 hdl yes. It was a misuse of zebrasrv.
09:03 hdl I used zebrasrv -c where -f was to be used.
09:03 hdl It is good on wiki. But I read man zebrasrv and was mislead.
09:04 kados oops, I hope it wasn't my fault on the koha wiki
09:04 kados :-)
09:10 lea hi again
11:25 kyle hey all.

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