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20:09 cori Hi, I need help with installing Koha
20:12 cori we ran the perl install script, and set everything up, but we don't know where to put koha files
20:12 cori was that supposed to be automatically handled by the script?
20:12 mason hiya cori, u on a windows or linux box?
20:12 cori ubuntu
20:13 cori edgy eft
20:13 mason cool, try /usr/local/koha
20:14 mason should have installed koha to that dir
20:14 cori should the entire contents of the koha-2.2.7 folder go in that folder?
20:15 mason you downloaded the koha-2.2.7.tar file ?
20:15 cori yes
20:15 cori we ran the script, and it is reporting back as installed
20:16 mason cool
20:16 mason so , have u got a /usr/local/koha dir now?
20:17 cori yes, I'll try running it now
20:17 mason ah, answer to your 'should the entire contents of the koha-2.2.7 folder go in that folder?' question is no
20:18 cori yeah, I get this error from a web browser: The requested URL /cgi-bin/koha/ was not found on this server
20:19 mason right, you might need to do a little apache configing to set that up
20:20 mason hmm, i guess edgy is running apache2
20:20 cori yes, what is the apache configuration that we need to do
20:20 cori we put Include /etc/koha-httpd.conf into the apache2.conf
20:21 mason let me just check...
20:21 cori is koha not compatible with apache2?
20:21 mason yes, it is
20:24 cori it looks like my koha conf files all refer to /usr/local/koha but my apache server files use /var/www
20:24 cori do I need to change any settings in apache?
20:25 mason weve got a koha running with apache2 here
20:25 cori yes
20:26 mason looks like the /etc/koha-http.conf file is moved into /etc/apache2/sites-available
20:28 cori what should the default intranet url be for my koha server? ... what is the "index.html"?
20:28 mason and a symlink is made from /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/koha-http.conf to ./etc/apache2/sites-available/koha-http.conf
20:29 kados cori: did you run the installer?
20:29 cori yes
20:30 mason ah, the installer asks you for the default koha and opac urls...
20:30 kados so just make sure there's a line in your apache.conf file
20:30 kados something like:
20:31 kados Include /usr/lib/koha/etc/koha-http.conf
20:31 kados and then edit that file as needed for your local config
20:31 mason look for a line like
20:31 mason # KOHA's INTRANET Configuration
20:31 mason <VirtualHost>
20:35 mason thanks josh :)
20:35 cori I see it,
20:35 cori thanks
20:37 mason you might need to add your new <VirtualHost> name to your dns or hosts file too
20:37 mason if its not getting resolved properly...
20:41 cori it looks correct
20:42 mason great
20:43 cori except it's not working
20:45 cori is there a highly recommended lamp configuration for koha that's publicly available, that involves minimal post install adjustments?
20:46 cori a koha install that could work out of the box?
20:46 kados cori: some knowledge of apache, mysql and linux is a requirement for running a complex tool like Koha
20:47 kados cori: otherwise, there are hosted solutions managed by koha companies
20:47 kados cori:[…]ha-classic-hosted
20:47 kados for instance :-)
20:48 cori I had heard about Libime
20:48 cori I think someone called you Josh, if you're the same Josh at Liblime
20:48 kados yep, that's me
20:51 cori I'm interested, I'll be in touch. thank you all.
21:30 thd-home kados: are you still there?
21:30 kados thd-home: my flight was delayed
21:30 kados thd-home: it leaves at 8:00 now :/
21:30 kados (they keep pushing it back)
21:31 thd-home kados: the Marriot La Guardia hotel is at the airport itself or across a street from the airport.
21:32 kados cool
21:33 thd-home kados: are you returning Wednesday?
21:34 kados yes, wednesday evening
21:35 kados and a meeting back in athens on thursday :(
21:35 kados busy week
21:36 thd-home kados: I will be in Westchester county on Wednesday so it would have to be tomorrow if we were going to meet.
21:36 thd-home or tonight :)
21:38 kados thd-home: I was just thinking that I might need to meet up with randy tonight to go over the strategy for tomorrow
21:38 kados thd-home: what time tomorrow are you avaialble?
21:39 thd-home I have no specific plans for tomorrow so I should be available most any time.
21:40 thd-home The airport is about an hour and a half from lower ( the southern part) Manhattan by city bus and subway
21:41 thd-home kados: other forms of transport are faster but cost real money.
21:41 kados right
21:42 kados ok, well I'll find out my schedule from randy and get back to you on a time
21:43 thd-home kados: I understand why you asked about LC possibly discontinuing MARC support now
21:43 kados did you see the recent minutes from the first meeting?
21:44 kados LCWGMinutes110306
21:44 kados here's an interesting blurb:
21:44 kados "A particularly salient issue is how, and to what extent,
21:44 kados libraries can fit with the world of search engines.  She believes that libraries exist to connect
21:44 kados people with content; therefore the challenge for libraries is how to make the library experience
21:44 thd-home kados: I think it just means that some of the documentation was being maintained by someone who may have retired and not replaced.
21:44 kados easier for users and how to serve users more directly.  A wide range of library literature makes it
21:44 kados clear that users consider library catalogs antiquated and not very user-friendly.  She had found
21:44 kados that LC catalogers, when asked to face this reality, tended to have two responses: first,
21:44 kados agreement that users have difficulty using the catalog; and second, that the catalog is actually
21:44 kados better than most users realize, if only librarians would educate users.
21:46 kados of the roughly 132 million items in the Library of Congress collections,
21:46 kados probably no more than 15 million are represented by bibliographic records in the LC Online
21:46 kados Catalog.  
21:46 kados Dr. Marcum recalled that at the recent Digital Library Federation meeting, Judith Nadler
21:46 kados had said that we should not try to fix existing systems; rather, we should try to pretend that we
21:46 kados had just arrived on Earth from Mars, so that we could consider how we would create systems of
21:46 kados bibliographic access if we were unencumbered by the past.
21:46 kados that sounds to me like they want to replace marc
21:47 thd-home kados: I think the real problem is that the OPAC, and I mean none of them is anywhere near what it could be as a tool which guides users to finding what they are seeking.
21:48 kados yea
21:49 thd-home kados: Judith Nadler wants a scorched earth policy to library systems design.
21:50 kados wow, their action items are daft
21:50 kados not a single one will result in anything
21:51 kados loc--
21:51 thd-home kados: we could certainly do a better job starting from nothing but no one has the funding to do that job of building a new elegant system.
21:52 kados yea :(
21:52 kados maybe some day :-)
21:53 thd-home kados: there is the danger that the future of bibliographic control committee is just some pretence of consultation so it would not matter that the committee accomplished nothing.
21:55 thd-home kados: LC management could simply use it as something to point to when they go ahead with their own plan.
21:58 thd-home kados: LC was only doing about a third of the work for series authority control so, while the impact is bad where that matters it is not catastrophic for series authorities.
21:58 thd-home s/catastrophic/fatal/ # it is catastrophic for series authorities
22:00 kados thd-home: talk to you soon
22:00 thd-home pleasant flying
10:20 toins hi all

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