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11:21 owen kados: give me a holler if you get a moment
11:27 kados owen: yo
11:27 owen Hey.
11:27 owen Okay, say I have 3 virtually identical MARC records and I want to merge them
11:28 kados hehe
11:28 kados chris has a new editor for doing that
11:28 owen I figured it had to be in the pipeline
11:28 kados yea, definitely
11:29 kados it's really slick, just in acceptance testing now
11:29 kados for the library that sponsored it
11:29 hdl hi
11:29 kados hey hdl
11:29 hdl is there a url for new marc editor ?
11:29 owen But until then... I can manually update the biblionumber in items, right?
11:30 kados owen: yea, that should work
11:30 owen What about biblioitems?
11:30 kados wait
11:31 kados yea, you can delete from biblio, biblioitems the duplicates, then change the biblionumber on items
11:31 kados then re-index zebra
11:32 kados to remove the duplicate from the index
11:33 kados hdl: don't think there's a URL, and it's not really a 'new marc editor', just a new feature for the existing one
11:33 kados hdl: (we do badly need a new marc editor though :/)
11:34 hdl yes.
11:35 hdl But quite hard to manage if we are to be Norm (MARC, MODS, DC, ONIX,...) independant + flexible as it was  !!!
11:37 hdl (kados : that could be managed via frameworks...)
11:38 hdl kados owen : consider updating the marc datas with items data.
11:38 hdl or MARC and NON-MARC won't be consistant.
11:39 kados ?
11:39 kados hdl: not sure I understand
11:41 hdl I think that in your process to merge items into a biblio, you donot update MARC datas, I think it may be dangerous.
11:42 kados hdl: in dev_week, items table is authoritative for items data, and the MARC data is updated automatically
11:43 kados hdl: updated by a batch process
11:43 hdl (managing all those versions is a nightmare)
11:44 owen kados, do I remember that with zebra you have the capability to query it from an external source and have it return xml or something like that?
11:44 kados owen: yep, and in zebra 2.0 you can even hand it xslt and it will do transformations as well
11:45 owen Can you tell me a little about how that works?
11:46 kados owen: &XMLgetbiblio in
11:46 kados wait, nevermind
11:46 kados that's pulling from biblioitems
11:47 owen For instance, could a PHP script on another server send a request to zebra and get a result set back?
11:47 kados sure
11:48 kados for about an hour
11:49 owen Okay, whenever you get time I'd appreciate it.
11:49 kados sure
12:05 owen Hi tnb
12:05 tnb owen: hi :)
12:06 tnb owen: thanks for coming to APL yesterday for the visit
12:06 owen My pleasure. I hope the rest of the meeting went well
12:06 owen I always enjoy talking about Koha
12:08 tnb i think things went really well.  We talked for about 5 hours more, so i think we covered about everything :)
12:08 owen kyle around, by any chance?
12:09 tnb I just hopped on, so i haven't seen him
12:09 owen It sounded like they had a potentially very complex system to do.
13:50 hdl kados around ?
13:50 kados hdl: yep
13:51 hdl Do you actually use devweek ?
13:51 kados ?
13:52 hdl I saw some posts But when updating, it doesnot checkout many files.
13:53 hdl s/sill/ will
16:43 owen kados: yes it's a bug! 30E <-- bug emoticon
16:47 chris morning
16:49 owen Hi chris
17:58 cm hello all.  Is anyone else having trouble cloning fields in the marc editor?

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