IRC log for #koha, 2007-02-24

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11:19 cm hi rch, I'm here.  Do you have any ideas about how I can get working again?
11:45 kyle rch, you around?
12:17 hdl kyle : i am :D
12:17 hdl Hi.
12:25 cm hi hdl.  we're still trying to figure out our problem with
12:26 cm I think Date_to_Days isn't getting any data, but I haven't figured out anything further than that.
12:27 hdl Have you double checked data input ?
12:27 hdl $year is first, $month second and $day last.
12:28 hdl And 1<=$month <=12 and 1<=day<=30
12:29 hdl Date::Calc is somewhat "touchy" (in french susceptible)
15:19 cm hey hdl, we figured it out.  it was related to this bug:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1239
15:19 cm if there's no expiration date, circulation chokes.
15:19 cm thanks for helping me narrow it down!
19:00 hdl cm : you're welcome.
19:00 hdl expiration date is important now.
19:03 cm it certainly is!
19:03 cm good night.  time for me to go home.

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