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12:28 paul kados around ?
12:40 kados hi paul
12:40 paul hi kados
12:41 kados I will be gone from Jan 17 - Jan 23 at ALA
12:41 kados then I'll be on holiday from Jan 23 to Feb 7
12:41 kados Feb 8 actually
12:42 kados so today is probably the best time to talk
12:42 kados about 3.0 timeline
12:43 paul OK, so I begin :
12:43 paul * SANOP is live with Koha 3 since jan 3rd, and things are confirmed to be smooth (official message from jerome pouchol to come very soon on
12:43 kados excellent!
12:44 paul * i'll set rel_3_0 on IPT very soon too
12:44 paul * jan, 22, i organize a day for testing with 8 users, from 6 libraries
12:44 paul (ENSMP, EMN, IPT, sociologie, IEP Lyon, in2p3)
12:44 kados really great news!
12:45 paul toins has just 1 minor feature to add (let the user flush it's reading history or choose to never flush it, for improved services)
12:45 kados ahh, good
12:45 kados much needed
12:45 paul then, feature freeze (so many things already added...)
12:45 kados well ...
12:45 paul (i mean feature freeze for us !)
12:45 kados ahh, ok
12:46 kados what about mysql 5?
12:46 paul s/for us/from us/
12:46 kados does san op use 4.1?
12:46 toins kados, i have no pb with mysql 5.0
12:46 kados toins++
12:46 kados so it sounds like we're very close
12:46 paul (although SANOP is with 4.1 iirc)
12:47 paul that's my opinion too.
12:47 kados however, I don't want to jump the gun on the actual release
12:47 paul jump the gun ?
12:47 kados I would prefer to do a lot of testing
12:47 kados 'jump the gun' is an idiom for 'move too fast'
12:49 kados it's a good goal
12:49 kados but I hesitate to say a specific date
12:49 paul So, what could be your timeline ?
12:49 kados because IMO it's better to define a set of features
12:49 kados at least for a major project like 3.0
12:50 kados otherwise, we'll end up right where we were with 2.0
12:50 kados more important to make sure all features are working as expected before a major release IMO
12:51 kados no 'workarounds' or 404/500 errors, links that don't work, features that don't work as expected or are undocumented, etc.
12:51 paul right. and my test day + 2nd setup at IPT is there to improve testing.
12:51 kados excelletn
12:51 kados excellent even
12:51 paul (because SANOP 1st don't use acquisition, and 2nd is a public library, with differences compared to a specialized one)
12:51 kados unfortunately, although we planned to use rel_3 for SMFPL and for BPL, when we tested it, it was very buggy and we had to go back to dev_week
12:52 paul BPL ?
12:52 kados Barberton Public Library
12:52 kados another Ohio library
12:52 paul what kind of bugs ? when did your test occured ?
12:52 kados it was some weeks ago
12:52 kados soon after I told you we planned to use rel_3
12:53 kados so maybe things are fixed now
12:53 kados I haven't personally tested, though I know rch has done some testing
12:53 kados I also can say that there are many many improvements in rel_3
12:54 kados obviously the french team has been working hard :-)
12:55 kados I don't want to hold up the release, I just want to make sure it's a 3.0 release for French and US libraries
12:56 paul[…]opment:roadmap3.0 is really outdated & shows many improvements that have been done, don't show some that have been done too, & don't point improvements that are abandonned/later
12:56 paul I could update it.
12:56 kados that would be great!
12:56 paul then we could decide what we do with "not done" features.
12:56 kados I think our development cycles were offset from each other
12:57 kados LibLime invested much in development in early 2006 and then we got burned out
12:57 kados then the french team took over :-)
12:58 kados perhaps we can work on more frequent communications about plans in 2007
12:58 kados and now that LibLime has a full time sales person I will have more time for planning
12:59 kados and development
12:59 kados unfortunately, Jan and Feb are for training and some holiday for me :-)
12:59 kados so I may not get much done then ...
13:00 kados paul: another question I had recently concerns HEAD
13:00 kados paul: is it possible to make rel_3_0 HEAD?
13:00 kados I think it's a better base to start from than the current state of HEAD
13:00 kados cvs--
13:00 paul (on phone)
13:00 kados ok
13:06 paul kados : back
13:07 paul your question, iic, is to overwrite HEAD with rel_3_0, right ?
13:07 kados yes
13:07 paul the next question being : what do we do with tumer head ?
13:07 paul we create a branch "tumer" ?
13:07 kados make it neu_branch
13:07 kados or something
13:07 dewey something is not recognising the value actually in the leader.
13:07 kados in fact, we should have done that first :-)
13:07 paul right.
13:08 kados looking back it seems correct
13:08 kados is it possible in CVS?
13:08 paul but we planned to have a rel_3_0 stable quite quickly...
13:08 paul it's always possible, but I think it need :
13:08 paul - create the neu_branch
13:08 paul - cp *.(tm)pl from rel_3_0 to head
13:09 paul (on a local copy)
13:09 paul - commit everything
13:09 paul so, not really automated
13:09 kados it's a lot of work :(
13:16 paul kados : not so much work. anyway, we should do this after an IRC meeting imo
13:16 kados sure
13:17 paul do you think rch could give a try to rel_3_0 once again and report the problems he meet ?
13:17 kados yes, it's planned for next week actually
13:17 paul really great !!!
13:18 paul Ill be here all the week (except 1 -yet unknown day, where i'll be at SANOP)
13:18 paul Ill be here all the week (except 1 day, where i'll be at SANOP -yet unknown, probably monday-)
13:18 kados ok
13:18 paul hdl is here too.
13:18 kados so it's a good opportunity for collaboration
13:18 kados I'll tell rch
13:18 kados he should be in the office soon
13:18 kados (he had the morning off)
14:37 paul kados : wiki roadmap updated. bye & have a good week end.
14:37 paul_weekend on monday i'll be at SANOP, so let's see you & rch_ on tuesday
14:38 kados ok, have a great weekend, thanks!
15:14 toins bye world, have a good week end.
17:29 slef Is NZ likely to get the DMCA disease?[…]le/tags/Copyright
17:34 chris its starting to look that way unfortunately
17:35 chris but its going to select committee, where people can make submissions, and there seems to be a lot of opposition to it
17:35 chris so theres hope yet
17:36 slef :-/
17:36 chris if it gets thru select committee, then it still has to be passed in parliament
17:37 chris but i wouldnt want to count on that bit failing, the only chance is to stop it in select committee
17:38 slef Does listen to people not in nz or is this something those in nz have to tackle themselves?
17:40 chris it listens to ppl outside nz far to much, specially those promising free trade agreeements :)
17:40 slef heh
17:40 chris i think that partnering with someone in nz, and helping them wih research/preparing a good submission would be the most effective way
21:40 qiqo hi folks
21:43 qiqo i just want to ask if the windows version of koha has barcode printing capabilities
05:05 js hello

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