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11:37 paul kados around ?
12:41 owen kados: How about now? :)
12:42 paul hi owen, you should look at http://o17.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]a/
12:43 owen Cool! How does it work?
12:43 paul with dewey classification (or any other)
12:43 owen Does it require subject authorities?
12:43 paul should work with LoC as well
12:43 paul nope, just a field with the classification.
12:44 paul and the tree is automatically builded digit by digit
12:44 paul 1 / 10 / 104; 2 / 21 / 215; ...
12:44 paul the descriptions at o17 are french dewey descriptions.
12:45 owen And you've got a subject cloud working too?
12:45 paul yep, although it can be improved I bet.
12:47 kados hi guys
12:47 paul hi kados
12:47 kados had some trouble with our LAN this morning :/
12:47 kados opac-browser++
12:47 kados owen: online signups would be slick
12:48 owen It's something we've talked about in our library site redesgin meetings
12:48 owen (which often devolve into discussions of imaginary functionality)
12:48 kados hehe
12:48 kados it wouldn't be difficult to implement
12:49 owen We've actually talked about two variations (maybe Tina has mentioned it before)
12:49 owen The first would be "pre-registration" of regular library users
12:50 owen They could submit their member information and then bring their proof-of-address to the library
12:50 owen The librarian would just verify the information and give them a card
12:50 owen The other case we've talked about is a special borrower type for "web-only" users
12:51 owen Users who want to register so they can have access to limited-access databases or downloadable audio books
12:51 kados right
12:51 kados there's also the concept of an 'anonymous' borrower
12:51 kados which I find interesting :-)
12:51 owen How would that work?
12:52 kados well they have to put down a credit of some kind to lein against any media they check out
12:52 kados and then they only get so many issues
12:54 owen Interesting... But they're still coming in in person, right?
12:54 owen No anonymous post office boxes involved?
12:56 kados yea, I guess they'd have to do it in person with cash
12:56 kados otherwise their ident would be linked to a credit card or sth
12:56 kados (hang on, phone call)
12:56 kados brb
15:27 owen You know you've spent too much time online when you see the words "box set" and think they say "bot sex"
17:02 tnb owen: ha! :)
05:29 btoumi hi all

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