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13:09 tnb paul: thanks for the email.  You've been very helpful.
13:09 paul you're welcome
13:35 tumer hi and happy New Year everyone
13:35 paul hi tumer & happy new year.
13:36 paul do you know that SANOP is live since jan, 3rd ?
13:36 paul things were very smooth.
13:36 paul some bugs, but nothing dramatic
13:36 tumer hi paul, no Ý just came today from the Umman desert. Well done all OK
13:36 paul some problems with cataloguing in rel_3_0, due to mod_perl poor support.
13:37 paul but they are almost fixed
13:37 tumer any major changes, cause i am running mod_perl with UBUNTU at the moment
13:37 paul great !
13:38 paul you should look at recent rel_3_0 commits
13:38 paul (from me)
13:38 paul as they are very important for mod_perl
13:39 tumer i keep getting a warn in Apache logs saying too late to rub INIT block at line 37 , but no errors, do you get that?
13:39 tumer s/rub/run
13:39 paul yes, sometimes. seems harmless
13:40 tumer i changed all modules which were recursively calling each other. ie Circ2 calling members and Members calling Circ2
13:41 paul toins & sanop cleaned those problems in rel_3_0
13:41 tumer great
13:43 tumer unfortunately mod_perl hhas got lots of problems under Windows so i am just using a test machine with UBUNTU so not mauch testing going on
19:03 tnb russ: you there?
19:04 russ hi tina
19:04 tnb hey can i talk to you on gmail?
19:05 russ sure
19:05 russ there now
23:10 kados hi thd
23:10 thd hello kados
23:14 thd kados; do you want some Python encoding problems, free? :)
23:31 kados does python have encoding problems?
23:31 kados that's a shame
23:32 kados hopefully it's not as bad as perl :-)
05:10 btoumi hi all
05:56 chris thanks for doing the reply to Gaetano, Paul
05:56 chris and hi all
05:56 toins hi chris
05:56 btoumi hi chris
05:56 toins & happy new year !
05:58 chris thanks toins, happy new year to you to
05:58 paul hello chris.
05:59 paul nice summer in nz ?
05:59 paul (very very hot winter in France : 16°C planned this afternoon !)
05:59 chris paul, heres a photo you might like[…]DSC02446.JPG.html
05:59 paul (which is 10°-12° more than usually
05:59 chris wow that is warm
05:59 chris here we had the coldest december in 60 years
06:00 chris i think our weather has swapped
06:00 paul hehe... a very cute baby.
06:01 paul he already has the eyes of a all black : dark & mysterious & "be careful, i'm dangerous if you try to beat me"
06:01 chris lol
06:02 chris i hear you have had a few mod_perl problems at San OP ? all fixed now?
06:02 paul I think they are all fixed except one, that hdl is working on.
06:03 chris ahh cool
06:03 paul zebra problems when querying biblios AND authorities.
06:03 chris ahh
06:03 paul a very complex one.
06:03 chris yeah sounds like it
06:08 chris did everyone have a good christmas?
06:11 paul chris : yep, a very good one. 1 full weeks without a computer !
06:12 chris :-)
06:25 chris ok bedtime for me, have a good day
06:25 paul have a sweet night
10:20 kados g'morning #koha
10:28 toins hello kados
10:40 owen G'morning shedges
10:43 hdl paul arount ?
10:43 hdl hi kados
10:43 paul yep
10:43 paul hi kados too
10:48 hdl Pls test.
10:49 hdl There is still One bug : multiple page search doesnot work.
10:51 shedges morning owen

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