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12:02 paul kados: around ?
12:02 owen Hi paul, Happy New Year
12:02 paul hi owen.
12:03 paul sanop is live since 9AM
12:03 paul (it's 4PM for us)
12:03 owen Yes, I saw that in the log. Congratulations!
12:03 owen A good day for you?
12:03 paul 1624 issues at that time.
12:03 paul yep, everything OK, except :
12:03 paul - a bug, solved in 1 hour
12:04 paul - opac css that has been improved (by the webdesigner)
12:05 owen Can I see?
12:05 paul - only 1 remaining problem : a librarian computer sometimes can't search. after 2-3 minuts, things run again, without doing anything. And all other computers are still running fine
12:05 paul no, sorry. opac will go public on intranet in feb only
12:27 kados hi paul
12:27 kados woot!
12:28 paul kados : I had a question about launching zebra as daemon, but it's solved ;-)
12:28 kados did you use init?
12:29 kados or just -D ?
12:29 paul yep, but we missed -D parameter at 1st glance
12:29 paul init.d + -D => works fine !
12:29 kados :-)
12:29 paul I made a mistake about the issue qty : 3552 now ;-)
12:59 tnb paul: hi :)
12:59 paul hi tnb
13:00 paul & happy new year to you & your family ;-)
13:00 tnb to you too!
13:00 tnb When you have a sec, I was wondering if you could fill me in on what San West Province is contributing/sponsoring for Koha 3.0
13:01 paul the year starts quite well, with SAN-OP live very smooth...
13:01 tnb I am working on an article for NewsForge and wanted to mention them
13:01 tnb that's great news :)
13:01 paul 1st of all, it's "SAN-OP" : "Syndicat d'Agglomération Nouvelle Ouest Provence"
13:01 paul a "SAN" is something like "county"
13:01 tnb ah, ok.  I'll make a note of that
13:01 paul Ouest = west
13:02 paul Provence = the name of the area
13:02 paul (/me ignore if you have something like our "regions" in US)
13:02 tnb i need to brush up on my french ;)
13:02 paul SAN-OP developped themselves :
13:03 paul - complete rewrite of members management
13:03 tnb and they have teh two guys working on that?  The two I met at KohaCon
13:03 tnb ?
13:04 paul - almost complete rewrite of reserves, including many improvements (like item reserve)
13:04 tnb cool
13:04 paul tnb : yes. with helene, that you meet only at Miramas, that worked on data migration
13:04 paul they also :
13:04 paul - added some features for fines & overdues
13:04 tnb wow, they've been busy ;)
13:05 tnb and, did they sponsor any development through you and hdl?
13:05 paul - IP localisation (to auto move a librarian that is not at it's usual branch
13:06 paul yes and no. mainly, they hired me to help them conduct their developpements & investigate zebra config & migration problems.
13:06 paul so I worked with them on that.
13:07 tnb but the IP localisation was in-house ?
13:07 paul ???
13:07 shedges paul, is Yves still at SAN-OP?
13:07 tnb oh, i didn't follow if the IP localisation was something they sponsored or developed themselves
13:07 tnb shedges: hi again :)
13:08 tnb paul: when did "SAN-OP" first migrate to Koha?
13:08 tnb *tnb is getting her background facts straight
13:08 paul tnb : they developped themselves, with my advices
13:08 tnb ok, thanks
13:09 paul 1st migration, do you mean 1st tests or ???
13:09 tnb oh, I see , their "go live" was just this year
13:09 tnb it wasn't an upgrade that went live
13:12 paul tnb : right. they invetigates Koha in early 2005, started to work on it mid-2005, and goes live today
13:12 tnb ok, thanks Paul!  I think that's mainly what I need :)
13:16 paul tnb : you can add that me & hdl funded/sponsored code cleaning (almost 6 months toins full time) & many other improvements (kados has the list, in french, translated to english)
13:18 tnb ok, great
13:18 tnb I'll ask Josh
13:18 tnb for that
13:57 kados cm: just sent you and kyle an email
13:57 kados paul: you around still?
13:57 paul kados : yep
13:58 kados chris has hacked up an extensions manager for Koha and LibLime is hosting it at:
13:58 paul hello. /me happy, because SAN-OP going live was smooth...
13:58 kados paul: we'd like to do an announcement early next week
13:58 kados does SAN have anything to add there before the announcement?
13:58 kados FF plugins, migration scripts, utilities, etc.?
13:59 kados (stuff that is not core Koha)
13:59 kados its quite easy to use also
13:59 paul (& pierrick will be happy to see that it's suggestion has not been lost ;-) )
14:00 kados (and his software is being used :-))
14:00 paul ah, it's something he wrote before leaving ineo ?
14:00 kados before joining ineo I think
14:01 kados it's a general extensions manager
14:01 kados not Koha specific
14:01 kados chris just translated into en, and did some bugfixing
14:38 paul 1st day SAN going live is ended... 5031 issues, 56 new borrowers, 133 reserves, 86 serials subscriptions, (no cataloguing)
14:43 kyle kados, you around?
14:43 kados kyle: yep
14:43 kados what's up?
14:43 kyle hey, I'm trying to add stuff to, but I think there are a few bugs in the php scripts.
14:44 kyle I thought you might like to know about them.
14:44 kados ahh, ok
14:44 kados yea, did they prevent you from uploading?
14:44 kyle Not showstoppers, but not trivial.
14:44 kados ok, yea, definitely tell me
14:44 kados I'll pass them on to chris who's doing the bugfixing on that
14:45 kyle First, filenames seem to require one and only one period in them. I like to use names like myFile-0.1.2.tgz, but it won't let me.
14:45 kados ahh, yea, that's annoying
14:45 kyle It won't work with any file ending in tar.gz either
14:46 kyle Also, it same form requires *every* field to be filled out. That includes checking all three versions under compatability and the notes field, even if you don't have a note to put there.
14:47 kyle The fact that you have to check 2.2, 2.4, and 3.0 even if the addon doesn't work with all three is a showstopper, I imagine.
14:47 kados yea, that is
14:48 kados ok, just created a component in bugzilla
14:48 kados I'll add those
14:48 kyle excellent
14:50 kados ok, those are submitted
14:50 kados I'll ping chris when he wakes up
14:50 kados kyle: thanks!
14:50 kyle always welcome
14:51 kados kyle: is the KohaBar a command-line utility or a FF plugin?
14:52 kyle it's both ; )
14:52 kados hehe
14:52 kyle I could submit the daemon and the plugin seperate, but I think that would confuse people even more.
14:52 kados yea
14:52 kyle The daemon only generates an xml file of stats that the plugin reads and displays
14:52 kados is the KohaBar where all those nifty reports are?
14:53 kados it's been a while since I peeked at it
14:53 kyle no, that's just called kohaReports, I'll be uploading that as well.
14:53 kados nice
14:53 kados kyle++
14:53 kyle tha.nks
14:56 kyle I just realized, there isn't really a good category for the reports. There aren't command line progs, the aren't templates, they have no home ; \
14:57 kyle I think I'll just put them in the Intranet templates section for now.
17:27 chris hmmm, i didnt have to check all 3 versions
17:28 chris see the 2 i submitted, only have 2.4
17:48 kados kyle_away: I added a category for 'Reports'
22:23 kados hey owen
22:23 owen Hi
22:23 dewey hi, owen
05:07 btoumi hi all
05:29 paul_away hello world
05:30 chris ready for day 2 eh?
05:49 btoumi hi chris and happy new year
06:03 chris hi bruno, happy new year to you too :)
06:05 btoumi chris: thanks
07:28 js hi all and happy new year

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