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11:10 rch hi hdl
11:11 hdl hi happy new year.
11:11 rch and to you :)
11:11 hdl I saw you commited sthg on to receive more than one item.
11:11 hdl at once.
11:12 rch right, to add multiple items.
11:12 rch using old api, though.
11:12 hdl Is that a simple modification of rel_2_2  or is it true multiple item adding ?
11:12 hdl Can you send me a link to test it ?
11:14 rch just a sec
11:14 rch .. not sure what you mean by true ...
11:14 rch doesn't update zebra.
11:19 rch[…]12-31&catview=yes
11:20 rch hdl: user/pw koha/koha
11:22 hdl Cool.
11:23 hdl I will have a glance at your code.
11:23 hdl I did something similar for serials managing.
11:24 hdl I am curious to see how you manage multiple information for items.
11:25 hdl And you have +° and - good.
11:27 rch there was a fcn Biblio::new_items that was i think only used for acq...
11:27 owen That's pretty neat, rch
11:28 rch i modified that one, but to be sure, it _should_ be using the new api.
11:29 rch kados supplied the javascript...
11:29 rch (hi owen)
12:04 tnb owen: hey :)
12:04 owen Hi tnb, how's it going?
12:04 tnb good.  trying to get back into the swing of things after holiday ;) How was yours?
12:04 tnb (holiday, that is)
12:05 owen It was fine. I'm doing the same--I've been off for two weeks, so I'm having a little trouble getting my bearings
12:06 tnb no doubt.  I spent the first part of the holiday with that nasty flu that's been going around, so I've been out of commission for awhile too.  How's the lib website coming along?
12:07 owen Slowly :(  I spent a long time evaluating Plone, and finally came to the conclusion that it wasn't flexible enough for me from the point of view of incorporating existing PHP/MySQL-based stuff.
12:08 owen I'm looking again at Drupal, but missing the good document-management features of Plone
12:08 owen I can't win!
12:08 tnb oh, that's too bad
12:08 tnb yeah, Drupal has problems
12:08 tnb in my opinion
12:09 owen I'm to the point where I'm trying to find the least hopeless system
12:09 tnb I couldn't get any module to work like it was supposed to, though there were alot of cool modules [theoretically].  Plus, you're right about the taxonomy/document stuff  
12:09 tnb well, good luck :)
12:10 owen Thanks, I need it!
12:10 rch drupal's taxonomy++
12:10 tnb rch: you like drupal's?
12:10 rch yep.
12:10 tnb it is much harder than plone
12:10 rch in some ways, maybe.
12:11 rch if you know some php,  not so bad, i thing.
12:11 rch (think)
12:11 owen rch, I find it very confusing that there's a seeming disconnect between pages and their menu items
12:11 tnb ah
12:11 rch yeah, it took me a bit to get it... of course by now, i'v forgotten whatever it was i got
12:12 tnb that's helpful! ;)
12:12 rch :)
12:12 rch the biggest prob, as i recall were all the contributed modules
12:12 rch that tried to do things for you.
12:13 rch but made the core functionality work differently.
12:13 tnb owen: is James around today?
12:14 tnb or, still vacation?
12:14 owen He's in Athens meeting with two new hires
12:14 tnb oh, right.  thanks
12:39 hdl same pb between menus, blocs and primary links, it is quite messy.
12:41 rch i do prefer plone, but liked drupal okay.
12:42 tnb rch: didn't you figure out a way to get teh contextual primary adn secondary menus?
12:42 tnb working
12:43 rch yep
12:43 tnb what was the trick?
12:44 rch it had something to do with php, i think :)
12:44 tnb !  oh yeah?  :)
12:44 rch was some time ago...
13:42 kados hi #koha
13:42 kados happy new year everyone
13:46 paul (hello kados. A very very happy new year & best wishes for you, libLime & your private life)
13:50 kados hi paul, thanks
13:50 kados same to you
13:50 kados so will SAN go live in two days?
13:50 paul no.
13:50 paul in ONE day ;-)
13:50 kados hehe
13:50 kados excellent!
13:50 kados and how is the process progressing?
13:50 paul in 14 hours in fact :-D
13:51 paul everything is done since last week, because all the SAN-OP was closed last week
13:51 kados great
13:51 kados (in the US, last week would have been the 'crunch time' :-)
13:51 paul jerome pouchol is just re-reading the french opac to have something 100% perfect
13:51 kados in France people actually don't work when they are off :-)
13:52 kados in US it's not the case :-)
13:52 kados many years ago ...
13:52 paul the problem is that the SAN is somethine very very very large. And the library + the 3 developpers are something like 10% of them.
13:52 kados hehe
13:52 kados right
13:52 paul the SAN president decided to close everything for chrismas, so everything is closed.
13:53 paul the developpers could not work even if they wanted : the door was closed !
13:53 paul (and they don't have the key)
14:05 paul hi shedges. happy 2007 !!!
14:17 kados hey shedges !
14:17 kados how's it going?
14:17 kados cool
14:17 kados which one?
14:17 dewey i think which one is that? :-)
14:18 kados our new sales guy is experimenting with a few as well
14:18 kados is it ichat?
14:19 kados ahh, it's actually called fire :-)
14:19 kados cool
14:19 kados doesn't do video though, eh?
14:19 kados ichat does really nice video conferencing
14:20 kados but no IRC that I know of
14:22 owen Hi shedges!
14:23 owen They're fine. Cold and bored, I suspect.
14:23 kados hehe
14:24 kados liblime got me a shiny new cell phone/pda (blackberry) and a new Macbook Pro :-)
14:25 owen That's strange, Liblime didn't get me anything! ;)
14:25 kados hehe
14:25 kados owen: should be some chocolates actually
14:25 kados owen: didn't get them?
14:25 owen ! No
14:26 kados huh ... /me will ask sara
14:27 kados yea
14:27 owen Everything you say is in italics for me (including your name)
14:27 kados it looks like what I get when I go /kados blah blah
14:28 kados /me blah blah actually :-)
14:29 shedges let's see if that's any better
14:29 shedges looks better here
14:29 owen Yup
14:34 kados yep
15:09 hdl paul kados : happy new Year.
15:09 paul hello hdl
16:09 tnb shedges: hey!
16:09 tnb long time, no see :) How was your holiday?
16:10 shedges hey there!
16:10 shedges holiday was great, how 'bout you?
16:11 tnb well, I was sick like apparently half of the city, but had a nice celebration with my folks later in the week
16:11 tnb Ben been home over break?
16:12 shedges yep, we dumped him back in the dorm yesterday (yeah!!)
16:12 tnb ha!
16:12 tnb still doing that blog?  I keep forgetting to check it
16:12 shedges the OPLIN 4cast?
16:13 tnb yeah :)
16:13 tnb we are thinking of having some kind of LibLime associated blog
16:14 shedges yeah, we've been getting a posting out every Tuesday, with the exception of some holidays
16:14 shedges we decided Boxing Day was a good excuse for skipping the last posting
16:14 tnb :)
16:14 tnb of course!
16:15 shedges kind of a drag doing something on a regular schedule, but it does force you to keep the blog up to date
16:16 tnb yeah, i worry about coming up with fresh things to say, but i guess taht's what other blogs are for! :)
16:16 tnb we actually get alot of publicity for Koha through various library bloggers
16:17 shedges right, Joel watches a whole pile of blogs all the time to get ideas
16:17 tnb I'm always surprised how far our press releases travel.  .
16:17 shedges I watch the tech news RSS feeds
16:18 shedges yep, the blogosphere's great!
16:18 tnb it has really changed things
18:50 shedges /quit
05:37 paul_away hello world.
05:38 paul SAN-OP is going live since 8mn...
05:38 paul s/going/running/
06:03 chris congrats paul
06:03 chris no problems so far?
06:03 paul a very small one : return dates are not calculated :((((
06:04 paul worst : it used to work last week, of course, and works on dev computer
06:04 chris ahh
06:04 chris missing module?
06:04 paul nope, no error on the log
06:05 chris hmm it doesnt use Date::Manip .. so wont be the timezone config
06:06 chris the date/time is set right on the server eh?
10:33 btoumi hi all
10:33 btoumi happy new year

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