IRC log for #koha, 2006-12-31

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11:00 slef thd: I even tried to buy the renewal :-/
11:00 thd slef: I could not read the logs with down
11:01 thd slef: therefore I missed your post
11:02 thd slef I assume the domain is still in the registrar reserve period for the original domain holder
11:21 owen Looks like all Koha wanted for Christmas was a domain renewal...
11:27 thd owen: yes slef has tried to renew the domain in the absence of NZ but he did not succeed so I am assuming the registrar still has it reserved
11:30 owen Well, I'd rather see them reserving it for the original registrar than opening it up to just anyone.
11:33 kados he's hunting down the cause
11:34 kados owen: doing your weekly friday over vacation, eh? ;-)
11:35 owen Hi kados. You bet :)
11:37 owen Back to the regular grind on Tuesday.
11:37 kados cool
11:37 kados liblime has a new employee on tuesday :-)
11:37 owen Your salesperson?
11:37 kados yup
11:37 kados Randy Schultz is his name
11:38 kados he's the proprietor of
11:43 thd kados: I assume that is not the well known Perl programmer of the same name
11:44 chris right, have emailed rach and si, and will follow it up with a phone call in about 4 hours when they are awake.
11:44 chris thats randal schwartz thd
11:44 kados chris: thanks!
11:45 thd all names sound alike to me
11:45 kados thd: :-)
12:48 slef owen: I wasn't trying to take it over, just pay the renewal bill
12:50 owen Of course not slef, I just meant I'm just glad a domain squatter hasn't gotten it
17:05 rach overly agressive spam filtering meant the message didn't get through
17:05 rach usually they send a physical letter as well - which is why I like them
17:20 chris yeah, i thought maybe it got missed cos dean was away? but maybe they didnt send one
17:20 chris cool that its renewed, thanks :)
17:27 chris sweet, a whois is showing it all renewed too
17:29 kados I used to panic every 6 months and go through all my domains checking renew dates :-)
17:29 chris :)
17:31 rach they do auto renew as well - but usually we don't have a problem - dean being away I suspect has mucked us up

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