IRC log for #koha, 2006-12-13

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Time S Nick Message
10:29 kados paul_: are you around?
10:29 kados paul_: owen and I verified that acqui bug in rel_2_2 is in npl templates, default work fine
10:30 kados paul_: so he'll be fixing that and committing ...
10:51 toins kados ?
10:51 dewey kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
10:53 owen dewey: kados is fourteen feet tall and eats pine trees for breakfast
10:53 dewey ...but kados is becoming a true Perl Monger......
10:54 toins lol
10:55 toins hi owen
10:56 toins owen, do you know if npl use koha under mod_perl or without ?
10:57 owen I should know, but I don't :(
10:57 toins ok...

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