IRC log for #koha, 2006-12-10

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12:47 rch hdl: still there?
12:47 dewey i guess there is a minor diff in <div>s, that I missed
12:47 hdl yes
12:48 hdl but only for a few minutes.
12:48 hdl rch:
12:48 hdl Or bb in a quarter
12:48 rch hdl: I'll be here, thx
13:24 hdl rch : back
13:31 rch hi hdl
13:31 hdl hi howdy ?
13:31 rch I am using what's in rel_3
13:31 rch with just a couple changes for usmarc (only headings)
13:32 rch invalid use attribute "Heading"
13:32 rch have you seen this?
13:55 hdl rch : never.
13:56 hdl rch : which record.abs are you using for biblios and authorities.
13:56 hdl ?
13:57 hdl rch: Maybe Heading is defined in att file or explain.att ?
13:57 rch no, it's only in record.abs
13:58 rch which is from record_authoritis_unimarc.abs
13:58 rch I am having many difficulties since upgrading to 2.0.6
13:59 rch the server is dropping connections, so I went down to 1.3
13:59 rch but there I get invalid Use attr on Heading
13:59 rch I'm talking to IndexData...
13:59 rch thought you might have seen the prob.
14:00 rch cvs is up to date with your config?
14:02 hdl See in misc/zebra in rel_3_0.
14:02 hdl It is quite up-to-date
14:02 rch okay, thanks

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