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11:19 btoumi joshua are u around ?
11:25 kados btoumi: yes
11:25 kados btoumi: what's up?
11:25 btoumi hi kodaos how are u?
11:25 btoumi i have question for u about mysql optimistation
11:27 btoumi kados: paul tell me that u have 512 ram for tempory operation from mysql
11:27 btoumi kados: how do u do that?
11:28 kados you can check the my.cnf file and the documentation on mysql on that file
11:29 kados after modifying the file, be sure to restart the mysql process
11:29 kados are you having trouble with speed?
11:29 btoumi no just for optimisation
11:32 paul btoumi: &kados : what I said to SAN was that you had the temporary mysql directory that was a RAM disk. It speeds up a lot sortings when needed
11:33 paul (although thinking of it, i'm not sure it's as important with zebra as it was with marc_word SQL table...)
11:35 kados I don't think it's necessary anymore
11:36 kados NPL doesn't need it
11:59 paul kados : http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/ (test/test) will show you the IPT catalogue, fully migrated to koha 3.0... i'm working on some screenshots for french libraries, on infos list.
12:00 paul (some encoding problems though, but not a big deal, I did it just as POC)
12:04 owen kados, did I see in the log that bug 1215 has been resolved for cm?
12:21 kados owen: yes, it was happening because she didn't have itemtypes
12:21 kados owen: I'll close it out
12:21 owen I just filed you a new one :)
12:21 kados ok :-)
12:22 kados paul: I'll take a look
12:23 kados owen: that's a nice one :-)
12:23 owen Yeah, I'm sure that'll be a fun one
12:24 owen It's easy to see how that could be confusing
12:24 kados well and or and not are keywords
12:24 kados so it'll be tricky
12:24 kados doable, but tricky :-)
12:24 kados paul: do you have a sec?
12:24 paul yep
12:25 kados paul: I just discovered a bug in rel_2_2 caused by userenv
12:25 kados paul: for a library that has insecure == 1
12:25 kados paul: [Thu Dec 07 08:45:16 2006] [error] [client] Can't use string ("0") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /home/koha/rel22/koha/intr​anet/cgi-bin/ line 90.
12:25 paul insecure==1 ??? wow, nobody is supposed to have insecure=1, it's just for developper testing (& w3c validating)
12:26 kados paul: some libraries use Koha behind a firewall so it's OK
12:26 kados paul: this is a corporate client
12:26 paul I don't think so, because they are anonymous, so Koha won't know "who" did an acquisition, or a cataloguing, or ...
12:27 paul that's the same as working with koha with the mysqladmin login/password : it's a very very bad idea
12:27 kados it worked in a previous version of KOha but not in 2.2.7
12:27 kados I believe it worked in 2.2.2
12:27 kados they have been using Koha for several years and just upgraded to 2.2.7 and now have this problem
12:29 paul kados :
12:29 paul $template->param("candelete"=>1) if ($val==0||C4::Context->userenv->{flags} eq "1");
12:29 paul replace by :
12:30 paul $template->param("candelete"=>1) if ($val==0||(C4::Context->userenv && C4::Context->userenv->{flags} eq "1"));
12:30 paul but I can't promize the problem won't occur somewhere else...
12:30 kados ok, I'll test and commit
12:30 paul anyway userenv->{something} fails when you're not logged in
12:30 kados and if I find other examples I'll do the same
12:31 paul so, just check that userenv exists before (= a user is logged in)
12:31 kados right
12:32 kados paul: also, this client was wondering if it woudl be OK to have a syspref for disabling the patron expiry code
12:32 kados paul: do you have an opinion on that?
12:32 paul mmm... setting 999years to membership duration is not enough ?
12:33 paul not 999, but 99 (otherwise, you'll reach unix/linux date limits)
12:33 kados right ...
12:33 paul the patron still has an expiry date, but it's not reached
12:33 kados but the expiry date is created when the patron is created so we'd need to change the dates in the database
12:34 kados (not hard, just annoying for them)
12:34 kados for existing patrons
12:34 kados what about a syspref to disable the warning
12:34 paul the expiry date is calculated from borrowercategory subscription duration, so th pb exist only for already existing ones
12:35 kados paul: a syspref to disable the warning in circ ok with you?
12:35 paul yes
12:36 paul OK, but useless (until someone will be happy using it ;-) )
12:36 kados right
12:39 kados update borrowers set expiry='2099-01-01'; is too easy ;-)
13:11 _paul kados ?
13:11 dewey i guess kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
13:11 _paul a search on au-phr : what is the difference with a search on au ?
13:11 _paul (it don't work on unimarc & we don't know why)
13:19 hdl paul : As I understand it, phr stands for Full Phrase and normal sill search only on words.
13:19 hdl s/sill/will/
13:20 paul that's what I suspected, but it don't work at SANOP...
13:20 hdl Do we have set Title:p  ?
13:20 hdl for instance ?
13:20 hdl in record.abs
13:22 paul melm 200$atitle:w,title:p,title:s
13:22 paul melm 200$fauthor,author:p,author:s
13:23 paul so, yes, we have author:p
13:23 hdl ?
13:23 dewey it has been said that is about 1000 lines of config and documentation
13:23 hdl thx dewey :D
13:23 paul st-phrase 4=1
13:23 paul phr st-phrase
13:24 paul (it's the kados one)
13:24 hdl et au-phr ?
13:24 paul none
13:53 rch hdl: i'm looking at your authorities record.abs file...
13:53 paul hi rch
13:53 rch hi paul
13:53 hdl hi rch
13:53 hdl yes and ?
13:53 rch he hdl
13:53 rch (hi)
13:54 rch hdl: can you comment on mainentry vs mainmainentry in the code?
13:54 rch and Heading vs Heading-Entry?
13:55 hdl Yes :
13:55 hdl It was in order to cope with :
13:56 hdl searching ONLY $a
13:56 hdl and searching the WHOLE tag.
13:57 hdl So Heading-Entity stands for the Whole Tag and Heading stands for $a only
13:57 hdl (We had a search like that in rel_2_2.
13:57 hdl )
13:57 hdl Am I clear ?
13:59 hdl rch ?
13:59 dewey i guess rch is having some issues with customizablility in prog opac tmpl...
13:59 rch okay, thx
13:59 rch I get it.
14:00 rch For some reason it looked backwards to me, but it is clear now
14:00 rch :)
14:01 rch I was getting full tag searchs when I wanted $a srch.
14:02 hdl I wrote Entity and you read Entry...
14:02 rch s/tr/tit/g
14:03 hdl Sure, it is an vacabulary problem.
14:03 rch my memory is not so sharp... :)
14:04 hdl s/vacabulary/vocabulary/
16:21 owen kados: are you around?
16:52 kados owen: yep, am now
16:52 kados got your email
16:52 kados negitive values can't be reserved or checked out
16:53 kados but I don't think they are excluded from search results
16:53 owen Negative values can't be reserved? But we're using -1 for 'ordered,' and the point was for users to be able to reserve those items
16:54 kados I'm sorry, I got it backwards
16:54 kados positive values can't be reserved, negative ones can
16:55 kados you could have a bookmobile status
16:56 kados using notforloan or binding
16:56 kados they both essentially work the same way
16:56 kados the 'status change' page you describe would be pretty easy to set up
16:57 kados I'd think 2-3 hours max
16:57 kados feel free to file an enhancement request and I'll get to it as soon as I can
17:04 owen Thanks. I'm quittin' early, so I'll read you later
20:00 mason .
20:06 mason hi joshua, i had a little question about the search urls in the view
20:07 mason see this bib ->[…]
20:07 mason see the '245 -TITLE STATEMENT' block
20:09 mason well, clicking on the '?' url on its right , kicks off a search for the title '101 Australian songs for easy guitar.'
20:09 mason[…]r%20easy%20guitar.
20:11 mason which successfully returns results
20:12 mason .
20:12 mason but on my dev koha, all the '?' searches fail for all of the MARC fields
20:13 mason that dont have a tag value
20:15 mason meaning , that dont have a marclist=245a in the url
20:17 mason there seems to be something in the search sql in thats different in my koha to the liblime demo one.
20:19 mason i think ill just wait till chris is about so i can see if we have a 2.2.6 koha ,so i can test the sql differences myself
20:24 kados I'm sorry, I had a phone call
20:24 mason ah, np
20:25 kados afaik the marc searching by ? doesn't work in dev_week
20:25 mason ah, i actually have a succinct question...
20:25 mason see this ->[…]
20:26 mason why does the 260 block have its tag values (a,b,c) showing....
20:27 mason and the 254 block , have a title record, but not a tag showing for the title?
20:27 mason does something (hide_marc?? ) control which tags are hidden for display?
20:29 mason .
20:29 mason ah, see in the opac view of this bib, the 245a does show
20:29 mason[…]
20:29 mason 245 -TITLE STATEMENT
20:29 mason a Title 101 Australian songs for easy guitar.
20:32 mason .
20:33 mason ah, i can find that out myself...
21:01 kados mason: there's a visibility flag
21:01 kados mason: it's the 'hidden' value
21:01 kados mason: it has values ranging from -9 to 9
21:01 kados mason: see the help file in the subfield edit screen
21:03 mason ah thanks :)
04:49 rch good morning France
05:07 _paul hi rach
05:07 btoumi hi all
05:11 rch hi paul , btoumi
05:12 btoumi hi rch
05:12 rch can anyone verify that rel_3_0 authorities config files are working? (for unimarc,even)?
06:03 hdl rch : Which problem do you have.
06:03 hdl It works for Paul and me.
06:03 hdl rch : Do you get nothing via yaz-client ?
06:04 hdl rch : Does an internal server error occur when searching with Koha.
06:04 hdl sorry to answer so late.
10:32 hdl rch around ?

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