IRC log for #koha, 2006-11-30

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11:12 owen kados?
11:12 dewey somebody said kados was becoming a true Perl Monger...
11:13 owen dewey: kados sailed with Blackbeard the Pirate from 1716 to 1717.
11:13 dewey owen: what?
11:13 kados hehe
11:13 kados hey owen
11:14 kados hi guys, what's up?
11:14 owen kados, do you remember that NPL had a problem at one point with data not getting saved to deleted* tables?
11:14 owen Or am I making that up?
11:14 kados no, you're right
11:14 kados I remember that too
11:14 kados is it still happening?
11:15 owen I don't have any evidence that it is or isn't.
11:15 kados heh
11:15 owen I'm just curious about the blank entries in our virtual shelves.
11:15 kados hmmm, I am 100% sure I already fixed those ...
11:15 kados in the code :/
11:16 kados owen: got an example?
11:47 kados paul: just committed two fixes in dev_week, toins or you may want to check rel_3_0
11:47 toins kados: ok
11:47 paul hi kados.
11:48 paul kados: as you may have seen i've taken my knife & cutted a lot of things in rel_3_0, about zebra dir configuration
11:48 paul it's unstable atm.
11:48 paul but I expect having something stable in 2/3 hours
11:50 toins kados: the fixes is on ?
11:51 kados toins: I think there was a fix on a while ago, last week
11:52 kados toins: but this morning owen discovered a bug with deleteditems
11:52 kados toins: it was caused by two things: comments, and database changes; I have committed both to dev_week
11:52 kados paul: ok
11:52 toins kados: ok, i'll keep rel_3_0 & dev_week sync
11:52 kados toins: thx
11:53 kados toins: it also serves to have you check my work ;-)
12:02 paul kados: could you tell me where is your zebra tab directory located.
12:02 paul mine is /usr/local/share/idzebra-2.0/tab/
12:02 kados hmmm
12:02 kados mine is not there
12:02 paul (it's to generate a correct .cfg file)
12:02 kados right
12:03 kados /usr/share/idzebra/tab
12:03 kados I think we should 'fall back' on the zebra tab dir
12:03 kados but koha should have it's own tab dir
12:03 kados that overrides the zebra one
12:04 kados in the profilePath setting
01:03 rch ls
04:35 mohameimran82 hi
04:35 dewey hola, mohameimran82
04:36 mohameimran82 i am still unable to install ZOOM
04:37 mohameimran82 its stuck at this
04:37 mohameimran82 /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lexslt
04:37 mohameimran82 collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
04:37 mohameimran82 make: *** [blib/arch/auto/Net/Z3950/ZOOM/] Error 1
04:37 mohameimran82  /usr/bin/make  -- NOT OK
04:39 mohameimran82 can somebody help me in finding whats the problem ?
04:44 mohameimran82 hi dewey
04:44 dewey privet, mohameimran82
04:51 chris sounds to me like you are missing a c library
04:52 chris libexslt
04:53 chris is that installed?
05:22 btoumi hi all

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