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12:32 toins tumer[A] ?
12:32 dewey i guess tumer[A] is talking about the MARC editor not authorities editor
12:41 hdl dewey forget tumer[A]
12:41 dewey hdl: I forgot tumer[a]
12:54 kados paul: are you here?
12:55 paul yep
12:55 kados paul: I'm wondering if you've tested bulkmarcimport in rel_3_0
12:55 paul hello kados
12:55 kados for me it doesn't work
12:55 paul nope, I didn't test it
12:55 kados also, causes 500 errors
12:55 paul (as I work on migrated 2.2 catalogues atm)
12:55 kados I wonder if hdl has uploaded his most recent version of
12:55 kados paul: ahh, great, will we see 2.2.7 soon? ;-)
12:56 tumer toins:looking for me?
12:56 paul yep, just waiting for some commits from hdl, and i've 2 bugs to fix
12:56 paul (1177 & 1230)
12:56 dewey 1160
12:56 toins tumer, yes, i just want to know some things on
12:56 tumer yep
12:57 kados paul: scratch what I said about, that's in dev_week, not rel_3_0
12:57 toins why have you used DateTime instead of Date::Calc ?
12:58 hdl kados : In rel2_2, AuthoritiesMarc should not create Error 500
12:58 kados hdl: yes, sorry, I was wrong
12:58 paul kados/tumer : do you know any link for a CCL tutorial ?
12:58 tumer datetime is proposed on perl sites as one of the fastest, also has all the necessary functions we need
12:58 tumer paul:no;
12:59 hdl no pb kados
12:59 paul so, how did you learn CCL capabilities ?
13:00 kados paul: check the file I wrote
13:00 kados it has extensive docs
13:00 toins tumer, shouldn't we use just ONE module for date calculation ?
13:01 toins because now we have Date::Calc on circ
13:01 toins DateTime on
13:01 toins and some Date::Manip everywhere
13:01 tumer is the only module in head
13:01 tumer i have cleaned all date::manip and date::calc from all script everywhere
13:03 tumer now has all necessary date calculations including a get_today function that all my script now use;
13:03 toins ok
13:13 kados hdl: is rel_3_0 authorities working with zebra?
13:13 kados hdl: for unimarc I mean?
13:13 hdl yes.
13:14 kados hdl: and I only need to add authorities zebra files to make it work for usmarc?
13:14 _paul (disconnected from the web for some seconds... copying my question again, if you answered, I missed the answer)
13:14 _paul kados : i'm owner of #1230, but I don't know what to do with it. do you have an idea ?
13:14 kados I can't get to
13:14 kados internal server error :(
13:14 _paul !
13:15 _paul worked 10seconds ago
13:15 _paul[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1230
13:15 kados I think I have the wrong dns cached
13:15 _paul yes, because it works perfecly for me
13:17 kados paul: ahh, ok I see it now
13:17 kados paul: I can confirm it happens
13:17 kados paul: but I don't know why
13:18 kados paul: it seems it only happens with koha tables
13:18 _paul and only biblioitems it seems
13:18 _paul (as biblio seems to be OK)
13:18 kados paul: I suspect there is a perl problem somewhere, double-encoding due to concatenation or something
13:18 kados (yep)
13:19 kados I fear even rel_3_0 will suffer from some utf8 probs
13:20 kados esp with collations of double-byte characters
13:21 paul kados : that's what I fear too...
13:43 rch hdl: can you offer some guidance on zebra authorities?
13:43 hdl rch : is it possible to do so in 1 hour ?
13:44 rch hdl: maybe some small guidance? :)
13:44 rch ah ok I will track you down later
13:45 paul (rch : remember it's 6PM in France, so you may have to wait until tomorrow (your) morning)
13:46 rch of course :)
13:47 rch anyone else out there with some zebra authorities experience :)?
13:47 paul throw your question, I may be able to answer it
13:49 rch i'm just working on setting up basic authorities; not sure if i'm aware of all the steps.
13:49 rch 1- add to auth tables
13:49 rch 2 index marc with zebra
13:50 rch ... is there a 1.5?  (or a 3)...  ?
13:51 paul mmm... I think no, but you will have to ask hdl to be definetly sure. Or we can beep alaurin / btoumi
13:55 rch is there an update script to (re)index zebradb from auth_header.marc?
13:56 paul rel_3_0/zebraplugin/utils/ has 2 scripts
13:57 paul not sure thay will work out of the box for MARC21
13:57 rch great thx, i'll check them out
13:57 alaurin this scripts are taking the source from xml
13:58 alaurin in auth_header --- marcxml
13:59 rch ah, so auth_header.marc should be in xml?
14:00 paul mmm... I would say probably yes, as we prefer it (when there is some error in the data, it's 100000 times easier to fix !)
14:00 paul but it's probably better to wait for hdl
14:00 paul to be sure
14:00 alaurin no, auth_header.marc, is staying, and u have a new auth_header.marcxml
14:01 alaurin like paul said, u'de better to wait hdl
14:01 paul how did you fill the auth_header.marcxml field ?
14:02 rch ok good.  i thought in biblios, biblioitems.marc was authoritative for the record.  is biblioitems.marcxml authoritative?
14:02 rch (obviously they _should_ always be the same)
14:03 alaurin u create auth_header.marcxlm by the script move marc_to auth_header .....
14:06 rch alaurin: thx for the tips; i'll play around with these scripts.
14:06 alaurin ok
14:12 paul rch : MARCgetbiblio uses marcxml, so it's this one that is authoritative !
14:18 kados in dev_week biblioitems.marc is authoritative
14:18 kados paul: what is authoritative for items data in rel_3_0 currently, is it items table or MARC data?
14:18 alaurin i think marcxml too ...
14:19 paul kados : why do we need both marc & xml ? we don't need both.
14:19 paul we just need to decide which one is authoritative & remove the other one.
14:19 paul we already spoke of this iirc :
14:19 paul - iso2709 is smaller but unreadable
14:19 kados yep
14:19 kados marcxml is much slower also
14:19 paul - xml is more user friendly, but take more place
14:20 paul right.
14:20 kados not only 10X larger, but 100X slower
14:20 paul (phone ring)
14:20 kados brb
14:45 hdl rch : back
14:47 rch hi hdl
14:48 hdl I read the logs
14:48 rch anything to add?
14:48 hdl yes :
14:51 hdl I added that should provide you with an iso2709 file for zebra indexing.
14:52 hdl be aware it is supposed that 152$a contains authtypecode.
14:53 hdl be aware it is supposed that 152$*b* contains authtypecode.
14:53 hdl 001 field contain authid
14:54 hdl and 100 field is much like leader  in UNIMARC
14:55 hdl (in misc/plugin directory
14:55 hdl )
14:55 rch re: 152$a _and_ $b ?  or just $b?
14:56 hdl you may have to tweak
14:56 hdl I made a mistake it is 152$b and not $a
14:56 rch ok, right
14:56 hdl (Hoping it is the same for you... should be but not 100% sure)
14:57 rch yes, same
14:58 rch so then in zebra-authorities.cfg,
14:58 rch I add
14:58 hdl remember to launch movemarc2authheader with a rel2_2 box....
14:59 rch recordId: (auth1, Local-Number)
14:59 rch right?
15:00 hdl you shouldnot have to add it.
15:00 hdl It should already be there.
15:01 hdl Ehrr yes.
15:02 rch I didn't see your zebra.cfg in cvs.
15:03 hdl I thought there was one.
15:04 hdl Do you have auth1.att ?
15:04 rch yes.
15:05 rch what I really need is record.abs for usmarc
15:06 hdl which record.abs in cvs for authorities will you be using as base ?
15:07 rch I will go from record_unimarc
15:08 rch does this make sense?
15:09 hdl in which directory ?
15:09 rch zebraplugin/zebradb/authorities/tab
15:09 rch right?
15:10 hdl I think I have to commit the latest version.
15:11 hdl commited
15:11 rch thx
15:11 hdl Sorry.
15:12 hdl Managing all the versions and changes in dir structure in rel_3_0 made me crazy.
15:13 rch yeah.  this is how I missed your zebra-authorities.cfg ...
15:14 hdl You will also HAVE to change a little your biblios record.abs to add Koha-auth-number
15:14 hdl melm 606$9Koha-Auth-Number,Koha-Auth-​Number:n,Koha-Auth-Number:w
15:16 hdl If you donot add some Koha-Auth-Number for authorities related fields, search for authorities won't give you the appearance count in biblios.
15:16 hdl And zebra will return errors.
15:17 rch right
15:17 hdl So  You will think authorities are buggy.
15:17 hdl And it would be a shame for us.
15:17 hdl :D
15:18 hdl Koha was not designed as such... But maybe we should make display of count of biblios a sytempref  for users.
15:19 hdl (In order to avoid such problems.
15:19 hdl )
15:19 hdl Will you give it a try ?
15:20 hdl I shall comme a while in the evening. But My wife called me for dinner.
15:20 rch yes, it may take some time; i have to get record.abs for usmarc
15:21 rch hdl: thanks for your help!
16:39 thd kados: here?
16:39 dewey here is another thing about ID
16:45 owen dewey: you're not very smart.
16:45 dewey owen: what?
16:49 thd dewey: forget here
16:49 dewey thd: I forgot here
16:50 kados hi thd
16:51 kados ahh, holidays :-)
16:52 thd kados: did you see my message last message for the wiki templates?
16:52 kados yes, but I didn't read it :-)
16:54 kados thd: ok, I'll apply the changes immediately
16:58 kados thd: ok, updated
16:58 kados thd: did that fix the problem?
17:00 thd kados: yes it is now almost as good as MediaWiki
17:03 hdl rch
17:03 hdl back.
17:03 thd kados: I have noticed that the WikiPedia has a link for jumping to the navigation sidebar at the top for Netscape 4 and other browsers which do not support the CSS2 used there
17:04 hdl rch : Maybe you can highly get inspiration from record.abs unimarc.
17:05 hdl rch : Sole problem is that some coded subfields and some usual $0-$9 information are not indexed yet.
17:05 thd kados: the navigation sidebar appears at the bottom in older browsers.  It is actually at the bottom after the page content in the HTML.
17:07 hdl rch : this was not my first interest. Having something that simply works and returns good results was.
17:18 thd kados: are you still connected?
18:01 kados thd: sorry, I had a phone call
23:10 mason1 .

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