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11:32 paul
11:33 paul
11:38 toins
11:42 hdl
11:42 paul kados around ?
11:43 paul kados, if/when you're available : do you use a bug tracking system for your clients ?
11:43 paul if yes, which one ?
11:43 hdl
11:43 paul bugzilla sounds a little bit complex to us (for librarians I mean), and it seems the translation to french is outdated
11:44 kados paul: we use RT
11:44 paul what is RT ?
11:44 kados Request Tracker
11:45 kados
11:46 paul Version 3 of RT removed the only reason why it had not yet spread widely in our organisation: localization. Being able to have a French speaking interface, or even a multi-language interface enables anybody in the company to use it.
11:46 paul so it may be in french. a good candidate, thx kados.
13:55 btoumi toins:
13:55 toins yep ?
13:55 btoumi peut tu me redonner la syntaxe du cvs import
13:55 btoumi stp
13:55 toins checkout ?
13:55 btoumi non import sur le nouveau serveur
13:56 toins
13:56 btoumi ca c ok c la fin la ou je dois mettre le tag
13:56 btoumi rel_3_0
13:57 toins ...../koha co -r rel_3_0 koha
13:59 paul heum... on est sur le chanel anglais ici ;-)
13:59 btoumi sorry
14:00 toins oui !
18:03 Adam I was handed over a production Koha environment when the last admin up and left, he left no documentation and I am having trouble finding anything online regarding this - on the intranet site, is it normal that the admin user logs into Koha using the same username/password as the mysql server?
18:07 russ hi adam
18:07 russ yep
18:07 Adam ok
18:07 Adam thanks
18:07 russ it is - what we normally do
18:07 russ once you have loggged in as admin
18:08 russ is go in and create a new user with superlibrarian privs
18:08 russ and use that rather than the admin user
18:08 Adam excellent
18:08 Adam that must have never been done
18:08 Adam thank you very much!
18:08 russ no worries
18:08 russ just for interests sake
18:08 russ where abouts are you?
18:08 Adam Saskatchewan
18:08 russ ah cool
18:09 Adam it is
18:09 Adam we have snow outside ;)
18:09 russ :-)
18:09 Adam anyhow, I must be going
18:09 Adam thanks again
18:09 russ catch you later
18:17 kados hey russ
18:18 kados how's chris and laurel doing ... do they have a name picked out?
18:20 mason Kahurangi
18:20 mason thats the bubba's name josh
18:21 mason Kahurangi is the Maori word meaning, "treasured possession"; " precious jewel", "pale greenstone" and " blue sky".
18:41 russ[…]11/20/hes-arrived
18:49 kados cool
05:06 js hi #koha

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