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11:00 hdl Moreover, Identifier-Standard won't be the one for biblios.
11:01 hdl Should we stick to bib1 and add ALL the distinctions we need rather than building our own files ?
11:02 kados hdl: Idnetifier-Standard was the wrong att
11:02 kados hdl: I changed it in dev_week
11:02 kados whoever picked it didn't read the bib1 spec carefully enough
11:03 kados Local-number is the right one
11:03 kados for bibs
11:04 kados and you can use it for auth too
11:04 kados because auth will need another .abs file
11:04 kados which is where it's mapped
11:05 hdl Anyway, I thought authid should be stored in 001 field.
11:06 hdl But it seems not to index my file.
11:06 kados do you have a record.abs file for auth?
11:08 hdl Yes.
11:09 hdl AT lasst.
11:09 hdl It worked.
11:09 hdl I have an authority base.
11:09 hdl And can search it through yaz-client.
11:10 kados hdl: congrats :-)
12:24 jjmoreno hi
12:24 dewey hola, jjmoreno
12:24 jjmoreno hola, estoy buscando ayuda para la instalación de koha
12:25 jjmoreno aparentemente instale todo bien, pero al tratar de abrir opac, apache manda un mensaje de error
12:26 jjmoreno creo que el problema esta en la configuración de los servidores virtuales
12:27 jjmoreno alguien podría ayudarme?
12:31 toins jjmoreno, what is the error message ?
12:32 jjmoreno "Internal Server Error", this not happend when i open the 8080 port
12:33 toins your opac virtual host listen on 80 port ?
12:34 jjmoreno yes
12:34 toins if yes try to Listen on 8081
12:34 jjmoreno i have copied the "koha-http.conf" virtual servers configuration into httpd.conf
12:35 toins you maybe have another default configuration on the 80 port
12:35 jjmoreno ok
12:36 jjmoreno no, i get the same error
12:36 jjmoreno could be some misconfiguration on apache or could be some with perl?
12:36 toins Get more info about this error on the log
12:36 jjmoreno ok
12:40 jjmoreno error 500, GET/cgi-bin/koha/
12:41 jjmoreno and 5 more getting icons and images
12:42 toins what version do you use ? what's your OS ? etc...
13:57 owen[…]ramming-language/
14:51 hdl kados : version 2.2.6 barcodes are generated using PDF::API2 latest version ?
15:38 kados hdl: no
15:38 hdl is it only with version 033.r77 ?
16:05 kados hdl: it doesn't use PDF::API2
16:05 kados hdl: it's a completely new barcode system, none of the old code is re-used
16:05 kados and we are maintaining it because several of our clients use it
16:06 kados so it acually works ... the old barcode system never worked properly afaik
16:06 hdl Where is it ?
16:06 dewey rumour has it it is a type  size
16:06 hdl (I had it work but had to hack badly the code)
16:07 hdl How can we use this new barcode system ?
16:10 hdl Is there a page, a link to that ?
16:11 tumer hdl:do you know how we use the letter module? which coded we use to send letters to overdue patrons?
16:12 hdl tumer: paul does : I never saw it working.
16:12 tumer thanks
16:13 hdl tumer : but I worked on an overdue system that would take 3 levels, with 3 different letter names.
16:14 hdl But could test it only to the extent of updating database.
16:14 hdl Then, sending letters, i trusted paul's job.
16:14 tumer i thought there was code already that does that i can not find it
16:15 tumer i am connectiong koha to SMS systems to accept SMS and send SMS but needed to see what code is there
16:19 hdl tumer : using in misc scripts.
16:19 hdl You can send emails.
16:19 tumer but that does not call the letter module
16:19 hdl No.
16:20 tumer and i cannot find which module calls the overduerules either
16:24 tumer kados:we have signed contract with the major GSM operator. Soon KOHA will be on WAP + renewals with SMS, reserves with SMS etc. If you want you can say on koha.rg
16:59 chris hdl: are you around?
16:59 hdl yes
17:00 chris i have a marc editor question
17:00 chris how do you enter 2 subfields for one tag ... eg 2 $x subfields for the 650 tag
17:00 chris do you know?
17:00 hdl If i can help.
17:01 hdl You click on + (repeatable fields) Javascript activated.
17:04 chris hmm i can see that for whole tags .. cant see one next to the x .. ill go look again
17:04 tumer[A] chris:in your biblio frameworks 650$x has to be defined as repeatable
17:05 chris yep done that .. i think it might be a template problem ill look into it, thatnks
17:06 hdl Do you use default templates ?
17:07 tumer[A] chris:do you see the upsubfield icon next to $x?
17:09 chris nope
17:10 chris npl templates .. ill try with the default ones
17:10 tumer[A] you need the latest NPL or deaful templates
17:10 chris ahh cool
17:10 chris thanks
17:11 tumer[A] chris:btw why are you upset about acquisitions? whats the problem
20:16 mason .
03:13 btoumi hi all
03:13 toins hi all
03:14 thd hello toins btoumi
03:15 toins hello thd
03:15 btoumi hi thd
03:15 osmoze hi too
03:16 thd toins: do you know why the BNF Z39.50 server is refusing connections?
03:17 toins thd, BNF server is often broken...
03:18 toins wait for a while & retry !
03:18 thd toins: yes, but now it seems to be not an intermittent problem
03:20 thd toins: "Le serveur Z39.50 de la BnF : un outil en cours de consolidation" from[…]otocole_z3950.htm
03:21 toins hum hum....
03:24 thd toins: I have had a connect failed error for about 24 hours and wondered if something had changed needing new parameters
03:25 toins thd, i don't know... I don't use to connect at this server
03:25 thd maybe not quite 24 hours yet
03:25 toins do you understand that --> "Le serveur Z39.50 de la BnF : un outil en cours de consolidation"
03:26 thd toins: OK, I have been using it for testing and now I cannot test with the server
03:26 thd toins: yes I understand the service is being changed for a better public service
03:26 toins right
03:26 thd integrated with CCF
03:28 toins thd, ask hdl or osmoze
03:29 thd osmoze: do you use BNF Z39.50 server regularly?
03:31 hdl thd : I don't use it regularly.
03:31 osmoze thd, not regulary
03:32 toins thd, i have this login/pass => Z3950/Z3950_BNF
03:33 thd toins: yes no parameters seems to have changed yet except or not working
03:33 thd s/ or/ for/
03:35 toins thd, just for info, do you use yaz-client to connect at the BNF server ?
03:36 thd toins: yes
03:36 toins ok
04:54 btoumi chris: are u around?
08:16 qiqo when was 2.2.6 released?
08:24 toins qiqo, 2.2.6 will be release really soon
08:24 toins maybe next week
08:28 qiqo but its at the savannah downlaodS?
08:28 qiqo you mean 2.2.6b?
08:28 toins yep 2.2.6b
08:29 qiqo ahh
08:29 qiqo whats rwrong with 2.2.6?
08:29 toins there are some bugs
08:30 toins i don't have any more info...
08:32 qiqo ah ok
08:35 toins kados around ?
10:01 toins kados still not around ?
10:32 kados hi all
10:32 toins hi kados
10:33 toins kados, are you sure you have commited your last C4/ ?
10:33 toins on dev_week
10:33 kados toins: I will check
10:33 toins thx
10:34 toins Cause, i have the last and it don't read correctly koha.xml
10:34 toins (on _new_Zconn sub)
10:34 kados cvs is acting up
10:36 kados it acts like I can commit, allowing me to add a log ... but then doesn't actually follow through
10:36 kados :(
10:37 toins :-/
10:37 toins do you commit using command line ?
10:37 kados yes
10:38 kados I'm checking out a fresh copy in my home dir
10:38 kados then I'll diff the
10:38 toins okay..
10:38 toins kados, same things with ;)
10:38 kados these CVS probs are most distirbing
10:38 kados ok
10:42 kados toins: they are identical
10:42 kados toins: maybe we have different versions of XML::Simple installed
10:43 kados I have:
10:43 kados # $Id:,v 1.23 2005/01/29 04:16:10 grantm Exp $
10:43 toins my XML::Simple is
10:43 toins (using this command=> perl -MXML::Simple -e "print XML::Simple->VERSION";)
10:43 toins 2.14
10:44 kados me too
10:44 toins Id for Context : # $Id:,v 2006/09/24 15:24:06 kados Exp $
10:44 kados same for me
10:44 toins hummm....
10:52 toins _new_Zconn sub from Context return a hash full of undef value.
10:52 toins like port => undef, host => undef ...
10:56 toins and when i search the catalog, the log says : ZOOM error 10013 "CCL configuration error" (addinfo: "no 'cclqual' or 'cclfile' specified") from diag-set 'ZOOM' at
10:56 kados toins: did you update your .xml file to match the one I posted?
10:56 toins yep, it is exactly the same

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