IRC log for #koha, 2006-10-05

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03:10 toins hi all
09:30 hdl is kados around ?
09:37 hdl hi owen.
10:00 kados hey guys
10:00 toins hi kados
10:00 kados hdl: what's up?
10:00 kados hi
10:00 hdl hi.
10:01 hdl is there a simple way to ccl query using yaz-client ?
10:01 hdl I found cclparse
10:01 hdl but it produces rpn.
10:01 kados yes
10:02 hdl I thought we could query zebra directly via ccl
10:02 kados yaz-client -c filename
10:02 kados where filename is the file
10:02 kados then
10:02 kados querytype Ccl
10:02 kados oops
10:02 kados querytype ccl
10:03 hdl "find ti= test " is a valid ccl query isn't it ?
10:03 kados if it exists in your it is
10:03 hdl if ti is defined in ccl query ?
10:04 hdl you mean ?
10:04 kados ccl is just a description of the syntax of the query
10:04 kados it doesn't define search points
10:05 kados so if you have defined a search point using CCL in your file
10:05 kados and zebra knows where that is
10:05 kados then you can search with ccl
10:05 kados using that search point
10:05 kados for instance, "ti"
10:07 kados querytype ccl2rpn
10:07 kados if you want to use the ccl.proprties file you specified in the -c paramater
10:17 toins kados, i've some pb with the new search API..... :-/
10:17 kados toins: what kinds of problems?
10:17 toins searching from yaz-client is ok
10:17 toins but not from koha
10:18 toins i've this pb =>  prob with query su= test ZOOM error 10013 "CCL configuration error" (addinfo: "no 'cclqual' or 'cclfile' specified") from diag-set 'ZOOM' at...
10:18 kados you need to update your .xml file
10:18 toins my koha.xml is the lastest...
10:19 kados here is mine:
10:19 kados double-check your's is the same
10:19 toins oh good.... thank you....
10:20 toins i don't use shadow, it's not a problem ?
10:21 kados I haven't tested without shadow
10:21 toins hum... ok
10:44 hdl kados : If I create my own authorities.att and reference it as auth1.
10:45 hdl Am I able to set it as attribute set for yaz-client ?
10:57 kados hdl: yep
10:57 kados hdl: but I would stick with bib1.att for simplicity
10:58 kados hdl: just expand on it in the 8XXX and 9XXX
10:59 hdl For authorities, you want headings to be searchable but also rejected forms and parallel forms,
10:59 hdl with different languages.
10:59 kados yep
10:59 hdl so.

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