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16:09 thd kados: are you there?
08:48 hdl kados ?
08:48 dewey i guess kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
08:50 kados hdl: I'm here
08:51 hdl It seems you use new modules for your search API...
08:51 kados yep
08:51 paul hi kados.
08:51 hdl Language::Stem and so on.
08:51 kados hi paul
08:51 toins hi kados
08:51 kados hdl: yes, that's correct
08:51 owen Hi everyone
08:51 paul hi owen
08:51 toins hi owen
08:52 hdl Is there a place on the wiki where you would list ALL the perl modules necessary and explain why and how you use them ?
08:53 hdl Because installing new modules without having the slightest idea of what it is meant for is quite frustrating.
08:53 toins hi _paul...
08:53 kados hdl: did you read the pod documentation?
08:54 hdl I did.
08:54 hdl I know what THIS module do.
08:54 kados what module don't you know?
08:54 hdl But what I want to tell you is that you are not working only on your own.
08:55 kados :-)
08:55 hdl We are many trying to synch and it would be better to tell or warn.
08:55 hdl Now Koha need this and that module.
08:55 kados The search script is very heivily documented
08:56 kados but I will tell you
08:56 hdl But ppl from SAN here had Search badly broken.
08:56 kados don't expect to be able to just run stuff from dev_week without investing Many Many hours learning how to use zebra
08:56 hdl And it is frustrating for them.
08:57 kados I can imagine
08:57 hdl Have you commited a zebra conf file that would make learning easier ?
08:57 kados ?!?!
08:57 hdl (friendlier)
08:57 kados right now my job is to get my clients up and running
08:58 hdl If we had a reference, it would help to adapt things to UNIMARC.
08:58 hdl But you asked for comments.
08:58 paul hdl : i did some stuff for UNIMARC.
08:58 paul aren't they working anymore ?
08:58 hdl If we cannot get it work what will be the point in commenting ?
08:59 kados many many months ago I tried to get people to work on zebra
08:59 kados but everyone gave up on it
08:59 kados so I had to write my own stuff for my clients
08:59 kados I'm sorry if it doesn't work out of the box for you
09:00 kados but right now I have to focus on getting them up and running
09:00 kados NPL goes live on October 8th
09:02 paul that's quite a good news for the stability of 2.4. If you think it's ready for production, then we will be able to work on something stable for rel_3 ;-)
09:04 kados hdl: I committed all my zebra config files in the zebraplugin directory
09:04 kados hdl: many of them are very heavily commented
09:04 kados hdl: record.abs, bib1.att, are the most important files
09:05 kados hdl: along with zebra-biblios.cfg and koha.xml
09:05 hdl ok.
09:05 kados hdl: expect to spend several weeks understanding how zebra works :-)
09:06 hdl I have already spent some time on it.
09:06 paul kados : you're quite pessimist I think. several weeks are needed to understand how to WRITE koha/zoom/zebra.
09:07 paul but hopefully, you already did 90% of the stuff, so we will just have to write the 10% missing for UNIMARC ;-)
09:07 kados paul: nope :-)
09:07 kados paul: I'm not pessimist, just realistic
09:07 hdl And UNIMARC has some peculiarity that you overlooked for want of time. and I understand.
09:08 kados it goes deeper than that
09:08 kados to properly search UNIMARC you will need to understand the Z39.50 protocol deeply
09:09 kados and will need to explore in detail where in UNIMARC various bib1 attributes should be
09:09 paul do you have a sample ?
09:09 kados just look at for example
09:09 kados and the new record.abs
09:10 kados is about 1000 lines of config and documentation
09:11 kados the construction of the 007 and 008 fields in record.abs
09:11 kados are another example
09:11 kados I don't know how this is handled in unimarc
09:12 kados but it took me several weeks to fully understand how to do it properly in USMARC
09:31 hdl kados: thx.

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