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12:01 toins kados ?
12:01 dewey i think kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
12:01 tumer hi toins?
12:01 toins hi tumer !
12:02 tumer do you know what rel did kados commit this new search?
12:02 owen dev_week
12:02 dewey rumour has it dev_week is rel_2_2 with zebra ... ie, same API as rel_2_2
12:03 toins shut up dewey
12:03 tumer i think ite time to change from dewey to LC
12:04 toins LC ??
12:04 tumer LoC
12:05 owen tumer, what do you mean by change? Isn't it necessary for both to be possible?
12:05 toins so kados isn't here...
12:05 owen kados must still be in meetings
12:05 toins owen: ok
12:05 tumer toins:i have rewritten acquisitions, i am commiting it tonight to head may you you want to check it for rel£_3
12:06 tumer owen:both possible
12:06 toins tumer: ok
12:06 toins tumer: are there a lot of big change ?
12:06 tumer the way we use the DB is changed
12:07 toins ok great
12:07 tumer lots of script into sutbin
12:07 tumer dustbin i mean
12:07 tumer less code, more managable
12:07 tumer allows GST-VAT_TAV to be set for different items
12:08 toins ok
12:08 tumer we have books at 0% but DVD 18% here in Cyprus
13:08 ^aLLAn^ ?
14:17 owen chris around?
14:20 chris sorta
14:20 chris sup owen?
14:21 owen Hi chris, I had a question about that I thought you might be able to answer. Why does it check to see whether outstanding fines > 5 ? What makes that the magic number?
14:21 chris hmm it shouldnt, it should use the systempreference noissuescharge
14:22 owen Okay, that's what I thought. I'll see if I can make that change.
14:25 chris cool
14:31 owen Come to think of it, the noissuescharge setting doesn't seem to affect at all...
14:32 chris it should
14:32 chris in
14:32 owen checks whether you have /any/ debt, and asks for confirmation before issuing. But you're not prevented from issuing if you exceed noissuescharge
14:32 chris ohh really?
14:33 chris it should set issuingimpossible
14:33 chris it does in my
14:33 owen I'm looking at dev_week
14:33 owen What version do you have?
14:33 chris hmmm
14:33 chris lemme check
14:35 owen I see where it's dealing with noissuescharge
14:35 owen if ($amount > $noissuescharge) { $flaginfo{'noissues'} = 1;
14:38 chris right, it should be being doing in sub canbookbeissued too
14:38 chris being done even
14:39 chris maybe that got ripped out at some point
14:39 chris hmm yeah i can see it
14:39 chris heres what i have
14:40 chris if ($amount >$noissuescharge){
14:40 chris $needsconfirmation{DEBT} = sprintf("%.2f",$amount);
14:40 chris whoops bad paste
14:40 chris trying again
14:40 chris if ($amount >$noissuescharge){
14:40 chris $issuingimpossible{DEBT} = sprintf("%.2f",$amount);
14:40 chris }
14:40 chris elsif ($amount > 0 && $amount <=$noissuescharge){
14:40 chris $needsconfirmation{DEBT} = sprintf("%.2f",$amount);
14:41 chris }
14:41 chris so if its more than the amount, you cant issue, if its more than 0, but less than the amount you get a confirmation
14:41 owen I don't find that in my copies from dev_week /or/ rel_2_2
14:41 chris maybe thats not how other libraries like it, so it may have been removed at some point
14:42 chris hmm ill have a chat with kados, and see if i should commit that back into dev_week
14:42 kados what's up?
14:42 kados missed the first bit
14:42 chris ok, in the Circ2 i have running at hlt, kapiti etc
14:43 chris there is the bit above
14:43 chris which says, if the borrower owes more than a certain amount (set in syspref)
14:43 chris you cant issue to them
14:43 kados right
14:43 chris if they owe less, you get a confirmation
14:43 kados makes good sense
14:44 kados I think that'd be good in dev_week
14:44 chris but it looks like in dev_week it checks once when it sees the borrower
14:45 chris but not again when trying to issue
14:46 kados hmmm
14:46 chris so theres a chance the person can rack up charges that would push them over the threshhold while issuing, which wont get stopped ..but that might be desired behaviour
14:46 kados I don't know of any libraries where it is
14:47 kados (the desired behavior that is)
14:47 owen If a library doesn't want to be stopped by the limit they could just set it really high
14:47 chris all true owen
14:47 chris ok, ill commit that into dev_week
14:48 kados cool
14:48 owen Thanks chris
16:04 thd kados: are you there?
16:55 thd qiqo: I committed changes to the framework very early this morning my time or late in the day yesterday your time.
16:56 thd qiqo: so if you update your CVS now you should have the improvements in the SQL file to import
17:01 qiqo cool
17:01 qiqo thats great of you
17:01 qiqo thank you very much
18:53 thd_ kados: I am back
18:54 thd kados: are you there?
02:09 toins hi all
02:10 osmoze too
02:10 hdl tootoo
02:18 thd hello
02:18 dewey hey, thd
03:16 toins hello paul  !
03:41 hdl hello paul

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