IRC log for #koha, 2006-09-17

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15:19 Mordazy anybody here?
15:23 owen What's up Mordazy?
15:23 Mordazy nothin` particular
15:24 Mordazy Hi owen
15:25 Mordazy I`m still sad
15:26 owen Well Mordazy,  I don't think your situation is going to change. You've chatted with all the top developers.
15:26 Mordazy me too. guess I`ve gone too emotional with Koha :)
15:28 Mordazy By the way, in polish, "Koha" sounds more or less like "Love" :)
15:29 owen No wonder you're emotional ;)
15:30 Mordazy or rather "he/she loves" :)
15:31 Mordazy Anyway, I`ll try to contribute
15:31 Mordazy translations, that is
15:31 Mordazy I`m no programmer at all :)
15:32 Mordazy Wish I had more time
15:33 Mordazy Actually customizing Koha and administrating a complex DB is beyond my current abilities
15:34 Mordazy I wanted an ambitious project
15:35 Mordazy to learn perl, db administration, mysql...
15:35 Mordazy but I have to be realistic
15:36 Mordazy I won`t be able to accomplish it in 8 months.
02:29 osmoze hello #koha

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