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12:43 Mordazy anybody here?
13:11 Mordazy bye
02:07 osmoze hello
02:07 dewey hello, osmoze
02:33 btoumi hi all
03:35 toins hi all
07:57 owen Looks like it was a quiet night in #koha
08:41 kados morning owen
08:42 owen Hi kados, Mordazy
08:42 Mordazy hi kados, hi owen
08:42 Mordazy I`m sad :(
08:43 Mordazy probably Koha will not be our next ILS :(
08:44 Mordazy we`ve got an alternative
08:44 Mordazy very strong competition to Koha, free, but not open source
08:46 kados which one?
08:46 dewey i heard which one was that? :-)
08:46 kados Mordazy: free but not open source?
08:47 Mordazy it`s a one man`s program
08:47 kados got a URL?
08:47 Mordazy he wrote it because he hated their old ILS
08:47 Mordazy yes, here you are
08:47 Mordazy
08:48 kados Mordazy: would you be interested in helping with a polish translation of Koha?
08:48 kados Mordazy: if I send you a couple of files, could you translate them?
08:49 Mordazy kados: there already is a translation
08:49 Mordazy I`m working on polish version od 2.2.4
08:49 Mordazy however it`s been heavily customized
08:49 kados Mordazy: yes, but not for the npl template
08:50 kados Mordazy: I mean a translation of the npl template ... I can send you the files if you're willing
08:50 kados you would be the author of the polish translation of :-)
08:50 kados (have you seen before?)
08:51 kados ahh, I see
08:52 Mordazy kados: why not, but it would depend on time I had
08:54 kados ok, what's your email?
08:54 kados I"ll send you the files
08:54 Mordazy kados: mail the files to mordazy at
08:54 kados k ... thanks
08:58 kados Mordazy: sent
08:58 Mordazy OK
08:58 Mordazy what do you think about that other program?
08:58 Mordazy I`ve seen it in action
08:59 Mordazy it`s fast and loaded with features
08:59 Mordazy I would say even: overloaded with features
09:01 Mordazy it has everything, including internet cafe control and scanning and resizing covers
09:01 Mordazy but it has some drawbacks for me:
09:02 Mordazy 1) it`s a program of one author, and he won`t publish the source code, so we`re stuck with him
09:03 Mordazy 2) he will not make any custom changes for users, unless all users need it or agree
09:04 Mordazy 3) athe interface is rather childish and not very readable
09:06 Mordazy however, its implementation would be much faster than Kohas
09:08 Mordazy ehh
09:08 Mordazy sorry
09:09 Mordazy I wanted Koha badly
09:09 Mordazy but I can`t deny the facts :(
09:12 Mordazy kados: how to use that
09:13 kados Mordazy: Mordazy sorry it's
09:14 Mordazy heh :)
09:14 kados Mordazy: it will make it easier to translate
09:16 Mordazy ?
09:35 kados Mordazy: you install poedit, then open the file I sent you using poedit
09:38 Mordazy okay :)
09:39 Mordazy by the way, can I translate librarian interface the same way?
09:41 Mordazy and this is opac fot that other ILS..
09:41 Mordazy[…]tabelka&katalog=3
09:42 Mordazy it`s called Mateusz by the way
09:49 Mordazy ah
09:49 Mordazy I thought it`s OPAC only
09:55 kados Mordazy: yes, you can translate the librarian interface the same way
09:58 Mordazy kados: is it in another file or npl_po.po contains all?
09:58 kados Mordazy: I will send you the other file
09:58 Mordazy okay
09:58 kados Mordazy: but could you translate the OPAC first?
09:59 Mordazy yeah
09:59 Mordazy but don`t know how much will it take
10:00 Mordazy not to mention there`s a queue :)
10:01 Mordazy right now I`m translating documentation for the guy who localized 2.2.4 and helps me with it
10:04 kados too bad he didn't use the PO method of translation
10:04 kados it would be much more efficient :/
10:04 Mordazy well
10:05 kados or maybe he did, just with the default tempaltes
10:05 Mordazy I`ll give him the what I translate
10:05 Mordazy we`ll see
10:06 Mordazy anyway, unfortunately it seems that Koha and related thing will have to be considered as my free time project, not a job activity....
10:07 Mordazy free time = spare time :)
10:09 kados sure
10:09 kados Mordazy: any contribution is greatly appreciated :-)
10:10 kados Mordazy: but I would like more information at some point about why you would choose something built by one guy over an international project
10:10 Mordazy kados: a couple of various reasons
10:12 Mordazy 1) Time. We have 8 months tops to migrate. I can`t guarantee that I will be able to make Koha as usable as Mateusz is right out of the box.
10:13 kados (Mateusz has more features than koha!?)
10:13 Mordazy especially that I have to learn almost everything needed to customize Koha the way I want
10:13 Mordazy kados: yes, MUCH more.
10:14 kados Mordazy: could you give some examples?
10:14 Mordazy - branch separation. Koha has problem with it
10:15 Mordazy - very sophisticated member / staff policy
10:16 Mordazy - much better acquisitions and cataloging modules
10:17 Mordazy many small, but VERY useful things
10:17 Mordazy can`t give them, I saw program once for a couple of hours
10:17 kados (the three above I admit, are poor in Koha, but we haven't had a library sponsor them so it hasn't been improved yet)
10:17 toins Mordazy: could you give a list of these useful features ?
10:17 Mordazy but it virtually had EVERYTHING.
10:17 toins ok
10:18 toins perhaps it should be good to create a page on the wiki to list all of feature which it could be good to include into koha
10:19 kados toins: I think people have been frustrated in the past because such a list was never used by the developers
10:19 kados but I agree it would be good to maintain such a list
10:19 toins kados: ... ok...
10:19 kados Mordazy: is the system web-based?
10:20 Mordazy no, it has client applications connecting to mysql server
10:20 kados ahh ...
10:20 Mordazy so it`s fast, very fast
10:20 kados yep
10:20 Mordazy and also not very hardware - demanding
10:23 Mordazy useful features... in cataloging for example it was a table with foreign characters accessible by a click
10:23 Mordazy it even has its own scanning module
10:23 kados scanning?
10:24 Mordazy for direct scanning and resising book covers
10:24 Mordazy resizing
10:24 kados wow!
10:24 Mordazy what else...
10:25 Mordazy internet cafe control program :)
10:25 kados very cool, what does it do?
10:26 Mordazy part of the author`s library is an internet cafe, free for members
10:26 Mordazy any member can surf half an hour per day
10:26 Mordazy so it controls the time and so on
10:28 Mordazy you know, this program is author`s beloved baby
10:28 Mordazy he`s been working on it since 2001 or 2002
10:30 Mordazy and adding new features is his hobby :)
10:31 Mordazy and it`s hard for me to say this, but it`s everything Koha yet has to become.
10:33 Mordazy I love Koha, the freedom, flexibility and support
10:35 Mordazy but I`m quite alone here and there`s possibility that I wouldn`t make it with implementing it the way my lib managers want :(
10:38 Mordazy aww, sorry again
10:49 Mordazy you know, I wanted Koha badly, because if I managed to set it up the way I wanted, I wouldn`t have to beg anybody for simpliest things as it is now with Aleph.
10:50 Mordazy ehhh
10:50 Mordazy guess I`m boring again
10:56 Mordazy other useful feature in Mateusz is dividing reservation into two groups
10:57 Mordazy if the item is not available at the moment, you can reserve it and system tells you your position in queue
10:58 Mordazy when the item is returned, system send email or sms to the first member in the queue
10:59 Mordazy if item is`nt picked up, system sends email / sms to another member
11:00 Mordazy and you can reserve 3 to 50 items depending on how many times you didn`t pick reserved item on time
11:00 Mordazy the other way of reserving:
11:01 Mordazy after opening hours you can reserve items available, so they wait for you next day
11:01 Mordazy and so on, and so on...
11:01 Mordazy ok, bye!

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