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12:10 slef Did Landis take them or was he given them, though?
12:13 shedges hi owen -- saw Lauren yesterday
12:15 owen Did she pepper you with questions? Where you left the stapler, etc?
12:19 shedges more like 'where are the T1 lines'
12:33 kados hehe
12:50 shedges she needs to get started on the OPLIN survey (
13:03 cm is someone doing something to the wiki?  I can't get in.
13:21 cm never mind.  I see that it's back.  :)
13:21 kados cm: try now
13:21 cm I beat you to it!  :D
13:21 cm thanks!
13:22 kados cm: how's the install coming?
13:23 cm ugh.  I'm trying it again today.  Figured I should wait a little while to let the dust settle on dev_week.
13:23 kados well .. it's not going to :-)
13:23 kados but you can just update cvs to keep up
13:23 cm figured as much, but I'll give it a shot anyway.
13:24 cm last time I tried it was completely dysfunctional, so I'm starting over from scratch.
13:24 kados probably a good idea
13:24 kados :-)
13:24 kados let me know if I can help
13:26 cm I will, thanks.
14:40 thd kados: I have a question
14:41 kados thd: sure
17:23 thd kados: the message I just sent to you exceeds the autocat list size quota by over a factor of 4
18:21 thd russ: how do I get to the the proper /en/ section of the current wiki?
18:22 russ hi thd
18:22 russ two secs
18:23 thd hello russ
18:25 russ ah the page isnt in the right place
18:25 russ 2 minutes
18:28 russ thd: it appears that i never made the en page, an oversight on my part
18:28 russ just getting my password resent from the wiki
18:28 russ and then i'll move the newwikihome there
18:28 thd russ: I thought I posted to the /en/ page during devel week
18:29 thd or that you had migrated the old content to a new improved /en/
18:29 russ there is a
18:29 russ no i had made this page
18:30 russ the intent was to make this the new en page
18:30 russ one of the many tasks left not done
18:31 thd russ: we need Ineo to see the light and hire pierrick back to work on Koha
18:31 russ lol
18:32 russ i have been slowly going through every page on the wiki trying to sort if it current or not
18:32 thd russ: I have some new content that I want to post
18:32 thd russ: where should I post it
18:33 russ what is it?
18:33 thd russ: subject searching development design for the OPAC
18:34 kados :-)
18:34 russ thd: under here i guess
18:34 russ
18:34 kados how about en:thd :-)
18:34 thd kados: well I could start now
18:35 kados thd: that'd be really great, seriosuly
18:35 thd kados: especially as I cannot post that much text on autocat
18:35 kados thd: exactly
18:36 thd kados: furthermore it was intended for the wiki with some wiki markup
18:36 kados cool
18:36 thd kados: really unreadable as text :)
18:36 chris karen schneider is a clown
18:36 chris[…]geons-asides.html
18:36 chris since when is perl a software program
18:37 chris arsehat
18:37 chris thats my rant for the day :)
18:39 kados yea, she's mental
18:43 thd she maintains
18:43 chris yep
18:44 chris which i could do with 7 lines of perl
18:44 chris :)
18:44 chris she seems to have a serious amount of time on her hands for writing blog posts and emailing lists
18:58 kados chris:[…]html#postcomments
18:59 kados chris: I posted a response
18:59 kados chris: I'd urge you to do the same
18:59 kados in fact, I'd urge the whole channel to
18:59 kados too even
18:59 kados russ: you around?
18:59 mason kados, i just commited a newer version of to koha.2.2
18:59 kados mason: k ... I'll check it out
18:59 mason i think this coud be the one
18:59 kados woot
19:00 mason largely coz its using someone elses word-wrap module :)
19:00 kados do I need to install a new module?
19:01 mason yes :(   install Text::Wrap
19:02 chris will do
19:02 kados I wonder if we can get stephen to respond too
19:03 mason chris/bob suggested that some on the big gaps in the text display may be caused by nl/cr 's in the text? ...
19:04 mason so its doing a regex to strip those out before formatting
19:04 kados cool
19:04 kados looks good
19:04 kados I'm gonna ask the client to accept it
19:04 kados thanks mason
19:05 mason kados: are the text big gaps gone from the agfrognak koha?
19:05 kados it looks like it
19:06 kados afognak, not afrognak :-)
19:06 kados but that's really funny
19:06 mason bah, ive been trying to remember their name :)
19:06 kados :-)
19:07 kados mason: can you also commit the table changes to updatedatabase
19:07 mason yes, afognak sounds soooo much more sensible
19:07 kados mason: and any new modules
19:07 kados hehe
19:08 kados chris:[…]ist-of-shame.html
19:08 mason yes, will do that, i might ask chris for a hand, ive found it a bit tricky to work out
19:08 kados chris: that's the list she means
19:08 kados chris: I think we can do most everything on it
19:08 kados chris: we just need to improve the way things look
19:08 kados thd: we need to decide on the faceted subject browse feature
19:09 kados thd: did you post your doc yet?
19:09 thd kados: I am posting now
19:09 thd kados: did you try to read the email
19:09 thd ?
19:12 kados soliciting a email
19:15 thd kados: my document needs some global changes to be ready for the wiki
19:15 thd kados: it is currently much more readable in the email :)
19:16 kados thd: :-)
19:16 kados thd: let me know when the format is readable :-)
19:17 thd kados: how should I make the wiki equivalent of <br /> ?
19:18 kados just put some line breaks in
19:18 thd kados: do you mean * ?
19:19 kados thd: no
19:19 kados thd: just hit enter to create a line break ... that should work
19:19 kados thd: where's the link, I'll help
19:20 thd kados: my newlines are mushed into one line
19:21 thd kados:[…]ng_element_access
19:23 kados thd: you need to save it
19:23 kados thd: I can't view it until you do
19:24 thd kados: I thought you had special powers :)
19:24 kados hehe
19:26 thd kados: it is saved and does not even show the beginning of the document
19:36 thd kados: I must have some code which is confusing the wiki
19:36 kados looks like it
19:36 thd kados: can I isolate sections of the text by degrees?
19:37 thd kados: maybe I will empty the document add a paragraph at a time til I find a problem
19:40 kados thd: does the NCSU catalog use FAST?
19:41 thd kados: do you have a link to a record which looks like it is using FAST?
19:41 kados thd:[…]rt=0&N=4294503792
19:42 kados thd: not a record, but the faceted results on the left-hand side
19:47 thd kados: no their system just has the same problem with subject display for the result set as Koha had in the record detail view at until recently.
19:48 thd kados: 650 #0 $a Boys $z Missouri $v Fiction.  is shown as Boys in the result set list
19:48 thd kados: maybe the other subfields appear elsewhere in the list
19:48 kados yea, it looked that way to me
19:50 thd kados: did you read my criticism of how FAST lacks precision
19:53 kados yep
19:53 kados you're right
19:53 kados but I think for a opac side-bar, it may do the trick
19:54 kados at least for dev_week :-)
19:54 thd kados: :(
19:55 thd kados: you have to have a conversion application and the FAST authority files to convert LCSH to FAST before you could use it
19:55 kados I don't think a hugely complex subject tree is going to be useful as a discovery or a limiting feature for a search performed
19:55 kados though I do think it would be useful as a subject browse feature
19:55 kados but that should be a separate interface I think
19:55 kados thd: yea ...
19:56 kados thd: I think I'm going to revert to my original design of just showing the $a
19:56 thd kados: most of what I show in the email is browsing
19:56 kados it's nice and simple and the user won't be confused by the hierarchical list
19:57 thd kados: that is not a subject heading and in a real system with many records you could have a result set of 10,000s from following an $a link
19:58 thd with the current searching design for subjects in Koha
19:59 thd kados: actually you could have hundreds in a real system with some problems which I can show you if I get this into a viewable state
20:03 thd kados: and I mean hundreds with a search using 3 subject subfield terms which might otherwise give you the magic 30 results that everyone wants
20:16 thd kados: I suspect you are concerned about screen real estate
20:16 thd kados: a good feature needs room so put at the bottom and link to from the top of the page
20:17 thd kados: or make it a wicked pop-up
20:36 thd I will struggle more again later
20:36 thd s/new/knew/
21:23 chris kados/russ
21:23 chris[…]rience_with_a.php
21:26 chris cya later
02:11 osmoze hello
02:12 btoumi hi all
02:12 osmoze salut btoumi !
02:12 btoumi salut osmoze
02:12 btoumi comment va?
02:18 osmoze trop bien, il fait pas chaud et je pars en week end ce soir, que du bonheur :)
02:18 osmoze et toi ?
02:22 btoumi il fait pas chaud et je part en vacance ce soir super kool
02:24 btoumi osmoze: :=)
02:25 osmoze :( tu restes en france ?
02:25 btoumi oui
02:26 btoumi j'irai faire un tour en montagne une semaine surement
02:26 paul hello tout le monde
02:27 btoumi hi paul comment ca va? t
02:27 paul bien merci. Ma petite famille est de retour, ca fait du mouvement dans la maison
02:27 btoumi lol
02:27 paul ce matin, petit dej sur la terrasse.
02:28 btoumi y'en a qui aime faire raller ;=)
02:28 btoumi paul : comment on fait pour beuzzer quelqu'un?
02:28 paul beuzzer ?
02:28 paul tu veux appeler kados par exemple ?
02:29 btoumi ou bipper
02:29 btoumi non chris
02:29 paul tu répètes plusieurs fois une phrase avec le nick de celui que tu veux appeller.
02:29 btoumi ah ok
02:29 osmoze coucou paul :)
02:29 paul la plupart des softs d'irc font qqc de spécial qd ils voient ton nom
02:30 paul du coup, si tu répètes 5 fois la même phrase, ca va faire 5 bips particuliers en son, ou afficher 5 fenêtres d'alerte
02:31 btoumi qu'as tu fai osmoze g un drole de message
02:31 osmoze rien, j ai juste regarder la version du soft que tu utilises
02:31 btoumi ah ok
02:33 btoumi paul: chris est ce que chris est en vacance?
02:34 paul je ne sais pas, mais je ne pense pas : c'est l'hiver chez eux, donc pas la saison des vacances !!!
02:34 btoumi lol j'ai presque faillit oublier ;=)
02:39 btoumi hi toins__
02:40 paul toins__ ? non, il n'est pas là à priori. ou alors il est devenu invisible...
02:41 btoumi ct juste pour lui dire que je participe au nettoyage de printemps de koha (meme si on est en ete);=)
02:43 paul tu nettoies quoi ?
02:45 btoumi je travaille sur les fines
02:47 btoumi et je met les requetes sql en forme en relation avec les regles de codages
02:47 btoumi c pas grand chose mais ca evite de repasser dessus
02:49 btoumi ;=)
02:55 toins btoumi: je suis la maintenant !
02:55 btoumi rien d'important antoine lit ce que g marquer avant ;=)
02:57 toins oui j'ai vu...
04:36 paul hello chris
04:36 chris just got back from a friends art exhibition opening
04:36 chris hi paul, hows the adsl going?
04:36 paul fine now.
04:36 paul everything back to normal situation !
04:36 chris :)
04:37 chris i saw france telecom was on slashdot the other day
04:38 chris[…]experience-18331/
04:38 chris pierrick might be able get some very fast internet :)
04:39 paul :-)
08:22 paul hey... hpassini on the channel
08:23 paul it's a great day !!!
08:25 btoumi yes it's a great day for her too
08:25 btoumi ;=)
08:25 paul it's birthday maybe ?
08:25 paul (or it's a bot & hpassini is not really here...)
08:26 paul hpassini: tell me who is the winner of the tour de france this year ?
08:26 btoumi it's not really here all the time :=)
08:27 hpassini c un americain
08:27 paul yes, it's not a bot, it's the true hpassini !
08:27 paul (a bot would have answered in english ;-) )
08:28 owen Is it a trick question? Who knows who really won!
08:28 btoumi i confirm she's really here
08:28 paul owen: the doctor who sells the medicines ;-)
08:28 btoumi lol
08:29 hpassini paul j des soucis avec build_authorities et je risque de t'appeler la semaine prochaine !!!
08:30 paul je serai là, pas de prob
08:53 thd kados: are you there?
09:01 btoumi bye  all  my hollidays wait me
09:01 paul bye btoumi
09:01 paul & bonnes vacances
09:01 btoumi merci paul
09:02 btoumi et a bientot
09:05 osmoze bonne vacances ;)
09:06 btoumi merci osmoze
09:07 btoumi :paul j'essayreia d'etre la pour le meeting lundi prochain
09:19 kados paul: you around?
09:19 kados paul: I found a very strange bug in rel_2_2
09:21 kados thd: yes, I'm here
09:22 hdl hi kados
09:22 hdl hi thd
09:22 hdl bonne vacances btoumi
09:22 btoumi merci hdl:
09:23 thd kados: may we have darker green or another dark colour for internal links on the wiki?
09:23 thd hello all
09:23 btoumi hello thd
09:23 kados thd: I wouldn't know where to start with that
09:23 kados thd: and don't have time to investigate today :(
09:24 thd kados: I guess I can make them all bold but contrast is low with a white background
09:25 thd kados: what type of bug did you find other than strange?
09:37 hdl toins around ???
09:37 toins yep
11:11 osmoze bye all

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