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19:56 kados doing some house cleaning on our servers this weekend
19:56 kados just moved over screen servers
20:26 thd kados: do you understand what tumer means by the new koha_attr table?
20:28 thd kados: "These field names now do not exist. So now we create virtula ones by a user editable screen."
20:31 thd kados: are you there still?
06:47 czokie If anyone's awake, I was trying a clean install of 2.3 ... and I'm having issues with the DB creation.... Anyone awake to give some tips?
06:48 chris im just about to go to bed, but ill just check that you realise 2.3 is pretty bleeding edge and no where near ready for production
06:51 chris the should do the database creation for you, then you will need to follow the documentation at
06:51 chris[…]nd_encoding_notes
06:52 chris mostly this bit
06:52 chris[…]ingzebraplugin226
06:52 czokie Hi Chris. Installer failed - I did most of it by hand.
06:52 chris but there is isnt a nice easy way to install it, its still a development version
06:52 czokie Wanted to work out how to do a manual DB create....
06:52 czokie (I know it's dev - I am just playing!)
06:52 chris youll need to find the koha.sql
06:53 chris and pipe that into your database
06:53 chris then run updatedatabase
06:53 czokie Did that - and did a manual drop / create. but marc record create was not there.
06:53 czokie Ie a default marc structure.
06:53 chris you ran updatedatabase?
06:53 czokie yep
06:53 chris right
06:53 czokie I can do again .... to make sure.
06:53 chris there will be some other files
06:53 chris that make it
06:54 chris you can look at
06:54 chris and see what files it uses to populate the marc tables
06:54 czokie I manually did a search for *.sql - and found one that looked like a good candidate.
06:54 czokie The links in seem broken.
06:55 czokie also, lots of parameters that were in previous version are not created...
06:55 czokie eg: date format.... (Cant create a user)
06:55 chris updatedatabase should do all that
06:55 czokie Yes, I know its bleeding edge :)
06:55 czokie Dont forget, I am not updating, I am creating.
06:55 chris yep
06:55 chris its called by the installer too
06:56 czokie OK. Will give it 1 more try tonite.
06:56 czokie Time to blow it away again
06:56 chris then you still have to do all the getting zebra going stuff :)
06:56 czokie I dont even know what zebra is yet - Had a quick search b4. I think I have most of the modules installed.
06:57 czokie (I am a glutton for punishment - I am installing this on a bluequartz host).
06:57 czokie centos based
06:59 chris so what the installer does is run
06:59 chris scripts/updater/updatedatabase -s
06:59 chris then if you choose marc21
06:59 chris scripts/misc/marc_datas/marc21_en/structure_def.sql
06:59 chris pipes that in
07:00 chris and then
07:00 chris scripts/misc/sql-datas/english/
07:00 chris the .sql files in there too
07:01 chris right its midnight now, im gonna hit the hay, if you are around tomorrow i should be around
07:01 chris good luck
07:01 czokie Tks.
07:01 czokie I just found some more sql that I missed b4 - not in that dir above - but I should be OK now (here's hoping)
07:01 czokie Nite
07:08 czokie If u see this tonite chris - Fixed the marc prob - Now onto the config parameters one.
10:32 owen kados: do you know where Koha checks to see what branch you're logged in as? It really causes problems for us that Chauncey comes up as the default branch when someone hasn't manually selected a branch.
10:32 kados hmmm
10:32 kados I think someone just committed a fix for that
10:32 kados in rel_2_2 I thought it checks the uesr branch you're logged in as
10:33 kados in any case, it woudl be in
10:33 kados probably checkauth()
10:34 kados at the very least you should be able to print the branchname of the current branch now at the top of the intranet screen
10:34 kados now
10:35 owen I wonder if the login screen should include a branch selection form
10:35 kados great idea1
10:39 owen It's getting to the point where no one trusts Chauncey's circ stats, because other branches end up logged in as Chauncey without knowing it.
10:53 kados right
10:53 kados so we need a fix for that in this upgrade
10:54 kados could you add it to the wiki list?
10:54 owen Yes
11:07 kados owen: so what'd you think of the feedback we got yesterday?
11:07 owen I was glad to see folks were looking.
11:08 kados some good suggestions too
11:08 owen I agree with the choice of New vs. Old rather than date ascending and descending
11:08 kados me too
11:08 kados feel free to edit it whenever you get a chance and commit back to cvs
11:08 kados the copy on zoomopac is the same as latest cvs btw
11:09 owen I think it's interesting that a stricter standards-based MARC search is exposing the holes we've got in our MARC records.
11:09 kados yea :-)
11:09 kados interesting in what way? :-)
11:11 kados one of the things it reveals to me is the failings of the MARC standard
11:11 owen I think it's neat that giving the staff some power when it comes to doing real searching makes them more aware of what they need from the catalgue
11:12 kados because the barrier to entry for constructing proper MARC records is pretty high
11:12 owen Yeah
11:12 kados yep, that is neat
11:12 kados it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in the early MARC days
11:13 kados i wonder why they decided to make it so complex
11:14 owen I was confused by the email about Koha 3.0 saying each item will have its own MARC record.
11:14 kados yea?
11:14 kados well ...
11:14 kados basically, not each item, but each set of items
11:14 kados there are several MARC standards
11:15 kados bibliographic, holdings, authorities, community, etc.
11:15 kados in the MARC21 holdings standard
11:15 kados each set of library holdings has a record
11:15 kados it consists of a leader, some fixed fields, and a bunch of tags like 852, etc.
11:16 kados if you're curious, check out this reference:
11:16 kados in Koha 3.0, we're going to pull out each type of record and put it in it's own database
11:17 kados so you will have a bibliographic database, a holdings database, an authorities database, etc.
11:18 kados make sense?
11:20 owen Yeah, I think so.
11:33 owen kados: have you thought any more about the item type/collection  discussion we had on Thursday?

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