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12:12 owen Should ALL members automatically have privileges to borrow and reserve books?
12:12 kados hmmm
12:12 owen Does the system even check for those privileges?
12:12 kados I'm not sure it checks for that
12:12 kados in fact, I'm sure it doesnt :-)
12:13 kados for some reason needs to be chmod 755
12:13 kados :(
12:13 owen Yeah, it installs with wrong permissions every time
12:15 kados ok, I'll add that to the postinstall script
12:18 kados owen: Do we want to retain the ability to use links in the MARC detail page to search for a specific tag’s contents?
12:18 kados owen: on the wiki
12:18 kados owen: not sure I get that ... what are you referring to?
12:19 owen If you look at a MARCdetail screen, you'll see little question marks after each field. Those linked to MARC searches for the exact contents of each tag
12:19 kados in the intranet then ... ahh
12:20 kados yea, I think we want that
12:20 kados right?
12:20 kados though there isn't a 'marc search' per se
12:21 owen It's useful sometimes, but with better searching there will be less of a need for it.
12:21 owen I'm not sure our staff even knows you can search that way
13:24 owen kados: you still around?
13:25 kados owen: yep
13:26 owen I'm wonder why the intranetcolorstylesheet stuff has to be added to each script when it's already in
13:26 kados maybe it's not in the right place in
13:27 kados this in rel_2_2 or devweek or both?
13:27 owen Probably both, but I'm looking at devweek stuff right now
13:31 kados line 499:
13:31 kados intranetcolorstylesheet => C4::Context->preference("i​ntranetcolorstylesheet"),
13:31 kados look right?
13:32 owen That's what I'm looking at
13:33 owen Here's what prompted the question:[…]
13:33 kados so every script has:
13:33 kados output_html_with_http_headers
13:33 kados at the bottom
13:33 kados and I think that's where the auth stuff comes into play
13:33 kados I think ...
13:33 kados hmmm, maybe not
13:34 kados it's get_template_and_user
13:34 kados that's in
13:35 kados so that calls checkauth
13:35 kados my ($user, $cookie, $sessionID, $flags)
13:35 kados        = checkauth($in->{'query'}, $in->{'authnotrequired'}, $in->{'flagsrequired'}, $in->{'type'});
13:58 kados so checkauth doesn't do anything with intranet stuff
13:59 kados owen: got it
13:59 kados owen: so what else needs to be there for intranet stuff?
14:01 owen intranetcolorstylesheet, intranetstylesheet, IntranetNav
14:01 owen Was it not in the right section?
14:03 kados that's alotta code to parse through :-)
14:05 kados owen: ok ... I've fixed it and committed to dev_week
14:08 kados done
14:08 kados ok, lets turn off fuzzy
14:09 kados so to refresh our memory
14:09 kados we consult the bib1 syntax doc:
14:09 kados
14:09 kados hmmm maybe not :-)
14:10 kados fuzzy is regExpr-2
14:10 kados 5=103 IIRC
14:10 kados so we can basically just remove all of those
14:11 kados better might be to replace with 5=1
14:11 kados which means right-truncation would be the default
14:11 kados ie, that turns 'test' into 'test*'
14:11 owen That makes sense to me.
14:11 kados you wanna do the honors?
14:12 owen Can if you want
14:13 kados is the template on dev_week up to date with your local coppy?
14:13 owen You mean the template on zoomopac* and zoomkoha* ?
14:14 owen Or CVS?
14:19 kados cool
14:20 kados every time I edit something I commit it
14:20 kados that way there is a full history of what I've done
14:20 kados and i don't have to remember whether I committed something :-)
14:21 owen Yeah, I'm not keeping up well this week.
14:29 owen Okay, all caught up on commits
14:32 thd kados: do you have a script to commit something every time you edit it?
14:41 thd kados: have you modified the save buffer command to commit to cvs as well?
14:42 kados thd: no but that's an idea I've played with :-)
14:43 owen Sounds a little reckless to me, but I'm faint of heart with commits
14:43 kados :-)
14:44 kados hehe
15:00 kados owen: it looks like some of those commits might be useful for rel_2_2 also
15:04 kados owen: did you turn all of the 5=103 into 5=1?
15:05 owen The Advanced search ones, under Title and Author
15:05 kados hmmm
15:05 owen Not the ones under Power search (Truncation=fuzzy)
15:05 kados right
15:06 kados that's better
15:06 kados I"ll write a note to Gloria
15:23 owen In $data->{'IS_ADULT'} = ($data->{'categorycode'} ne 'I');
15:24 owen That means IS_ADULT == true unless categorycode is I, right?
15:37 owen kados: you need to update Koha's about page to give yourself some credit!
15:46 kados I do?
15:46 owen You're still listed under NPL
15:46 kados ahh, right
15:49 owen kados: did you see my to-do list item about issues and renewals?
16:16 kados owen: looking now
16:17 kados interesting
16:17 kados Renewed items have no due date
16:17 kados Newly issued items are not appearing under †Today's Issues
16:17 kados owen: those two?
16:17 owen Yes
16:18 kados do we need them to show up under 'today's issues'?
16:18 owen they usually show up under the first header
16:18 kados I see a returned date on returned items
16:19 kados I mean a due date
16:19 kados ahh renewed items
16:19 owen and then anything checked out previously shows up under previous issues
16:19 kados right
16:20 kados 2
16:21 kados not working in rel_2_2
16:21 kados so I think we did away with the distinction if my memory serves me
16:22 kados hmmm, maybe not
16:22 kados if ($todaysdate == $issuedate) {
16:24 owen By the way: the issuing rules appear to work for item type limitations, but they won't work for NPL
16:24 owen NPL doesn't limit by specific item types, it limits by /groups/ of item types
16:25 kados well, we will just have to set up each itemtype according to the group
16:27 owen But you can't set up issuing rules to limit to 10 AV /or/ AVJ /or/ DVD etc.
16:27 kados ahh
16:27 kados gotcha
16:27 owen We'd have to allow patrons to take ten of each if we used issuingrules
16:27 kados hehe, I wish
16:27 kados anyway
16:27 owen :) Nice try
16:28 kados so basically what we're saying is that itemtype's don't match perfectly to collection codes
16:28 kados they also don't match perfectly to locations
16:28 kados so what the heck are they?
16:28 kados other than poorly concieved categories?
16:29 kados this is the kind of thing that bugs me about NPL currently
16:29 kados there are these problems with the collection
16:29 kados but noone is willing to address them
16:29 kados and actually take some time to fix them
16:30 owen I think we didn't explain the situation very well at the meeting
16:30 kados meaning I didn't :-)
16:30 kados yea, I was feeling pretty crappy that day
16:30 owen I didn't understand it well enough to back you up
16:30 kados plus lauren was giving me looks
16:30 owen But I get the gist of it, and I'd like to work on the solution.
16:31 owen I'll be in your corner
16:31 kados sweet
16:31 kados ok, so what we really need to do is identify our true collection codes
16:31 kados ie, what distinctions actually matter for circ?
16:31 kados those are our itemtypes in Koha
16:32 chris yeah
16:32 kados hey chris
16:32 chris thats pretty much what itemtypes are for, circ rules, and reserve rules etc
16:33 chris hi owen and joshua
16:33 owen Hi chris
16:34 chris i was thinking of you the other day owen, when i was eating a subway sandwich, i wondered , i wonder how owen is going
16:34 owen :)
16:34 chris its funny how the brain associates things
17:20 Burgwork kados, whom should I speak to about planet koha being dead?
17:20 kados Burgwork: mj ray
17:20 kados Burgwork: slef
17:20 kados he's not on at the moment
17:21 chris hmm i think it was looking at my old blog too
17:35 Burgwork and the old wiki
17:36 chris yes the old wiki is dead, on purpose
17:36 Burgwork yep
17:36 Burgwork the old login dialog really used to get me
17:36 chris all the content was shifted to the new wiki
19:09 ToinS` bye all
22:22 Burgundavia kados: I have put my money where my mouth was. Check your inbox for my opac critique
22:30 kados Burgundavia: great!
22:39 Burgundavia kados: except it got caught by the filter, due to the attached screenshot
22:39 kados yea, I approved it
22:40 Burgundavia perfect
22:41 kados heh
22:41 kados Align text entry boxes, either right or left. Have the description
22:41 kados tag beside them, not on top or the bottom
22:41 kados Search boxes have a common UI. It is a text entry field with the
22:41 kados button with the word "Search" on it. Sadly, the new OPAC appears to
22:41 kados have departed from this idea.
22:41 kados AJAX is a must. This part is already done well
22:41 kados no ajax currently :-)
22:42 Burgundavia kados: you use some sort of javascript loading for the tabs
22:42 kados Authors, Titles, Subject ... hmmm, that wouldn't leave room for the other search types, like power and the linke
22:42 kados yea, but that's not ajax :-)
22:42 Burgundavia hence the advanced search options
22:42 Burgundavia most users are not going to search beyond those options
22:42 kados ajax = asynchronous javascript and xml
22:42 Burgundavia yes
22:43 kados our javascript is quite synchronous and doesn't use xml sadly :-)
22:43 Burgundavia in fact, I seriously doubt most users even go beyond the basic search
22:43 kados I 100% agree
22:43 Burgundavia read the part of tricking the user if the connection is slow
22:44 kados yep, we do that on the MARC editor page, would be trivial to add
22:45 Burgundavia except all the web interfaces of Koha look like someone spilled the green and purple paint on them
22:45 kados not all of them :-)
22:45 kados
22:45 kados
22:46 Burgundavia I am talking about the default look
22:46 kados ahh, yes of course
22:46 Burgundavia there are going to be a fair number of people that will never change the default
22:46 Burgundavia hence why defaults are so important
22:46 kados yep, 100% agree
22:47 Burgundavia quick question about What is the difference between Koha ILS and Koha Network?
22:47 Burgundavia oh, and you are using images for those three links. Bad!
22:47 kados Koha Network is a service we provide for auto-updates to Koha
22:47 kados look more carefully :-)
22:48 kados those images are covering text :-)
22:48 Burgundavia you are right
22:48 kados :-)
22:49 Burgundavia but the koha network link doesn't take you anywhere different from the koha link
22:49 Burgundavia your #network target is busted
22:49 kados yep, true enough
22:49 kados in fact, the koha page is being rewritten
22:49 kados and isn't done yet
22:49 Burgundavia ah, figured
22:49 Burgundavia how many people is liblime?
22:50 kados we're 4 fulltimers and a slew of sub-contracters
22:50 Burgundavia ah
22:50 Burgundavia hmm, can I rip your webpage apart some more?
22:50 Burgundavia :)
22:51 kados hehe
22:51 kados sure
22:51 Burgundavia below the fugly purple tabs, on the main page there are some links to Solutions | News | Company
22:51 Burgundavia it looks really odd
22:52 Burgundavia like a subset of the tabs
22:52 kados which it is :-)
22:52 Burgundavia but koha is a solution you offer, yet koha is in a higher tab than solutions
22:52 Burgundavia plus you have solutions in the lower right
22:52 kados yep
22:53 kados yep
22:53 Burgundavia contact and company are almost one
22:53 Burgundavia plus you have a link to the company in the footer
22:53 kados yep
22:53 kados and?
22:53 Burgundavia oh, and news is already there
22:53 Burgundavia the links "feel oddly placed"
22:54 Burgundavia can't really describe it any better
22:54 kados :-)
22:55 Burgundavia one last thing: the three boxes (koha, newsletter and open source ils) all look just subtly different
22:55 Burgundavia the koha is a fairly plain style, the zebra one pretty busy and the icons in the oss ils box all have subtly different styles
22:56 Burgundavia but I will say this: the design is quite good, just there are a few minor polish points
23:51 saul ois ?

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