IRC log for #koha, 2006-07-12

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12:03 shedges going to leave now -- go back to pushing budget numbers around, and when the laptop goes to sleep it sometimes looses the wireless network
12:03 shedges so I might as well leave gracefully...
12:03 kados :-)
12:04 kados ciao
12:05 kados owen: so ... are you generally busy today, or have some time to hack away on Koha?
12:08 owen I just have to switch gears, but yeah, I'm not too busy
12:10 kados cool
12:15 owen So what's up?
12:18 kados owen: well ... several things
12:18 kados I stopped briefly to show the new search to the plains librarians
12:18 kados and they have 800x600 resolution on their circ computer
12:18 owen Yep.
12:18 kados so maybe one thing would be getting the interface to look nice on small resolutions
12:20 kyle I just noticed some comments on my templates ; )
12:20 owen :)
12:20 kyle The style strongly inspired by another ILS that we were looking at as an alternative to koha.
12:21 kyle The librarians were ready to cut a check just based on the way it looked.
12:21 kyle So that's where that came from.
12:21 kyle And as far as maintainence, all I did was make a few changes to the npl templates.
12:22 kados just like pretty much everything else in Koha :-)
12:22 kados function is based on user needs :-)
12:22 kyle exactly.
12:22 kados kyle: I contend that you could have done a layout.css and colors.css with backround images to acomplish the same look without modifying NPL templates at all :-)
12:23 kados kyle: course, that's none of my business :-)
12:23 kyle I find the colors to be garish, but it doesn't matter what my tastes are, they are designed to be more usable.
12:23 kyle A tab style template *could* have been done with css, but it would not have the polished look.
12:23 kyle CSS is still to feature lacking.
12:24 owen And my point was just that I would hate to have to keep track of all those graphics
12:24 owen CSS can present a lot of problems, particularly if you can't influence your organization's browser choice.
12:24 kyle owen: yes, there are quite a few graphics, but if you look at the code, it's actually quite simple, and very easy to understand.
12:25 kyle the graphics are also very aptly named.
12:25 kados yep ...
12:25 kados kyle: there is some history here
12:25 kados kyle: the original versions of Koha had lots of graphics too
12:25 kados kyle: but we discovered we couldn't translate graphics :-)
12:26 kyle kados: have any screenshots? ; )
12:26 kados kyle: now, we could do graphics as background images in css with the text in front
12:26 kyle I tried that, no good.
12:26 kados kyle: so I still contend that given some time, I could create a duplicate of CCFLS's templates using just css :-)
12:26 kados kyle: for example:
12:26 kados
12:26 kyle it would have been extremely complex to make tabs with the tab image in the backgound that stretches to the width of the tab lable.
12:27 kados kyle: the tabs you see for 'home' 'koha ils' 'open source' 'contact' are done as I describe
12:27 kados kyle: and the 'quicklinks' at the top are also done this way
12:27 kados kyle: just css
12:28 kyle how do they work?
12:28 kados kyle: use the source, luke :-)
12:28 kados kyle: it's very clever actually :-)
12:29 kados kyle: you've got two images:
12:29 kados
12:29 kados
12:29 kados (and the 'off' ones as well)
12:30 kados and they 'slide' using some clever css trickery
12:30 kyle yeah, I've seen that before. I tried it, but I can't remember why I passed on it.
12:31 kyle Probably because my tabs overlap, and are not box shaped.
12:32 kyle I'm not a fan of clever anyway, I believe in writing code that is obvious. When you are writing something for others to use, or even yourself later on, obvious trumps clever everytime in my book.
12:33 kyle I can't count the number of times I've looked at 'clever' code I wrote, and said 'what was I thinking!!?!?!, even wth comments ; )
12:34 kyle And I still contend that my template set is actually *simpler* that the npl template set.
12:35 kyle if you remove the unused leftover files that I haven't cleaned out, you'll find there are far fewer files used.
12:48 tumer kados:are you around?
12:48 kados tumer: sure am
12:48 kados tumer: circ isn't working in dev-week
12:48 kados tumer: at leat it doesn't use zebra
12:48 tumer about circulation not updatong
12:48 kados great, you already know :-)
12:49 tumer is zebra giving any errors or its just you did not map onloan field anywhere
12:49 kados ahh ... perhaps I didn't map
12:50 kados tumer: could you walk through it for me?
12:50 kados tumer: the mapping is in the framework?
12:50 tumer if NPL is using 952 for holdings..
12:50 kados yes, they are
12:50 tumer any free subfield in framework would do
12:51 tumer so you need walking how to do that
12:51 kados tumer: no
12:51 kados tumer: but I do need help understanding other fields you have mapped
12:51 tumer ok yhe field is called onloan
12:51 kados tumer: cutterextra for instance
12:51 kados tumer: what is it used for and how?
12:52 tumer cutterextra helps with sorting LC
12:52 tumer you probably wont need that
12:52 kados well I'd like to understand regardless :-)
12:53 tumer in NEU we use LC so for LC sorting we use fields 050a and 050b
12:53 kados tumer: do you map 'itemlost, wthdrawn, issues, renewals, reserves, restricted,binding, etc>
12:53 kados ok
12:53 kados 050a and 050b, got it
12:53 kados NPL uses 080a and 080b
12:53 kados (dewey)
12:54 tumer we preprosees that and put them in a field i named lcsort
12:54 kados ok
12:54 tumer this is at biblioagraphic level
12:54 kados that's in the items table?
12:54 kados ahh
12:54 kados biblio table then
12:54 tumer biblioitems
12:54 kados gotcha
12:54 tumer but then an item has some extra bits added to sorting
12:55 tumer like v.1 v.3 etc
12:55 kados right
12:55 tumer those bits are kept at cutterextra
12:55 kados I see
12:55 kados so you sort first by lcsort
12:55 kados then by cutterextra
12:56 kados very slick
12:56 tumer thats it
12:56 kados tumer: do you map 'itemlost, wthdrawn, issues, renewals, reserves, restricted,binding, etc?
12:56 tumer not in dew_week
12:56 kados ok
12:56 kados so if they were mapped, would zebra update correctly?
12:57 tumer by the way if its dewey sorting its different
12:57 kados yea?
12:58 tumer so map their 080a and 080b to dewey and subclass
12:58 tumer and set zebra to sort on these fields
12:59 tumer lc sorting requires lots of 000's padded
12:59 kados right
12:59 tumer dewey is straight sorting
12:59 kados tumer: I've got an auto-migrate script written
12:59 kados tumer: it takes about 25+ hours to run in total :-)
12:59 tumer i noticed
13:00 kados tumer: but it works perfectly :-)
13:00 kados I need to genericize it and commit to dev-week
13:00 tumer i am having a big problem of zebra stopping for the last 2 nights
13:00 kados yea?
13:00 kados what's it doing?
13:00 tumer suddenly says database not available
13:01 tumer and have to reindex again
13:01 kados I've seen that message before
13:01 tumer have been doing it 3 times today already
13:01 kados it seems like it happens if you index with the wrong db name
13:01 kados one time
13:01 tumer how can we do that in koha?
13:02 kados I did it manually a couple of times by mistake
13:02 tumer yes mauoal you can but ib koha it should not
13:03 kados maybe a mistake in the perl somewhere
13:03 tumer unless the handles get messed up is such a thing possible?
13:03 kados it's possible
13:03 kados I haven't seen it personally
13:03 kados does it happen with a specific transaction type>
13:03 kados like circ?
13:03 tumer its a nightmare surrently its doing it on production
13:03 kados or marc editing?
13:04 kados yikes
13:04 kados what operations does it happen with?
13:04 tumer only marc editing, currently thats all we are doing 40 cataloguers
13:04 kados right
13:04 kados hmmm
13:05 tumer and they are working 16hrs  a day on as a summercamp project
13:06 kados wow ...
13:06 tumer i am having sleepless nights trying to understand zebra
13:06 kados that is annoying
13:06 kados had a meeting this morning and I was like a zombie :-)
13:07 kados hehe
13:07 kados tumer: that's the kind of bug that's really difficult to reproduce
13:07 tumer which version of zebra you hane?
13:07 kados tumer: in a test environment
13:07 kados I'm running the latest 1.3 series
13:08 tumer yes very difficult to reproduce
13:08 kados 1.3.36
13:08 kados tumer: you might want to throw some warn messages in
13:08 tumer i have taken the zebra server to command line for the last hour trying to catch anything
13:09 kados tumer: to alert you if koha ever sends a command to zebra with a different database name
13:09 tumer i have warn messages in
13:09 kados ahh
13:09 tumer it show me the server name and the error occured
13:09 kados anything useful?
13:09 tumer all it says bibliserver not available
13:10 tumer or zebra server timedout
13:10 tumer or cannot connet
13:10 kados hmmm
13:10 tumer error updating
13:10 kados maybe it is a zebra bug
13:10 tumer etc etc
13:10 kados we need to write some test scripts
13:10 kados that pound the zebra server with updates
13:10 kados actually, I suppose that's what bulkmarcimport is
13:11 tumer we have to be able to test it heavily
13:11 tumer we have to simulate differnt process trying it at the same time
13:11 kados agreed
13:11 kados I have some threaded request code I wrote for evergreen
13:11 tumer bulkmacrimport is one
13:12 kados if I have time this week I'll try to write a test suite for zebra
13:12 tumer and even with bulk marcimport alone my zebra breaks now (ver 1.4.1)
13:12 tumer ID moved to ver 2.0
13:13 kados wow
13:13 kados breaks it?
13:13 tumer it did lately
13:14 kados just took forever
13:14 tumer blank database-- bulkmarcimport 150k records never managed to finish it
13:15 kados hmmm
13:15 kados tumer: send me the records
13:15 tumer with zebraidx though no problem
13:15 kados tumer: or post them somewhere
13:15 kados and I'll try
13:16 tumer i have closed all the ports currenly to try and undertsand whats happening
13:16 tumer when i open them i will post it on server
13:16 kados sweet
13:18 thd tumer: do you use the item part of the call number in your LC call number sort?
13:19 tumer kados: the only major change i did is that i changed record.abs
13:19 tumer kados:i was not yet
13:19 thd tumer: I mean do you use the cutter number in sorting?
13:20 tumer kados:some scripts do use it like inventory control
13:21 tumer kados: i am indexing almost every field of MARC21 to a different @attr now
13:21 tumer that is slowing the updates very much
13:21 tumer may be thats my problem
13:21 tumer i now have about 16 indexes and 5 sort field
13:22 tumer any idea?
13:22 tumer thd:oh thd i did not realise i was answering to kados
13:22 kados :-)
13:23 tumer thd:cutterextra i use in copuple of scripts but not all
13:23 tumer opac does not use it
13:24 tumer thd: i sort on 050a and 050b togeetger
13:25 tumer i precombine them properly padded to a different marc field
13:25 thd tumer if you sort on 050 $b as well then you are sorting with the cutter ( item) number
13:27 tumer kados: 050$b is the general cutter. At item level there are the extra bits of volume no etc that i use
13:27 kados hmmm
13:27 tumer s/kados/thd
13:27 tumer kados:how many fields do you index at record.abs
13:28 kados tumer: more than 16 I think
13:28 thd kados: if you use 082 $b you will not have a numeric sort unless you transform the number and pad it as tumer has done for LC numbers
13:28 kados tumer: plus I'm doing some mappings within a field for searching fixed fields
13:28 tumer i mean with different attributes
13:29 kados tumer: my record.abs is in cvs
13:30 kados tumer: in zebraplugin dir off of root
13:30 tumer head?
13:30 dewey head is head
13:30 kados tumer: no, dev-week
13:30 tumer i go and check
13:31 kados thd: I could use some advise
13:31 kados thd: looking at the latest marc21 framework in rel_2_2
13:31 kados thd: I need to figure out where to map the 'onloan' field
13:31 thd yes kados
13:31 kados thd: but there aren't any subfields left :-)
13:32 thd kados: I thought that status would be stored in the SQL DB
13:32 thd kados: do you need it for migration?
13:33 kados thd: it is stored in the zebra now as well
13:33 kados thd: also, I get an error on line 43:
13:33 kados ERROR 1136 (21S01) at line 43: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
13:34 thd oops: I did not verify before committing
13:35 kados thd: INSERT INTO `marc_tag_structure` VALUES ('090', 'SYSTEM CONTROL NUMBERS (KOHA)', 'SYSTEM CONTROL NUMBERS (KOHA)', 1, 0, '', '');
13:35 kados thd: that's line 43
13:36 kados looks like we're missing one value
13:36 kados there are 8 columns in marc_tag_structure
13:36 thd kados: really, are there not enough or too many commas?
13:37 kados strange
13:37 kados here is NPL's marc_tag_structure:
13:37 kados | tagfield         | char(3)    |      | PRI |         |       |
13:37 kados | liblibrarian     | char(255)  |      |     |         |       |
13:37 kados | libopac          | char(255)  |      |     |         |       |
13:37 kados | repeatable       | tinyint(4) |      |     | 0       |       |
13:37 kados | mandatory        | tinyint(4) |      |     | 0       |       |
13:37 kados | authorised_value | char(10)   | YES  |     | NULL    |       |
13:37 kados | frameworkcode    | char(4)    |      | PRI |         |       |
13:37 kados | hidden           | tinyint(1) | YES  |     | NULL    |       |
13:38 kados rel_2_2 has:
13:38 kados | tagfield         | char(3)    |      | PRI |         |       |
13:38 kados | liblibrarian     | char(255)  |      |     |         |       |
13:38 kados | libopac          | char(255)  |      |     |         |       |
13:38 kados | repeatable       | tinyint(4) |      |     | 0       |       |
13:38 kados | mandatory        | tinyint(4) |      |     | 0       |       |
13:38 kados | authorised_value | char(10)   | YES  |     | NULL    |       |
13:38 kados | frameworkcode    | char(4)    |      | PRI |         |       |
13:38 kados where did hidden come from?
13:38 tumer kados: it has to be inserted into an item field. onloan is an item field and KOHA demands they all be in one field!!!!
13:39 tumer so it has to be 952 0-9 a-z
13:39 kados tumer: right
13:40 tumer in the forthcoming version of koha all these restrictions gone
13:40 kados excellent
13:41 thd kados: your error is that you do not have enough columns in the table
13:41 tumer excellent work thd
13:41 kados but ...
13:41 kados the first paste is from the one that's not working
13:42 kados the second one is from a rel_2_2 database
13:42 kados so the one that's not working has 8 columns in the table
13:43 kados is 'hidden' a valid column for marc_tag_structure?
13:43 thd kados:: NPL has current database and there is something missing from your rel_2_2 database columns
13:44 kados thd: so why does the framework only have 7 fields listed instead of 8?
13:44 thd kados: yes hidden was the one we worked on all night a couple of months ago :)
13:44 kados thd: was that in the tag structure?
13:44 kados thd: I thought it was in the subfield structure
13:45 tumer hidden i have in subfield structure
13:45 thd kados: oh yes you are right
13:45 kados so I should remove this column from NPL's db
13:45 tumer 952$4 use restrictions --NEU maps onloan to there if interested
13:45 thd kados: it should be in both in many ways but now I am confused :)
13:46 thd kados: maybe it was added long ago in the wrong place accidentally
13:46 kados perhaps
13:47 thd kados: does the column have any values in the marc_tag_structure table?
13:47 kados thd: also, when I import this file, it doesn't clean up the old one
13:47 kados thd: no values
13:47 kados thd: ie, it gives me a warning:
13:47 kados ERROR 1062 (23000) at line 43: Duplicate entry '090' for key 1
13:48 thd kados: what do you mean by clean up?
13:48 kados meaning it wasn' exported with the --add-drop-table option perhaps?
13:48 kados meaning it doesn't overwrite the existing values
13:48 thd kados: which script are you using?
13:48 kados the structure_def.sql
13:49 kados I am manually importing with
13:49 kados mysql -u -p koha < structure_def.sql
13:49 thd kados: that is the one for a new koha install not for updating old ones
13:49 kados ahh
13:49 thd kados: look in the misc directory
13:51 kados got it
13:53 kados tumer: ok, I mapped onloan to 952$a to test
13:53 kados tumer: still, zebra is not called at all when issuing
13:53 kados tumer: the screen does not show the issue either
13:53 thd kados tumer: when you run out of a-z 0-9 for subfield names you can do what RLIN and other systems do and use punctuation for subfield names.
13:54 kados tumer: I get some errors too:
13:54 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'koha.repeatable_holidays' doesn't exist at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Calendar/ line 91.
13:54 kados DBD::mysql::st fetchrow failed: fetch() without execute() at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Calendar/ line 93.
13:54 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'koha.repeatable_holidays' doesn't exist at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Calendar/ line 101.
13:54 kados DBD::mysql::st fetchrow failed: fetch() without execute() at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Calendar/ line 103.
13:54 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'koha.special_holidays' doesn't exist at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Calendar/ line 111.
13:54 kados DBD::mysql::st fetchrow failed: fetch() without execute() at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Calendar/ line 113.
13:54 thd kados tumer: maybe capital A-Z would also work but I have not seen capitals used for other systems
13:54 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'koha.special_holidays' doesn't exist at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Calendar/ line 121.
13:54 kados DBD::mysql::st fetchrow failed: fetch() without execute() at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Calendar/ line 123.
13:55 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'issue_date' in 'field list' at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Circulation/ line 1056.
13:55 kados thd: unfortunately, mysql doesn't distinguish between A and a by default
13:56 thd kados: I suspect that is why other systems also do not use capitals but there are quite a few punctuation marks
13:56 kados thd: yep
13:56 kados tumer: any ideas?
13:56 tumer i was away let me catch up
13:57 kados tumer: I assume I need to add items.issue_date?
13:57 kados and map it to MARC too?
13:57 tumer no
13:57 tumer not work zebra to show an item when it is due
13:58 tumer s/work/for/
13:58 tumer holiday management was added to koha rel2_2 so it should work
13:59 kados so issues aren't working
13:59 tumer kados:table issues have a field called issue_date dont you have it
13:59 kados right, ok I'll add it
13:59 kados see if that helps
14:00 thd kados: I thought my previous advocacy for storing status in MARC was mistaken on efficiency grounds.
14:00 kados tumer: what is the data type of the issue_date column?
14:01 tumer date
14:01 tumer thats in issues table not items table
14:01 kados ahh
14:02 tumer but thats standart koha field
14:02 tumer or is it not?
14:03 kados coudl be
14:03 kados but remember that NPL is a hybrid system :-)
14:03 kados ok the item issued
14:03 kados but zebra didn't do anything
14:04 tumer even if zebra does not work normal issues should work
14:04 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'koha.repeatable_holidays' doesn't exist at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Calendar/ line 91.
14:04 kados DBD::mysql::st fetchrow failed: fetch() without execute() at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Calendar/ line 93.
14:05 kados I wonder if that's related
14:05 kados maybe that's a bug?
14:08 kados ok, statuses are working ... but I would feel much better if biblioitems.marc and zebra were up to date
14:08 tumer kados:repeatable_holidays is a complete new table was supposed to be there thats why its braking hang on
14:11 thd kados: are you using status in MARC only for migration?
14:11 kados thd: I don't understand the question
14:11 thd kados: I thought my previous advocacy for storing status in MARC was mistaken on efficiency grounds.
14:12 kados thd: we're storing all the item fields (952) in MARC now ... at least theoretically :-)
14:12 kados thd: well we need to test to make sure it's fast enough anyway
14:13 thd kados: can that keep up with a heavy circulation volume?
14:13 kados thd: we hope so
14:13 kados thd: only testing can tell
14:13 kados owen: still around?
14:13 thd kados: Is NPL the live testing victim? :)
14:13 kados thd: yes :-)
14:14 kados thd: if it's not fast enough, ID has promised to look into efficency options
14:18 tumer kados: are you using dev-week circulation
14:18 kados tumer: yes
14:18 kados tumer: zoomopac is stock dev-week with only minor changes to searching soon to be committed
14:18 kados tumer: running directly off a CVS repository
14:18 tumer i commited a patched vesrion of that removed calendar dependency try that
14:19 kados ok
14:19 tumer i did not test my script though
14:20 thd kados: I would really recommend using punctuation as opposed to changing the alphanumeric subfield assignments for 952.  you otherwise would be interfering with the previous labour to map preexisting 952 and added usage to standard MARC 21 holdings.  Temporary status is not standard in MARC so it should have the non-standard subfields :)
14:20 thd s/map/correlate/
14:21 kados tumer: still zebra is not involved in issues or returns
14:22 kados tumer: am I correct that dev-week is supposed to update zebra with circulation data?
14:23 tumer yes you are right
14:23 thd kados: I tried to use the same subfield assignments as closely as I could given that some were already in use before my attempt to rationalise the remaining ones.
14:23 tumer in add a line at 1057 after $sth->finish
14:23 kados ok
14:24 tumer before MARCmoditemonefield and see whether you are there
14:24 kados add a warn?
14:24 tumer add a warn i mean
14:24 kados ok
14:24 thd s/assignments/assignments as standard MARC 21/
14:25 kados tumer: the warn does not show up
14:25 tumer so not issuing?
14:25 tumer thats the issuing script
14:25 kados it is issuing
14:25 kados and the status is updating
14:25 kados :-)
14:26 kados just not in zebra
14:26 tumer kadow wait zebra crashed
14:27 kados ?
14:27 kados ahh, you mean your zebra crashed?
14:27 kados :(
14:28 tumer yes zebra crashed again sayin some memory location cannot be raed application fault ......bla bla
14:29 tumer retsarted. I have to report this to ID
14:29 tumer ok back to your problem
14:29 kados yea, I'd do that
14:29 kados ok I was looking in the wrong log
14:29 kados the warn is working
14:30 thd tumer: are your crashing problems unique to a MS Windows install of Zebra?
14:30 tumer thd:gow knows
14:30 tumer thd:god knows
14:31 thd tumer: and God is not telling? :)
14:31 tumer kados: after that line MARCmoditemonefield will only update is items,onloan is mapped
14:31 kados items.onloan is mapped to 952$a
14:32 tumer MARCmoditemonefield is in updates marc and zebra
14:32 kados yep, I see that
14:32 kados I followed it through to MARCaddbiblio
14:33 tumer so what else can I say
14:33 kados nothing :-)
14:33 tumer is it actually finding items.onloan i donno
14:34 tumer 952$a was not used before?
14:35 kados right
14:35 kados and I didn't rebuildnonmarc
14:35 kados but it shoudl at least work for new items
14:35 kados or throw an error
14:35 kados hey cm
14:35 tumer should
14:35 kados strange
14:35 cm hey.  just peeking in.  :)
14:35 kados :-)
14:35 tumer zebra should trigger
14:38 tumer if status is being updated then you shuold look at some other problem not zebra
14:39 kados tumer: if ( ( $tagfield, $tagsubfield ) = $sth->fetchrow ) {
14:39 kados tumer: line 859
14:39 kados tumer: warn inside that if isn't trigered
14:39 tumer yep
14:41 kados tumer: another matter ... in dev_week is very different than in rel_2_2 ... is there anything special in there or can I just sync with rel_2_2?
14:41 kados so it's failing on "select tagfield,tagsubfield from marc_subfield_structure where kohafield=?"
14:41 kados ie, nothing is found
14:42 tumer and it works with all other fields
14:43 tumer warn to see what field name its trying to find
14:43 kados sure enough, it's items.onloan
14:43 kados but it's mapped!
14:43 owen This snippet in the dev_week tells me it's not ready for prime time: $picture = "".$borrower->{'cardnumber'}.".jpg";
14:43 tumer so your db not in good shape?
14:44 kados owen: we should just be able to run rel_2_2
14:44 kados as far as I know the API is the same, right tumer?
14:44 tumer yep very minor changes
14:45 tumer you can merge it to your version
14:45 kados ok
14:45 tumer in fact the only line you need is MARCmoditemonefield added to your version
14:46 tumer wherever there is a db update just add that afterwards to your version and it should happily work
14:47 kados ok
14:48 kados it should be in rel_2_2 anyway, right?
14:48 tumer and thats only 4 lines of it in Circ2
14:48 kados because as currently written, koha's not updating the MARC properly if I understand, right?
14:48 tumer rel2_2 does not update marc at all
14:49 kados not even for branches I think
14:49 kados which should be filed as a bug in my opinion
14:49 kados blocker even :-)
14:49 tumer it does not update holding branch when transfered
14:49 kados right, it doesn't for me either :-)
14:50 tumer this one liner can go in anyversion of Circ2 and it should update MARC and zebra
14:51 kados owen: soon as I get circ working with zebra I'll update
14:52 kados hmmm
14:52 tumer ???
14:52 kados I found the problem
14:52 tumer shoot
14:52 kados the koha2marc links script doesn't work anymore :(
14:53 kados you have to update the framework in the framework section
14:54 kados sigh
14:54 kados still doesn't update zebra
14:55 tumer are you using a named framework or default?
14:55 kados I'm using thd's framework with some modifications
14:56 tumer kados:have you given it a name or what?
14:56 tumer no name= default=''
14:56 kados ahh
14:57 kados text for librarian is 'Invalid or canceled piece designation (canceled barcode) (similar to 876-8 $r)'
14:57 kados no text for OPAC
14:57 kados managed in tab ignore
14:57 kados hidden is set to -1
14:57 kados not repeatable or mandatory
14:57 tumer it has to be managed in tab 10 may be hidden
14:57 kados ahh
14:58 thd oops
14:58 tumer all item fields have to be defined in tab 10 to be updated even if hidden. KOHA logic
14:58 kados right
14:58 kados still not working
15:00 tumer kados: where is itemnumber defined?
15:00 kados grrr
15:00 tumer mapped rather
15:00 kados subfield u
15:01 tumer so all looks good
15:01 tumer kados does you marc editor work?
15:02 kados no!
15:02 kados it's completely blank!
15:02 kados this is strange
15:03 tumer kados i think there is some confusion in you system with the new framework and all that
15:03 kados yea, seems like it :-)
15:05 kados tumer: now you know why I wanted to start with a new database for NPL :-)
15:05 thd kados:  952 $a was set to tab 10 in my copy of the framework but the OPAC text was missing.
15:05 kados thd: would that matter?
15:05 tumer it shouldnot matter
15:05 thd kados: I believe we had a problem with no librarian text
15:06 thd kados: I do not recall a problem with no OPAC text
15:06 kados didn't help
15:06 kados wow, this is really strange
15:06 thd kados: those were template problems for submitting a value
15:06 thd manually
15:07 kados when I ran updatadatabase I got :
15:07 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate column name 'authtypecode' at /koha/cvsrepos/22/koha/updater/updatedatabase line 1920.
15:07 kados DBD::mysql::db do failed: Can't DROP 'PRIMARY'; check that column/key exists at /koha/cvsrepos/22/koha/updater/updatedatabase line 1948.
15:07 kados DBD::mysql::db do failed: Can't DROP 'PRIMARY'; check that column/key exists at /koha/cvsrepos/22/koha/updater/updatedatabase line 1953.
15:10 thd kados: Koha refuses to work if I misspelt cancelled :0
15:10 kados thd: ?
15:10 kados thd: did you?
15:10 thd kados: yes :0
15:10 kados hehe
15:11 kados thd: where?
15:11 thd 952 $a librarian's text
15:13 thd wait a minute maybe I am misspelling it now.  Or it was universally misspelt by LC.
15:16 kados arrrg!
15:17 thd kados: arrrg?  do you not have enough arguments?
15:18 kados hehe
15:20 kados marc_biblio             |
15:20 kados | marc_blob_subfield      |
15:20 kados | marc_breeding           |
15:20 kados | marc_subfield_structure |
15:20 kados | marc_subfield_table     |
15:20 kados | marc_tag_structure      |
15:20 kados all are the same with another rel_2_2 db I have
15:32 kados thd: something about this marc21 framework isn't sitting right with NPL's system
15:33 kados works fine in stock rel_2_2
15:34 kados so it can't be related to marc_tag_structure or marc_subfield_structure
15:35 kados could it be dev_week codebase?
15:35 thd kados: owen refused to make any changes in the NPL framework long before I had worked on a standard MARC 21 framework because previous template problems with editing the framework had caused corruption and were very difficult to undo.
15:35 kados thd: yep, I remember that
15:35 kados thd: back then frameworks were a mystery to us :-)
15:36 thd kados: The NPL SQL DB has legacy buggy crust from previous versions like extra columns where they are not used.
15:37 kados hehe
15:38 thd kados: extra columns should not be a problem really if the code is verbose enough to be careful about columns.
15:40 thd kados: my framework code is not careful so to name the columns on each line.  I discussed the issue with paul before I committed.  He agreed that this was not a problem for the framework until a column is added in the future and then the framework would need updating in any case.
15:41 kados hmmm
15:41 kados some strangeness happening
15:42 thd kados: less verbose lines were easier to edit in vim
15:42 kados Q2 : select distinct m1.bibid from biblio,biblioitems,marc_biblio,marc_word as m1,marc_word as m2,marc_word as m3,marc_word as m4,marc_word as m5,marc_word as m6,marc_word as m7,marc_word as m8,marc_word as m9 where biblio.biblionumber=marc_biblio.biblionumber and biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber and m1.bibid=marc_biblio.bibid and (m1.bibid=m2.bibid and m1.bibid=m3.bibid and m1.bibid=m4.bibid and m1.bibid=m5.bibid and m1.bibid=m6.bibid and m1.bibid=m7.bib
15:42 kados tons of things like that
15:42 kados in the log
15:44 kados tumer[A]: I ran:
15:44 kados update koha.biblio,koha.marc_biblio set biblio.frameworkcode=marc_biblio.frameworkcode where marc_biblio.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber;
15:44 kados tumer[A]: could that be related to the problem?
15:44 thd kados: export the NPL SQL DB tables and column names without the data and do the same for rel_2_2 then run a diff on the output
15:44 kados thd: ok
15:51 kados thd: doesn't look like any significant changes :(
15:55 kados brb
16:15 kados still no ideas for why the frameworks are messed up :(
16:16 thd kados: are the frameworks messed up?
16:16 kados thd: well ... I can't use the editor
16:16 kados thd: it comes up blank
16:17 thd kados: mysqldump -d --allow-keywords --singletransacton [-h YourMySQLServername] -u YourKohaMySQLUsername -p YourKohaDatabasename > KohaNoDataBackup.sql
16:18 tumer kados:biblio now holds the frameworkcode but they are still in marc_subfields_structure table
16:19 kados thd: mysqldump: unknown option '--singletransacton'
16:19 kados so I need to remove that column from marc_subfields_structure?
16:19 thd kados: the -d or --no-data option exclude the data then you can diff the good version and the problem version DB structure.
16:20 thd kados: leave that option out if it is incompatible with your MySQL install
16:20 kados thd:
16:20 kados thd: that's the one that is failing
16:21 kados thd: I assume you have a rel_2_2 db to diff it with
16:21 thd kados: yes but you have many do you not?
16:22 thd kados: you had uninteresting differences
16:22 thd ?
16:22 kados yes, like encoding
16:22 thd and ?
16:22 kados and new columns added in to work with dev-week
16:22 kados that's all I saw
16:23 tumer kados: can you revert to NPL framework?
16:23 thd kados: do you not need the devel-week columns?
16:23 kados tumer: yes
16:24 tumer in fact go as back as your editor was working
16:24 tumer and thats get circ working on that
16:27 tumer ping me as i am deep under a zebra
16:29 kados tumer: I reverted and the editor still doesn't work
16:29 kados tumer: I wonder if it's the code in dev-week
16:29 kados strange that there is no error
16:30 tumer dev_week templates are all the same as any rel_2 no changes
16:31 kados yea
16:32 kados it must be npl database
16:32 kados but I can't find where :(
16:32 tumer dev_week differs in biblio,pm some dtabase added columns and
16:34 tumer i  thought up untill now your code was working with dev_week zebra serach, marc editor etc
16:36 kados select count(*) from marc_tag_structure where frameworkcode='';
16:36 kados 108
16:36 kados tumer: it was working with a stock rel_2_2 db with some modifs
16:36 kados tumer: now I attempt to upgrade a NPL database
16:44 kados tumer: so if i start with a stock rel_2_2 it works, but if I upgrade NPL it doesn't :(
16:45 tumer so upgrading path problrms?
16:46 kados yes
16:46 tumer is NPL dd so much different?
16:46 kados but I can't identify where the problem is
16:51 kados ha!
16:51 kados select frameworktext, frameworkcode from biblio_framework;
16:51 kados empty set
16:51 rach morning
16:51 kados hmmm
16:51 kados empty on rel_2_2 too
16:51 kados morning rach
16:52 tumer kados:its normal
16:52 tumer biblio holds the name of the framework if it exsist for that specific biblio
16:52 tumer if it is default (ususlly is) its empty
16:53 tumer empty frameworkname is no problem and at this stage more healthy
16:53 tumer untill we resolve other issues
16:54 tumer select * from marc_subfield_structure where kohafield='items.onloan'  -- does this work
16:55 kados tumer: no!
16:55 tumer so you could not map it than /you meaning the code
16:56 kados yea
16:56 kados who!
16:57 kados select kohafield from marc_subfield_structure where kohafield is not null;
16:57 kados gives a bunch of blanks
16:58 kados and some with values
16:58 kados and duplicates!
16:59 tumer manually add it=> "UPDATE marc_subfeld_structure set kohafeld='items.onloan' where tagfeld='952' and tagsubfield='a'
16:59 tumer duplicates unless have differnt frameworkcodes messes it up
17:00 tumer try: select kohafield from marc_subfield_structure where kohafield<>''
17:03 kados weird
17:03 kados tumer: UPDATE marc_subfield_structure set kohafield='items.onloan' where tagfield='952' and tagsubfield='a';
17:03 kados Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)
17:03 kados Rows matched: 0  Changed: 0  Warnings: 0
17:03 kados select kohafield from marc_subfield_structure where kohafield = 'items.onloan';
17:03 kados Empty set (0.00 sec)
17:03 kados wtf!
17:03 tumer so you do not have 952$a either
17:03 kados ahh ... 952 doesn't exist
17:04 kados 952 b is there, but duplicated
17:04 tumer i thought they use 952
17:04 kados | 952      | b           | homebranch   | homebranch |          0 |         0 | items.homebranch |   10 | branches         |                    |               | NULL    | NULL         |   NULL |  NULL |               | NULL |
17:04 kados | 952      | b           | homebranch   | homebranch |          0 |         0 | items.homebranch |   10 | branches         | NULL               |               |         |              |      0 |     0 |               |      |
17:04 kados so one frameworkcode is null, the other is blank
17:05 kados no, both are blank
17:05 tumer kados thats not normal
17:05 kados so that's got to be the problem
17:06 tumer where do they map items?
17:06 kados 952
17:07 tumer where is it?
17:07 kados where is what?
17:08 tumer you only have 952$b where is the rest
17:08 kados it's all in there
17:08 kados I deleted everything now
17:08 kados marc*structure
17:08 kados and imported thd's framework from rel_2_2
17:08 kados now there are no dupliantes
17:08 kados duplicates even
17:08 kados still no MARC editor :(
17:08 thd kados: you have a frameworkcode column in the biblio table
17:09 tumer thd: it used to be in marc_biblio(deprecetaed) now in biblio
17:10 kados tumer: should I remove it from marc_biblio?
17:10 tumer should not matter. In fact remove the whole table
17:12 tumer marc editor does not rely on neither. No frameworkcode means default frameworkcode
17:12 kados drop table if exists marc_biblio;
17:13 kados no change of course :-0
17:15 thd kados: `bibliothesaurus.father` was changed from char(80) NOT NULL default '' to bigint(20) NOT NULL default '0'
17:15 kados ok, I'm gonna take dinner
17:15 kados I'll come back with a fresh mind
17:16 kados (I hope)
17:16 tumer goodnight all
17:17 thd good night tumer
17:34 kados thd: find anything interesting? :-)
17:34 thd kados: only what I posted above
17:34 thd kados: `bibliothesaurus.father` was changed from char(80) NOT NULL default '' to bigint(20) NOT NULL default '0'
17:35 kados thd: that doesn't seem related does it?
17:35 thd kados: changing data types could be a problem especially if the old default is now invalid
17:36 kados thd: yes, but bibliothesaurus.father isn't used in the marc editor that I'm aware of
17:37 rach man you're a quick eater :-)
17:37 kados rach: :-)
17:38 thd kados: there are also three columns in a different order from previously but Koha code should be careful about naming the columns to be filled
17:38 kados yep
17:38 thd rach: who can eat when some code is broken? :)
17:39 thd rach: or sleep even?
17:41 thd kados: I assume that you no longer have the extra hidden column as indicated by your MySQL dump.
17:45 kados ?
17:45 kados which extra hidden column?
17:46 thd kados: `marc_tag_structure.hidden`
17:47 kados no, no hidden there anymore
17:48 thd kados: the size you have for `systempreferences.value` as varchar (200) will lead to horrible problems with truncated values in the ISBD preference
17:49 thd kados: I have `systempreferences.value` as TEXT
17:49 kados right
17:49 kados but that's unrelated to our current problem :-)
17:50 thd kados: maybe that is a clue.  I know that data size errors have caused Koha to stop functioning when a value was arbitrarily truncated.
17:54 thd kados: I do not see any other data size differences
17:55 kados bbiab
17:55 thd kados: I mostly see that you have extra columns for Zebra
17:56 thd dewey: iab?
17:56 dewey no idea, thd
17:57 thd dewey: shortly?
17:57 dewey thd: wish i knew
17:58 thd dewey: a bit?
17:58 dewey thd: bugger all, i dunno
18:00 thd dewey: has your memory been wiped?
18:00 dewey thd: bugger all, i dunno
18:00 thd apparently ;)
18:46 kados if I switch the codebase back to rel_2_2 I can edit MARC records again :(
18:52 thd kados: I thought that editing was specifically broken in rel_2_2
18:53 thd s/broken/very buggy/
18:53 kados it is
18:53 kados but in dev-week the editor doesn't work at all ... the record doesn't even display :-)
18:53 thd kados: so the only code that works does not work?
18:54 kados thd:[…]mple/
19:19 thd kados: I missed a typo that hid 006.  It is rarely used so it may not matter hugely.  I corrected the problem before but Imagined that I had not created it.
19:20 thd kados: I have committed the correction
19:32 kados thx
03:26 chris evening
07:24 btoumi hi all
08:05 kyle kados: are you around?
08:10 kados kyle: sure am
08:10 kados kyle: what's up?
08:28 btoumi kdaos are u around?
08:28 btoumi sorry kados are u around?
08:29 btoumi kados: are u around?
08:30 kados btoumi: yep
08:30 btoumi hi kados how are u?
08:30 kados pretty good, and you?
08:30 kados so very happy :-)
08:30 kados add / edit / with biblio/items and circ is working :-)
08:30 kados as well as search :-)
08:30 btoumi little sad for french football team but happy for koha team
08:31 kados hehe
08:31 btoumi i have a question about fines
08:31 kados sure
08:31 btoumi i work on it now
08:31 kados great!
08:31 kados fines are a mess IMO :-)
08:31 btoumi and i want to know what is the different possible value for accounttype
08:32 kados right
08:32 btoumi can u help me
08:32 kados chris would be the one to ask ...
08:32 btoumi ?
08:32 kados sorry :-)
08:32 btoumi no problemo;=)
08:34 btoumi but i think there is a lot of work on this part
08:36 btoumi kados: another question for u
08:36 btoumi are u ok?
08:36 kados am I ok?
08:37 kados well ... I'm very tired :-)
08:37 kados but other than that, yes :-)
08:37 kados i will be much more ok when this zebra project is completed
08:37 btoumi ok i make u a promise it's the last question
08:39 btoumi have u ever seen this message =>"Can't locate object method               "_conn" via package "error""
08:40 btoumi when i try to use catalogue menu and try to do a search
08:43 kyle kados: I see there is a notes field in the items table, but I've looked through both the npl and default templates, and cannot find an area actually *add* a note to an item. Am I just not seeing it, or has nobody implemented it in any template set?
08:50 kados kyle: if it is exposed in the framework it will show up in the item editor
08:51 kados btoumi: yes, I have :-)
08:51 kados btoumi: but can't remember where :-) ... maybe google knows
08:51 kyle kados: I just found the notes field in the default template set, but koha never saves the note.
08:52 kados kyle: if it is exposed in the framework it will show up in the item editor
08:52 kados kyle: you need to make sure you have a MARC mapping set up for the itemnotes field
08:52 kados kyle: in your Biblio Framework
08:53 kados kyle: if you do, and the visibility flag for it is correct, it will show up in the item edit screen
08:53 btoumi ok ty and good night kados:
08:53 kyle kados: Thanks for the tip. Also, Cindy wanted to know how to change the instances of Branch Codes into Branch Names in the OPAC
08:54 kados there should be a variable in the template called branchname
08:54 kados just substitute branchcode for branchname
08:55 kyle just to make sure we're on the same page, you mean that any instance of NPL would then be replaced with Nelsonville Public Library?
09:04 kados yep
09:05 kyle excellent, thanks for the info.
09:05 kyle brb, fire drill ; )
10:02 kados hey owen
10:02 kados owen: we're all synched up :-)
10:02 kados owen: there are still a few manual synchs I'm working on
10:02 kados owen: how's it going?
10:04 kados sweet
10:04 owen Encoding seems to be a problem for anyone who tries to do something out of the ordinary!
10:05 kados yea
10:05 owen I'm not sure I understand where dev_week is in the grand scheme of things
10:06 kados ok ... here's my plan
10:06 kados rel_2_2 is very close to 2.2.6
10:06 kados dev_week is rel_2_2 with zebra ... ie, same API as rel_2_2
10:07 kados so dev_week will become rel_2_4 and 2.4
10:07 kados basically, we just need to test it
10:07 kados to make sure everything is working
10:07 kados then, we need to wait on paul to fix some bugs in rel_2_2
10:07 kados merge them in
10:07 kados (like acquisitions)
10:07 kados and we can release 2.4
10:07 kados HEAD is using a completely different API
10:08 kados which will become 3.0 eventually
10:08 kados make sense?
10:09 owen Yeah, I think so.
10:09 kados so our job is to test the heck out of dev_week
10:09 kados we need to make some changes to the templates too
10:10 kados to add the new search API
10:10 kados (the one API that is different in dev_week)
10:10 owen What's the status of the MARC editor?  You said you reverted to a working version but it lacks some of the recently added features?
10:10 kados right
10:10 kados I made a booboo :-)
10:10 kados and reverted rel_2_2 a bit too far back
10:11 kados I'll fix it today
10:12 owen If it was completely broken anyway, maybe it's not a bad thing
10:12 kados yea ... at least it works now
10:13 kados I'm also working on a new framework for NPL
10:13 kados that will be updated tonight
10:56 kados owen: so your plate pretty full at the moment?
10:57 owen I'm just trying to decide what to fill it up with
10:57 kados :-)
10:58 kados we're pretty close to golive as far as NPL's database goes
10:58 kados I've got to spend about half an hour writing an email here in a sec (just had an interesting chat with a company who's looking for an ILS solution)
10:59 kados but when I get back I'd like to start hammering away at testing on zoomkoha and zoomopac
10:59 kados and implementing the stuff we talked about yesterday
10:59 kados statuses and such
10:59 owen Sounds good.
10:59 kados so if you're available to work on that with me, that'd be fantastic :-)
11:01 owen Yes

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