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04:07 btoumi chris are u around?
04:07 chris yep, just chilling out after playing volleyball
04:08 btoumi how are u?
04:08 chris good thanks, how are you?
04:08 btoumi very sade for the french football team
04:09 chris yes, i got up at 6am to watch the game .. it was a real shame
04:10 btoumi i have a question for u chris
04:10 chris fire away
04:10 btoumi i find a function who exist in 2 differents module
04:11 chris ahh, which one?
04:11 btoumi the function is getboracctrecord
04:11 chris hmm right
04:11 btoumi u find in and members.m
04:11 chris right
04:12 chris is it the same in both?
04:12 chris seems like a better place for it
04:12 btoumi yes
04:12 btoumi i think so
04:13 btoumi i hope this function was not called with
04:13 chris i think it probably is in some places, ill have a look for all the places its called
04:14 btoumi i do it now
04:14 chris its in, and
04:15 chris so we just need to check each of those
04:15 chris ill do the 2 opac ones .. you do the other ones :-)
04:16 btoumi i look all files who use this function and they use only from
04:16 chris excellent
04:16 chris thats get rid of the one in then
04:16 chris thats = lets (my typing is bad ive been awake to long hehe)
04:17 btoumi lol
04:17 btoumi good night :=)
04:18 chris good night
04:18 chris nice work spotting the double up
04:18 btoumi ok i delete function in and commit
04:19 btoumi ty
04:25 btoumi chris?
04:25 dewey chris is now too
04:25 chris yes?
04:26 btoumi i make a mistake the come from misc/plugin directory ;=(
04:27 btoumi not from C4
04:27 btoumi i do the change?
04:28 chris hmmm
04:29 chris i think leave it, the plugin directory will be going away soon
04:29 btoumi ok i let this module
04:30 btoumi sorry ;=(
04:30 chris its ok
04:33 btoumi good night :=)
04:33 chris :)
06:08 kados hi all
06:43 kados hmmm, no frenchies about?
06:59 btoumi hi kdaos
06:59 btoumi kados sorry
11:13 kados hey shedges
11:13 shedges hey!
11:14 kados yea?
11:14 kados what on it? :-)
11:14 shedges demo
11:14 kados ahh, right
11:14 kados opac or intranet?
11:15 shedges intranet
11:15 kados cool
11:15 shedges is it using the latest build?
11:15 kados it's running rel_2_2, yes
11:15 kados well ... not quite ...
11:16 kados in some modules (like cataloging) where there are still bugs in rel_2_2
11:16 kados it hasn't been updated
11:16 shedges thinking of using it to revise the users guide before the next official release
11:16 kados but other than that ...
11:16 kados that should work
11:16 shedges (save the effort of keeping my install up to date)
11:16 kados I can't think of anything that's drastically different in rel_2_2
11:16 kados makes sense
11:16 kados actually
11:17 kados lately I've been thinking it might make sense to have demos of nightly CVS builds
11:17 shedges hmmm
11:17 kados so like,
11:17 kados could be useful for developers too
11:18 kados but for now the intranet demo is probably the way to go
11:21 shedges are all these system prefs standard?  ("Demo" is not, right?)
11:23 kados right
11:23 kados let me take a look
11:23 kados the rest are
11:24 shedges some cool stuff!
11:24 kados :-)
11:24 kados yea, the sysprefs were really expanded between 2.2.5 and 2.2.6
11:25 shedges how close are we to 2.2.6 release?
11:25 kados the stylesheets are, in my opinion, one of the coolest
11:25 kados there are still some bugs
11:25 kados we've got a list here:
11:25 kados
11:25 kados plus there are MARC editor bugs introduced into CVS lately
11:25 kados once those are fixed we'll do a release
11:26 kados and 2.4 is rel_2_2 + zebra
11:26 kados so soon after 2.2.6 is releaed we'll ahve a 2.4.0 release
11:28 shedges ...which will not look all that different to the librarian, right?
11:29 shedges no new system prefs, anyway
11:31 shedges hi owen
11:32 shedges (sorry was on the phone when you waved)
11:32 shedges I hear you have moved to a new office.
11:32 shedges soon to be the NPL CIO?
11:34 shedges kados:  any problem if I change the demo template to default now and then?
11:34 shedges I want to start working on the docs for the new system prefs, and I'll need some screen shots
11:34 kados shedges: nope
11:34 kados shedges: it will only stay that way for an hour though :-)
11:35 shedges I'll change back when I'm done anyway
11:35 kados shedges: there's a cron job that resets the sysprefs every hour
11:35 shedges great idea
11:35 kados yea, otherwise we need to check it manually every day to see what funkyness people do
11:35 kados (like deleting sysprefs :-))
11:38 kados heh ...
11:38 kados actually ... there are no default template :-)
11:38 kados templates even
11:38 kados we disabled them because they're so ugly :-)
11:39 shedges you're right!
11:40 kados shedges: tell ya what ... I'll set up that rel22 one right now
11:40 kados I'll ping you when it's ready
11:44 kados shedges:
11:44 kados shedges: user: admin passwd: liblime
11:45 kados shedges: it's a completely blank db ... no records in it
11:45 kados 4 minutes ... not too shabby :-)
11:46 owen shedges: yeah, I'm moving into what was your old office, I think :)
11:47 owen I may or may not get a desk!
11:47 kados :-)
11:48 shedges you don' need no stinkin' desk!
11:48 kados hehe
11:49 shedges thanks, kados!
11:51 shedges ...a little too 3-D for my taste.
11:51 kados hehe
11:53 kados on the NPL template
11:54 shedges and no way to switch back (without putting "tab=Intranet" the URL)
11:54 shedges back to npl -- that's better
11:55 shedges Thanks, kados, I'll work from that install.

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