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12:00 cm hey kados--I was just wondering if there's still the incompatibility with mysql 5.
12:01 cm i'm installing koha (the zebra version from your instructions) on ubuntu and 5 is the default.
12:03 cm 4.1 is in universe though, so I can switch if need be.
12:16 kados yea, I'd stick with 4.1
12:17 kados at least wtih 4.1 you get the encoding support
12:17 cm okay, thanks.  I'll let you know how it all goes.  :)
12:17 kados cm:[…]ncodingscratchpad
12:18 kados cm: that will tell you how to set up your my.cnf for utf8
12:18 kados cm: some of the standard distros aren't set up currectly
12:18 kados cm: also, as a normal user, run:
12:18 kados echo $LANG
12:18 kados if what you get back isn't 'UTF-8'
12:19 kados you should reconfigure localse
12:19 kados locales even
12:19 kados dpkg-reconfigure locales
12:19 kados should do the trick
12:20 cm thanks.  LANG is en_US.UTF-8.  
12:21 kados nice
12:21 kados you're all set then
12:21 kados just make sure mysql is set up right
12:21 cm yep.  I do like ubuntu.  :)
12:21 kados :-)
12:21 kados also, make sure you are converting your MARC to utf-8
12:21 kados from marc-8
12:22 cm how do I do that?
12:23 kados you'll need to use the MARC::* suite
12:23 kados but before you do so, I'd make sure your SAX parser is set up right
12:23 kados here's a thread you should read:
12:23 kados
12:23 kados :-)
12:24 thd cm: does it automatically if you have a CVS checkout from rel_2_2 in the past couple of months
12:24 kados yea, but if I were you, I'd preprocess it first
12:25 kados because if there are any errors, you won't notice them with bulkmarcimport
12:25 cm good to know.
12:25 kados you can think of the scripts in Koha as examples
12:25 thd cm: kados Is right. I should commit some preprocessing scripts soon
12:26 kados they really need to be customized for each migration
12:26 thd kados: yes but there should be at least one generic script for modification
12:26 thd kados: as an example
12:27 kados is a fairly good example
12:27 thd kados: what directory is that in
12:27 kados it's not committed
12:27 kados it's in the /public/ dir on
12:28 kados though it needs updating I see
12:28 kados doesn't check leader lenght
12:29 cm thanks guys for the pointers.  got to get back to it now.
12:30 thd kados: what protocol is used for the liblime public directory?
12:37 thd kados: listing the liblime public directory contents is forbidden
12:37 thd kados: that would be semi-public
12:48 thd kados: are you still there?
13:28 thd kados: are you there?
13:30 thd kados: if not I will try to find you again later :)
13:31 kados thd: I'm here
13:33 thd /msg kados kados: records need to be able to come out of Koha losslessly for me to be able to market it in good faith
13:35 thd kados: are you still here?
13:42 kados yes
13:43 kados in 2.4, records are stored in their entirity in one sql field
13:43 kados so that shouldn't be a problem
13:57 thd kados: does the record blob change as it is edited or is it only filled on initial import.
13:59 thd kados: I mean the record blob stored in an SQL database.
14:08 kados it is changed as it is edited
16:49 MrDys so...I'd like to start helping with this project
16:50 MrDys who do I talk to about that?
16:51 kados MrDys: what's the project?
16:52 MrDys ...koha
16:53 kados MrDys: really?
16:53 dewey really are quite different
16:53 kados MrDys: :-)
16:53 kados MrDys: so how can we help?
16:53 MrDys more can I help?
16:53 kados ahh
16:54 kados there's lots to do :-)
16:54 kados in what way would you like to help?
16:54 MrDys's my story
16:55 MrDys I'm currently in library school
16:55 kados excellent
16:55 kados we need more librarians involved in the tech side of things
16:55 MrDys my undergrad degree was in IT with a focus on web applications development/usability
16:55 MrDys and library school just isn't tickling that itch right now
16:55 kados :-)
16:55 kados I run
16:56 kados send me a resume: jmf AT liblime DOT com
16:56 MrDys so I'd like to kinda work on this as a way to meld the two worlds
16:56 kados seriously :-)
16:56 MrDys ...if  you say so
16:57 kados we've got a few positions opening up
16:57 kados and always looking for programmers with a library background :-)
16:58 kados so ... back to how you can help
16:58 kados usability testing would be one way
16:58 chris bug fixing is another
16:58 kados yep
17:00 MrDys alrighty
17:03 MrDys I'm working on setting up a local installation
17:04 mason i could always do with some help on my personal project...
17:04 mason porting koha to run on Vbasic and access
17:04 MrDys yow
17:04 dewey And furthermore, my bowling average is unimpeachable!!!
17:04 mason lol L)
17:05 chris mrdys: friday morning humour ... its been a long wet week for us nzers :-)
17:05 mason a seriously underrated development framework
17:05 MrDys hehe it's very much thursday afternoon here in vancouver
17:06 mason yow
17:06 dewey Gibble, Gobble, we ACCEPT YOU ...
17:06 chris have you seen ?
17:06 russ crikey dewey is on form today
17:06 kados hehe
17:10 MrDys got a bugzilla account
17:10 chris cool
17:45 MrDys are any bugs up for grabs or is it just the assignee or what?
19:34 thd MrDys: please fix all the bugs, nevermind to whom they are assigned
19:34 MrDys hehe okay
19:37 thd MrDys: once you are done fixing the bugs, I will report some more bugs, including all the new bugs that your fixes will have introduced :)
19:37 mason_ and dont forget about my Vbasic port!
02:13 ToinS hello world
02:16 Burgundavia hey ToinS
07:21 kados wow, ToinS is really cooking on the commits :-)
07:21 ToinS hehe
07:21 kados ToinS++ :-)
07:21 ToinS yep
07:33 kados ToinS: have you looked at the holiday management feature in HEAD?
07:33 ToinS kados: no
07:33 ToinS kados: why ?
07:33 kados just wondering
07:33 ToinS ok
07:39 johnb Kados: Is someone working on holiday management?
07:54 ToinS salut alaurin
07:54 alaurin salut, tu vas bien ??
08:15 kados ToinS: when will paul be back?
08:15 kados ToinS: I have some additional information about how budget-based acquisitions are buggy in rel_2_2
08:16 ToinS kados: in fact, he is back now... BUT he has no internet connection yet
08:16 kados ahh
08:16 kados :-)
08:16 ToinS he hopes, he can have one on monday
08:16 ToinS but not sure
08:16 kados I have been working with a client to define bugs in 226:
08:16 kados
08:17 kados with descriptions from a non-tech POV
08:17 kados (I will show the client how to use bugzilla next time :-))
08:22 kados morning owen
08:22 owen Hi kados
08:23 kados youre in early :-)
08:23 kados and from NPL by the IP address :-)
08:23 owen In The Plains today, so I'm 9-5.
08:23 kados ahh ... right
09:03 kados ToinS: is there any way to delete a supplier from the order page in budget based acquisitions?
09:08 ToinS kados: i'm not sure to understand, what is this page ? (order page in bugdet base acqui ???)
09:09 kados ToinS: is hdl around?
09:09 ToinS i don't know...
09:09 kados ToinS: it's this page: /cgi-bin/koha/acqui/
09:10 ToinS ah ok
09:11 ToinS it could be easy to code the function to delete a supplier from here..
09:13 kados ToinS: does that mean that no library using koha now has ever deleted a supplier? :-)
09:15 ToinS hehe.. I don't know... I'm 4 days old on the koha code.... and still now, i've never seen this feature !
09:15 ToinS perhaps it's could be great i add this function on
09:17 kados so i've not spent much time looking
09:17 kados we have one client intereste now
09:18 kados but there are several things about it that are confusing (like not being able to delete a supplier)
09:18 kados (and and the doesn't contain the details of the basket number, managed by, open on, or invoice number)
09:19 kados and why when you add a new supplier does it pre-populate the form with the previous supplier's data?
09:19 ToinS still now i'v worked on and
09:20 kados right
09:20 ToinS next on acquisitions
09:20 kados cool
09:20 ToinS so, soon i can answer with much precision
09:20 kados ok :-)
09:21 kados owen: in the default template, adding a new supplier doesn't pre-populate the form with the previous supplier's data
09:21 owen ?
09:22 kados owen: ok ...
09:23 kados owen:[…]erid=8&op=display
09:23 kados owen: I tried creating a new supplier with the default template
09:24 kados owen: and the details page for the supplier works correctly
09:24 kados cancel that last sentence
09:25 kados when you create a new supplier using the NPL templates, the details from a previously created supplier are in the form
09:25 kados ToinS: I've confirmed that even with default templates, when you create a new vendor, the basket info is not properly filled out
09:27 kados ahh ...
09:27 kados but when you create an 'order line' the 'open on' and 'for' are populated
09:36 kados hmmm
09:37 kados well I can add to an order
09:37 kados and it shows up in the opac
09:37 kados so that's good
09:39 kados owen: there are some js bugs on the screen as well
09:39 kados f.elements[currency] has no properties
09:40 owen It would be great if you could go ahead and file bugs as you see them. That would help me keep track.
09:40 kados part of the problem is I'm not sure they are bugs :-)
09:41 kados it could be operator error :-)
09:41 owen Well, a js error isn't operator error!
09:42 kados true :-)
10:00 owen I committed a fix, kados
10:03 kados thx
10:04 kados owen: what's the fix for>
10:04 owen both issues you just mentioned
10:05 owen the js bug and the new supplier thing
10:05 kados ahh, cool
10:05 kados you're fast :-)
10:05 kados so from the top
10:06 kados I add a new supplier
10:07 kados any idea what the 'publishers and imprints' option is about?
10:07 kados also, if GST is set to 0, it shouldn't show up in the list IMO
10:07 kados since in the US, there's no such thing as GST
10:07 kados (I think)
10:08 kados 2. I add an order
10:08 kados a. from existing record
10:08 owen Publishers and Imprints: I think that means what different publisher names fall under the heading of that supplier
10:09 kados what is the invoice number for?
10:09 kados when adding an order
10:10 kados (BTW: still getting the js errors in NPL templates)
10:10 owen same page?
10:10 kados yea
10:12 owen The same "showPanel" error?
10:12 owen (in the Javascript console)
10:12 kados I put in quantity '1'
10:12 kados and hit tab
10:12 kados and I get:
10:12 kados Error: f.elements[currency] has no properties
10:12 kados Source File:[…]no=&biblio=106226
10:12 kados Line: 147
10:12 owen Oh, sorry, I missed that one.
10:13 kados then, I type 12.00 in 'supplier's list price'
10:13 kados and tab and I get:
10:13 kados same message
10:17 owen Does that work in the default template?
10:18 owen :) Nope.
10:19 kados seems to be the same in both
10:23 kados I guess I dont' understand why you'd have a 'actual cost' listed when you are entering in a new item
10:23 kados as well as an 'invoice number'
10:23 kados wouldn't those be entered in when you recieved the item?
10:23 kados and invoice number seems to be marked mandatory with a *
10:23 kados but where are those invoice numbers supposed to be coming from?
10:24 owen No idea.
10:24 kados and when I enter one it
10:24 kados it doesn't show up on the basket details
10:24 kados and comes out as an 'order number'
10:24 kados[…]
10:24 kados (I entered in '12' as the invoice number when I created that line in the order
10:25 kados the math seems to be working :-)
10:26 kados and how to do you add budgets and bookfunds?
10:26 kados this acquisitions system could use a bit of loving in terms of navigation links
10:26 owen In system prefs
10:26 kados ahh book funds
10:27 kados so there are several book funds defined, why aren't they showing up?
10:27 kados weird
10:27 owen I'm not going to try to puzzle out this javascript. I'll let someone who knows how it should work tackle it.
10:28 kados sure
10:28 kados hopefully that's paul :-)
10:29 kados[…]admin/
10:29 kados there are two lines for branch
10:29 kados and neither one of them has a dropdown
10:29 kados is that a bug?
10:30 kados ok, creating a new budget with correct date ranges seems to work
10:31 owen Hm.... the default template doesn't even have the branch fields
10:31 kados maybe just delete them then?
10:33 kados owen: the 'receive' link here:
10:34 kados doesn't seem to be loading the recieve page correctly
10:34 kados try clicking on the one next to 'Josh's Book Supplies'
10:34 kados it loads a different supplier
10:34 kados and clicking on 'manage orders'
10:35 kados doesn't pull up any orders :-)
10:35 kados ahh ... probably due to the '
10:35 kados that's a bug :-)
10:36 kados the 'created by' feature doesn't seem to do anything
10:36 kados in the help file it says there is a place to enter in a name
10:36 kados but I've never seen that
10:36 kados it seems like it would be a nice feature
10:39 kados part of the problem is that their seem to be so many different names for things
10:39 kados it's very confusing
10:39 kados so is an order equivilent to a basket/
10:40 kados ahh
10:40 kados so you have an order
10:41 kados and you can add items to the order
10:41 kados seems like order and basket are the same
10:41 kados why have two names?
10:42 kados so seems like we can add to orders via suggestions, records, or create new minimal records for them
10:43 kados and all three ways koha creates new records that can be reserved from the OPAC
10:43 kados creating a new budget works
10:43 kados so now how abotu receiving
10:44 kados right ... this is the bug where it won't pull up the right supplier
10:49 owen The 'receive' link is corrected now in CVS
10:50 owen someone had changed 'id' to 'supplierid' at some point and I missed it.
10:50 kados cool
10:50 kados it's busted in default too
10:52 kados ok, working in NPL
10:52 kados but ...
10:52 kados I'm not sure what to do with the page once it loads
10:53 kados it wants 'parcel code', GST, and Freight
10:53 kados right
10:53 kados so entered in some random data
10:54 kados[…]6&gst=1&freight=3
10:54 kados 0 bibliographic records received
10:54 kados also, invoice, received by, date are not filled at the top of the page
10:55 kados and the 'pending orders' section is confusing since I think that was the order I just received :-)
10:55 owen Same in the default template
10:55 kados yea, it didn't update the status of the order
10:56 kados I don't see how any library could
10:56 kados it plainly doesn't work
10:56 kados so Koha does not have acquisitions
10:57 kados and we should be saying it does :-)
10:57 kados s/should/shouldn't/
10:57 kados sigh
10:58 kados ToinS: do you know if any of paul's libraries use budget-based acquisitions?
10:58 kados interesting
10:58 kados I'm getting some errors in the logs:
10:58 kados [Fri Jul 07 05:43:48 2006] [error] [client] DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref failed: fetch() without execute() at /home/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 1188., referer:
10:58 kados [Fri Jul 07 05:47:19 2006] [error] [client] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'and datereceived is not null group by aqorders.booksellerinvoice at /home/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 1186., referer:
10:58 kados [Fri Jul 07 05:47:19 2006] [error] [client] DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref failed: fetch() without execute() at /home/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 1188., referer:
10:59 kados no errors when receiving an order though
11:07 kados ok ... well no sense in proceeding on acquisitions until we hear back from palu
11:07 kados paul even
11:07 kados I think
11:07 kados owen: got some time to talk about item statuses?
11:07 kados owen: I know NPL has some requests with regards to that
11:11 owen Yes
11:15 kados owen: so can you encapsulate the needs? :-)
11:15 owen Alright, give me a sec to think on it
11:15 owen Okay, take the inventory situation, for example
11:16 owen That's a situation where we'd like to be able to have a new status, something beyond Lost and Cancelled.
11:16 kados right
11:16 kados so 'on order'
11:16 kados for instance
11:16 kados also, probably want one for 'damaged'
11:16 kados right?
11:17 owen Yes. It would be nice to be able to set up custom statuses and say, for instance, whether items with that status should appear in the OPAC.
11:17 kados gotcha
11:17 kados now ... I _think_ koha claims to be able to do this in the rel_2_2 branch
11:17 kados the question is, does it work :-)
11:17 owen With itemcallnumber?
11:17 kados no
11:18 kados in the framework
11:18 kados you map 'notforloan'
11:18 kados to an authorized value
11:18 kados and in the authorized value
11:18 kados you specify all the status codes (numeric) and descriptions (text)
11:19 kados and statuses > 0 can't be seen in the OPAC
11:19 kados at least that's the advertised functionality
11:19 kados as I understand it
11:19 kados so we should do some tests
11:19 kados to see if it works
11:19 kados fix it if it doesn
11:19 kados t
11:19 kados and make it simpler to change the statuses
11:20 kados SMFPL has the same requirements
11:20 kados and they're sponsoring the work :-)
11:20 kados so I've got time to spend on this
11:20 kados yay
11:24 owen if it does work, then the issue is how to easily change statuses without editing the records
11:24 kados right
11:24 kados should be simple enough
11:24 kados could add a drop-down box to
11:25 kados owen: how does your 'make lost' work?
11:25 kados owen: the button ...
11:25 kados owen: does it set the hardcoded status field in Koha's items table?
11:28 owen Yes
11:30 kados owen: don't you want newly ordered items to show up in the catalog?
11:33 kados ahh ... you want the biblios to show up
11:33 kados not the items though
11:33 kados until they arrive
11:33 kados right?
11:36 kados owen:[…]
11:36 kados owen: changed the status, at least it shows up in the OPAC
11:36 kados (the status I mean)
11:36 kados owen: and you can't reserve it
11:36 kados owen: so I think it's working
11:39 kados owen: the hidelostitems syspref isn't working
11:39 kados owen: but the status changing is
11:39 kados owen: so it's just a template job
11:39 kados owen: I propose we create a new syspref
11:39 kados owen: called 'OpacHidenotforloan'
11:40 kados owen: because I think 'hidelostitems' is for legitimately lost items
11:40 kados owen: make sense to you?
11:41 kados hehe
11:41 kados nope, it doesn't work
11:43 owen But what does 'not for loan' cover?
11:44 kados well ...
11:44 kados you've got up to 9 values that mean
11:44 kados 'can't make a reserve and can't issue'
11:44 kados and 9 values that don't do anything
11:44 kados the negitive numbers
11:44 kados hmmm
11:44 kados cancel that
11:45 kados as currently programmed, they all weill set it to 'can't make reserve and can't issue'
11:45 kados so I've got authoried values set up for:
11:45 kados 1 => damaged
11:45 kados 2 => on order
11:45 kados guess the on order bit isn't really quite right
11:46 kados as you wouldn't be adding an item
11:46 kados anyway
11:46 kados but I think damaged will work the way we want
11:47 kados what statuses does NPL need and what should they do?
11:47 kados damaged => don't show up in OPAC, can't reserve, can't issue
11:47 kados what else?
11:54 owen What about in-transit?
11:55 kados good one
11:55 kados while we're on the topic
11:55 kados do you understand how HLT does in transit and transfers?
11:55 kados is that opening a can of worms?
11:55 kados :-)
11:56 owen I don't know
11:57 owen How do they do it?
11:59 kados dunno
11:59 kados :-)
11:59 owen I don't think they /do/ handle in transit. I think that's the problem

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