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12:03 thd kados: are you there?
12:04 kados thd: yes
12:05 thd kados: why would Encode::decode be needed to pass the content of a string if there is no need to parse the actual characters in the string?
12:06 kados thd:[…]ode-struggle.html
12:59 thd kados: will there be a development meeting today?
13:22 kados thd: I don't have time today for that :-)
13:22 kados thd: working on Koha 2.4 today :-)
13:22 thd kados: are the meetings going to resume? :)
13:26 kados thd: :-)
13:26 kados thd: also, paul isn't around
13:26 kados thd: maybe next week
13:26 kados thd: if you have something to discuss I'd be happy to discuss it with you
13:27 thd kados: I will wait until you are less busy and I have something to report from some tests
13:37 thd kados: do you know that delete subfields is missing from the current CVS version of MARC::Record?
13:38 thd or delete subfields does not build
14:55 johnb In case anyone is interested France 1 Portugal 0 at halftime
14:57 chris yep i got up early to watch it ... but im gonna miss the second half .. have tech meeting
16:55 kados chris:[…]ncodingscratchpad
16:55 kados chris: what we need to do is put together a very simple test case
16:55 kados chris: that demonstrates our encoding problems
16:56 kados chris: so we can test and test on it until we find a solution
18:50 thd kados: I sent you some records to add
20:35 kados thd: thanks
20:37 thd kados: let me know when I can edit them
20:45 kados thd: do I need to check these records for validity?
20:45 kados thd: once I import them they can't be removed :-)
20:46 kados thd: ok, they checked out with marcdump
20:46 kados thd: ok, they are loaded ... knock yourself out :-)
20:47 thd kados: those records are perfect I had MARC::Charset cleanse the the 5 subfields with some bad encodings
20:47 kados excellent
20:47 thd kados: therefore, one has a nameless author
20:47 thd kados: only his birth and death dates are left :)
20:48 kados :-)
20:51 tumer kados:is your system runnig with zebra now,editor, authorities etc
20:52 kados tumer: no authorities
20:52 kados tumer: but the editor works
20:52 kados tumer: I haven't checked circ yet
20:52 kados tumer: I'm trying to get a good process together for upgrading
20:52 kados tumer: it's a tough puzzle
20:52 kados tumer: could take something like 14 hours :-)
20:52 tumer ???
20:53 tumer for a sytem with 100k record should not be more than 3 hrs
20:54 kados well, there is quite a lot that needs to be done
20:54 kados for instance, the records need to be fixed
20:54 kados lots of preprocessing on them to repair missing leaders, fixed fields, etc. from previous versions of Koha that had data loss
20:54 tumer so you think everybosy has missing 090 fields
20:54 kados plus missing 090 fields
20:55 kados yes, even brand new installs have missing 090 fields :-)
20:55 kados there is obviously a pretty substantial bug somewhere
20:55 tumer well i thought i fixed that in dev_week
20:56 kados yes, but I'm not migrating from dev_week :-)
20:56 tumer anyway good luck. I did not understand this merging of rel_2_2 to head
20:57 tumer its just bringing in all the unnecesary  bibids and so on
20:57 kados tumer: speaking of which
20:57 tumer i thought we were supposed to merge dev_week
20:58 kados tumer: I don't feel up to the task of merging stuff from dev-week into HDA
20:58 kados HEAD
20:58 kados because HEAD's API is quite different
20:58 kados I don't really see how it would even be possible
20:58 tumer well to tell the truth i hate HEAD at the moment
20:58 kados without a serious investment in programming
20:58 kados hehe
20:58 kados tumer: do tell
20:59 tumer it requires rethought and reengineering
21:00 tumer if we are going zebra way we have to rediscuss what HEAD is supposed to be
21:01 tumer database structure etc has to be modified deeply
21:01 tumer which will break  everything anyway.
21:02 tumer btw i have async zebra updating but i cannot do async searches. have you got anything working?
21:04 thd tumer: doesn't your Z39.50 client do async searches?
21:05 thd tumer: just point that code at your Zebra server
21:05 tumer it does but i cannot fork it to receive results as they become available
21:06 thd tumer: you mean it must wait until it has the full result set or the connection times out?
21:06 tumer yep
21:08 thd tumer: I have not studied the forking magic closely to know how that actually functions.
21:08 tumer thd:neither did i
21:09 thd tumer: I tried your today
21:09 tumer thd: and???
21:10 thd tumer: well it did not uncorrupt a couple of records which were corrupted before I obtained them
21:11 thd tumer: it did no harm to the other records but I had missed the recent problems with MARC::Record
21:12 tumer thd:its not only a matter or corruptig records but also corrupting template displays
21:12 thd tumer: I had failed to pay attention to the fact that now needs to be so my updates were not updating.
21:13 tumer thd:i can definitely say that everyday i find new characters of MARC8 from LC that convert to some undisplayable character with MARC::Charset
21:14 thd tumer: I found a backwards compatibility bug with MARC::File::delete_subfileds() in the most recent MARC::Record
21:14 tumer any character of that sort is very likely to break records
21:15 tumer thd:so you mean they forgot it? or it needs to be implemented
21:15 thd tumer: Ed Summers was kind enough to replace the now deprecated delete_subfileds() function which had been removed
21:16 tumer so if i update is it there?
21:16 thd tumer: delete_subfield() is the new more flexible replacement
21:17 tumer ok
21:17 tumer thd: good-night i have to get some sleep
21:18 thd tumer: but yes if you update now either it is there or there as a backwards compatible symlink from delete_subfileds() to delete_subfield()
21:18 thd good night tumer
22:00 mason joshua: u about?
22:01 mason im just looking at this barcode.pdf bug
22:17 mason .
22:17 mason im heading out for a mad errand dash, back in 40-50 mins
07:45 slef Anyone here know how to eat turron non-messily?
08:48 kados heh
08:49 kados really need to eat them in the bath or in the ocean :-)
10:57 cm kados, are you in?  i have a quick question.
11:13 kados cm: yep
11:13 kados cm: what's up?
11:19 kados cm: I'll be back in about an hour

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