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16:27 tumer kados are you awake?
16:43 kados thd: yep
16:43 kados thd: I'm working on refining the Zebra install process
16:43 kados thd:[…]ingzebraplugin226
16:49 kados thd: what's up?
17:31 Burgundavia hmm, dead today
18:50 thd kados: were you asking for me or tumer?
02:05 ToinS hi all
03:55 hdl hello
04:03 ToinS salut hdl
04:04 hdl hello Toins Comment ?
04:04 ToinS ca va
04:05 ToinS j'ai une erreur quand je tente de commiter
04:06 ToinS j'ai => cvs commit: sticky tag 'HEAD' for file 'C4/...' is not a branch
04:28 alaurin bonjour a tous .....
04:29 alaurin petite question pratique, je suis en train de faire une interface qui fais appel à des images en gif : mais sur la version HEAD, je n'ai pas de dossier "/images"
04:29 alaurin dois-je le recréer ??????????????
04:34 ToinS moi je dirai oui ...
04:47 alaurin ok, merci, je vais la faire, au pire, on pourra toujours l'enlever aprés .....
06:58 kados tumer: morning
06:58 kados tumer:[…]ingzebraplugin226
06:59 kados tumer: I'm about to walk through that document step by step and identify whether it's accurate (on a completely new server0
07:00 tumer morning kados, good like in the mean time i'll read the doc.
10:12 kados ToinS: you around?
10:12 ToinS yep
10:12 kados ToinS:[…]ingzebraplugin226
10:12 kados ToinS: you may find that useful if you want to work on zebra-related stuff for UNIMARC
10:13 ToinS ok great
10:21 thd ToinS: where has paul gone and when will he return?
10:23 ToinS thd: paul is moving in his new house...
10:23 ToinS i don't know when he will return
10:23 thd ToinS: yes, I remember now
10:24 ToinS may be tomorow
10:24 ToinS on afternoon
10:25 thd ToinS: do you know anything about the invitation he had to write a paper about the Koha development process?
10:25 thd s/the/his/
10:25 ToinS i think he is not interresting by this invitation
10:26 ToinS but not sure
10:26 thd ToinS: I understand that he was not very interested but do you know anything more about it?
10:27 ToinS i just know that it's for a magazine called "programmation sous linux" (linux programming)
10:28 ToinS and he has to write 12 pages about koha in general
10:29 thd ToinS: this is a popular periodical or an academic journal?
10:29 ToinS paul says no
10:30 ToinS it's a little unknown magazine !
10:31 thd ToinS: that is what I was interested in knowing.  I wanted to know if finding someone else to write the article would be better for the prestige of Koha.
10:32 tumer kados:how did install go?
10:32 kados tumer: still working on it :-)
10:32 thd ToinS: If it is an unknown magazine, it is not likely to have a noticeable effect.
10:33 kados tumer: wrote some scripts to automate it and such
10:33 ToinS right
10:33 tumer ++
10:33 ToinS thd: here is the website of the magazine :
10:33 kados tumer: I think the main thing that remains for dev-week is cleanup of the npl templates
10:33 ToinS avaibale in french & german :-/
10:33 kados tumer: and I propose that Owen does that :-)
10:33 tumer clean-up?
10:33 kados well ... change to use the new search, etc.
10:34 kados copy the search to intranet
10:34 tumer oh yes and by the way addbiblio.tmpl should removw those question marks now that dont work
10:34 kados tumer: btw: did you see the new faceted search results demo?
10:35 tumer i did not check today
10:35 kados do any search
10:35 thd kados: what is new?
10:35 kados and pay attention to the left-hand  of the screen
10:35 kados thd: nothing new yet
10:35 kados thd: I just didn't remember if tumer had seen it
10:36 kados tumer: my guess is that it's a 'must have' feature for your libraries ;-)
10:37 tumer kados:you seem to talk with ID quite often. Canyou ask how do i search 2 zebra databases at the same time for biblionumbers?
10:37 tumer how to configure that?
10:37 thd more must have features for libraries:[…]
10:38 kados tumer: use the asynchronous mode for searching 2 dbs
10:38 kados tumer: hang on I've got a code snip I wrote
10:39 tumer kados: i need something better than async
10:39 tumer something like JOIN we use in SQL
10:40 thd tumer: what is wrong with async that requires something better?
10:40 tumer well may be i did not understand this async well enough
10:41 kados tumer:
10:41 kados tumer: ahh ... you mean 'merged result sets'
10:41 kados tumer: can't do that in zebra yet
10:41 tumer btw:this subject thesaurus is very nice how did you get that?
10:42 thd tumer: what does JOIN allow that async does not provide adequately?
10:42 kados tumer: but we could do it with the new ID metasearch proxy
10:42 kados tumer: very simple to do :-)
10:42 kados tumer: just done in perl :-)
10:42 kados tumer: soon as it works the way I want (with categories) I"ll commit it
10:43 tumer and this ID metasearch proxy? I thought i cracked zebra it is it vice versa?
10:43 thd kados: look at the examples in the link I provided just now above
10:43 kados tumer: the new metasearch proxy hasn't been released
10:44 kados feel free to ping support@ id and ask your question ... but please cc me
10:44 kados thd: I will when I have time :-)
10:44 kados thd: first step is to finalize what already works :-)
10:44 thd kados: much of them can be done even without actual authorities
10:44 kados thd: before my clients have a conniption
10:45 thd kados: what is a conniption?
10:45 kados tumer: quick question
10:45 kados thd: A fit of violent emotion, such as anger or panic.
10:45 kados tumer: is the authorities stuff working in dev-week?
10:46 tumer kados: authorities i believe is broken everywhere with this new templates
10:46 thd what authorities stuff?
10:46 kados tumer: but besides the searching, does zebra store authorities, etc.?
10:47 kados tumer: I assume we can easily add the authorities search ... but what I'm wondering about it is authorities management
10:47 tumer kados:zebra side of authorities does work, searching stroring etc
10:47 kados ahh
10:47 kados what would it take to fix it?
10:48 tumer i have been trying i couldn't
10:48 tumer i asked hdl to check it
10:48 tumer its the general concept of authorities that getting broken somewhere
10:49 thd kados: storing, and searching.  Is that what you meant by the authorities stuff?
10:49 kados thd: yep :-)
10:50 tumer with these new cloned subfields and everything authorities do not get transfered to biblio template correctly
10:51 tumer kados: is it possible for you to have 2 accented characters on your serach result template. That way i can test whether your system works or not
10:51 thd kados: I think the problem that tumer is identifying is the fact that working MARC editor code has not been committed to the authorities editor or  fully to any editor,
10:52 kados tumer: how would I do that?
10:52 tumer also you will be able to se any funny doings wich you are missing with all the ASCI characters that you have
10:54 tumer kados:copy any accented character open a template and wrtite TEST:<paste your character> any where there is a label
10:54 kados tumer: I already imported turkish records
10:54 thd tumer: do 2 accented characters exhibit different behaviour from one accented character?
10:54 tumer oh no !
10:54 tumer so that it does not stay lonely
10:55 tumer kados: if you remember the characters on the template gets broken not the record
10:55 kados right
10:56 tumer kados: the search term was double encoded
10:57 tumer which you missed until i pointed it to you, but whole of my template becomes like that because its in Turkish
10:58 tumer thats why if have an accented character on the template you can always notice the peculiarities going on
10:59 tumer thd:i now reduced it to one character but lonely:-)
11:00 thd tumer: you mean that the effect is the same for multiple characters but more noticeable.
11:00 kados tumer: remind me of a term I can search on
11:01 kados tumer: to pull up accented chars :-)
11:01 tumer yasa
11:03 tumer i have to go to dinner now. I'll check late in the evening.See you all
11:07 kados too bad, I just fixed it :-)
11:07 kados for future ref
11:07 kados add:
11:07 kados use Encode;
11:07 kados my $ccl_query = decode utf8 => $query->param('ccl_query');
11:08 kados thd: is it working correctly for you on zoomopac?
11:10 kados hmmm ...
11:10 kados not entirely it seems
11:11 kados but it might be OSX
11:11 kados the special O in Orneklerle is working
11:11 kados but the s with the tail isn't
11:11 thd kados: it is just the same for me as previously
11:12 kados weird
11:13 thd kados: I was using power search, not CQL
11:13 thd a/CQL/CCL/
11:15 thd kados: the special 'O' did not even work for me searching for the title use attribute with power search
11:17 thd s/work/work to display the query string correctly in the results page/
11:20 kados ahh
11:20 kados thd: I only fixed for the CCL Simpleton search :-)
11:22 thd kados: I thought that I had understood that from your code posting but maybe that was only an example of what to do for everything similar
11:26 thd kados: the problem seems to be fixed for the simpleton search except that I see the wrong character in the search string reported on the result set page.  Maybe that is the X-windows font problem.  Does the 'O' in the query string and the result really look identical to you?
11:28 kados thd: yes
11:28 kados thd: but the s is corrupted, though that maybe the fault of OSX
11:28 thd kados: my query string 'O' looks more like an O with an umlaut than a transposed Q in the record
11:28 kados i wonder what happens if we entity encode them
11:29 thd kados: look carefully and see if the 'O' does not match my description.
11:32 thd kados: in my experience, Safari had significant problems displaying font information correctly
11:33 thd kados: and I include even with just ASCII characters being inappropriately all bold or all capital.

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