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12:00 tumer sorry forget that
12:00 kados Warning: something's wrong at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 438.
12:00 kados Use of uninitialized value in list assignment at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.4/ line 289.
12:00 kados Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.4/ line 295.
12:00 kados Error 10000: Connect failed
12:01 tumer are yo sure koha strats using koha.xml and not something else like old koha.conf
12:01 kados hmmm
12:01 kados I've got:
12:01 kados SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/koha/etc/koha.xml"
12:02 tumer in apache configuration it has to be renamed as koha.xml or rename koha.xml to koha.conf
12:02 kados in my apache virtual host
12:03 kados I tried copying koha.xml to koha.conf
12:03 kados no change
12:03 tumer but in apache virtual host what does it say
12:03 kados SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/koha/etc/koha.xml"
12:04 tumer just for an interim measure can you put actual values in your port number hostname etc
12:05 kados sure
12:05 tumer $Zconn=new ZOOM::Connection($context->config("hostname"),$po​rt,databaseName=>$context->{"config"}->{$server},
12:05 tumer preferredRecordSyntax => "USmarc",elementSetName=> "F");
12:06 kados hmmm
12:06 kados just a sec
12:06 kados my ($tcp,$host,$port)=split /:/,$context->{"listen"}->{$server}->{"content"};
12:07 kados it's $context->{"listen"}->{$server}->{"content"} that's not working I think
12:08 kados yea ...
12:08 kados when I do a warn for it
12:08 kados I get:
12:08 kados Warning: something's wrong at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 438.
12:09 tumer but is it only that line or the whole koha.xml its not reading?
12:11 kados tried:
12:11 kados $Zconn=new ZOOM::Connection("localhost", "9900", "biblios",
12:11 kados                preferredRecordSyntax => "USmarc",elementSetName=> "F");
12:11 kados still get the no connect error
12:12 tumer you need databaseName0>"biblios"
12:12 kados ahh
12:12 tumer you need databaseName0=>"biblios"
12:12 tumer you need databaseName=>"biblios"
12:13 kados tumer: it worked!
12:13 kados tumer: search is up!
12:13 tumer wheef
12:13 tumer now lets go back to
12:13 kados k
12:14 tumer $Zconn=new ZOOM::Connection($context->config("hostname"),$po​rt,databaseName=>$context->{"config"}->{$server},
12:14 tumer preferredRecordSyntax => "USmarc",elementSetName=> "F");
12:14 tumer can you warn $context->{"listen"}->{$server} just by itsel
12:14 tumer forget the long line a mistake
12:16 kados tumer: HASH(0x87de4c8) at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 439.
12:16 tumer so it is reading something
12:17 kados warn "here->".$context->{"listen​"}->{$server}->{"content"}; yields nothing
12:17 tumer another windows/unix issue I believe
12:17 tumer I'll need chris to help with this
12:18 tumer in windows when I do a  dump of xml read it gives me that line with "contents" tag
12:19 tumer thats why I raed the contents tag which actually does not exist
12:20 tumer anyone expert on reading xml lines?
12:20 kados hmmm
12:21 kados well, for now it's ok ... I can just hard-code it and try to figure it out
12:21 tumer cause I have the system running like this so I can not comment
12:21 kados did you already commit the circulation sutff?
12:21 tumer no nothing
12:21 kados where the system updates biblios on circulation?
12:21 kados could you commit that stuff to dev-week?
12:22 tumer ohh yes I'll commit the new as well
12:22 kados thanks
12:23 tumer but with the new biblio I'll have to commit a new as well and its really getting confusing to have 3 versions for me
12:23 tumer dew-week , my improvements, head
12:24 kados I AGREE
12:24 kados sorry , caps lock got stuck
12:25 kados hmmm
12:25 tumer Because to have things more complicated I have zebra working in async mode now. So anything I commit will change things
12:25 kados heh
12:25 kados (so asynch mode works better, eh?)
12:25 tumer well updating 2 differnet databases its a must
12:26 kados of course
12:26 tumer I have authorities on zebra as well u see
12:26 kados right
12:26 kados hmmm
12:27 kados well ... what about just committing all your stuff to dev-week
12:27 kados so you only have to maintain two versions:
12:27 kados dev-week
12:27 kados head
12:27 kados would that make sense
12:28 tumer I am actually trying to merge myself to head
12:28 tumer waiting for decision on etc
12:28 kados hmmm
12:28 kados thus what we've been discussing with paul :-)
12:28 tumer yep
12:29 kados do you have any preferences on how to solve this problem? :-)
12:30 tumer I personally believe we try to clean of 2_2 rather than starting with a new one
12:30 tumer that will be quicker cause it actully works
12:31 kados ok, so if we just replace head with dev-week, + add your new stuff
12:31 kados I'd be ok with doing that
12:31 kados we can clean code later
12:31 kados how's that sound?
12:32 tumer ok with me what about paul?
12:32 kados I dunno, he did a lot of cleaning on head biblio already
12:33 kados unless you feel up to the task of merging your stuff to head biblio
12:33 tumer yes but also added REAL which changes logic
12:33 kados yea
12:34 kados it's a real problem :-)
12:34 tumer I tried looking into it but will take time to understand whats going on
12:34 kados no way to get everyone to be happy
12:34 kados and ...
12:34 kados if we use HEAD
12:34 kados lots of the scripts have changed too
12:34 tumer I'm merely trying to be helpful rather than happy
12:34 kados variable names, it's a nightmare
12:35 tumer But do you have a working head?
12:35 kados no
12:35 kados head doesn't work :-)
12:35 tumer cause its not complete
12:35 kados there are lots of reasons
12:36 kados because there are new unfinished features
12:36 tumer thhre aren't even tempaltes to try things
12:36 kados there are left-over bugs from 2.2.2
12:36 kados there are no templates :-)
12:36 kados plus the zebra stuff is incoomplete
12:37 kados sugh
12:37 kados sigh even
12:39 tumer now to get your working go to zebraop and change C4::Context->Zconnauth to C4::Context->Zconnauth("biblioserver") and it should work
12:40 tumer I'll try and commit things to dev-week this weekend I have to go soon
12:40 kados thanks
12:41 tumer by the way the reason I did not send you the new is because it will break your version
12:42 kados well ...
12:42 tumer once I commit I'll also commit as well
12:42 kados unless you have strong objections
12:42 tumer yes?
12:43 kados could we commit all of your stuff to dev-week?
12:43 tumer tumers version of KOHA?
12:43 kados yea :-)
12:44 kados so at least those of us who want a running zebra can get one up and running
12:44 kados until we resolve this version problem
12:44 tumer I am not going to maintain it
12:44 kados (authorities stuff too)
12:45 tumer but I'll do it this weekend
12:45 kados well ... one way to look at it is a backup of your system :-)
12:45 kados thanks, I appreciate it
12:45 kados I gotta run as well
12:45 kados thanks for the help
12:45 tumer see yu
12:46 tumer can you please try and sort this xml reading thing?
13:00 owen kados: you got a sec?
13:01 owen Oh, I see you ran.
02:32 osmoze hello

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