IRC log for #koha, 2006-05-27

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13:11 kyle FYI: in the rel2_2 cvs there is no default set for the opac color stylesheet or the opac layout stylesheet for npl. It might be a good idea to have a default there or it just looks awful ; )
13:12 kados yea, I noticed that
13:12 kados next time you see owen in here holler at him
13:14 kados 10:59 < kyle> FYI: in the rel2_2 cvs there is no default set for the opac color stylesheet or the opac layout stylesheet for npl. It might be a
13:14 kados              good idea to have a default there or it just looks awful ; )
13:14 kados owen: ^^^
13:14 kados 11:00 <@kados> yea, I noticed that
13:14 kados 11:01 <@kados> next time you see owen in here holler at him
13:15 owen Yeah, I wasn't sure about how to handle that.
13:15 owen I guess at this point it would be fine to change updatedatabase, since those values don't have any bearing on the default template
13:17 owen It points to the greater problem of needing a better way to manage all those settings
13:18 kados yea, definitely
13:18 owen That is, how do we link the choice of using the NPL template with the options for stylesheets
13:18 kados hmmm
13:18 kados owen: btw: you up for a phone call?
13:19 owen Sure, do you have my cell number?
13:19 kados owen: at NPL still?
23:39 kados chris: got a sec?
23:39 chris yep, whats up?
23:39 kados chris: I'm trying to work through the steps for getting tumer's zebra going
23:39 kados I know we converted to utf8
23:39 kados wasn't there some other db changes?
23:39 chris yeah i scripted them all
23:39 kados cool ... where at?
23:40 chris in the dev-week branch
23:40 chris in mis
23:40 chris c
23:41 kados do you remember which ones they are?
23:41 chris there was move_marc_to_biblioitems
23:42 kados cool, thx
23:42 chris biblio_framework.sql
23:43 chris phrase_log.sql
23:43 kados cool, thanks
23:43 chris i think thats all of them
23:43 kados I'll try to get it going and report back tomorrow
23:43 chris cool
23:44 kados should be able to wack out the plugin in a few hours once I remember the steps
23:45 chris sweet
23:48 kados weird
23:48 kados grabbed npl's db with mysqldump
23:48 kados imported it on the new server
23:49 kados ran 2.2's updatedatabase
23:49 kados ran the fixmissin 090 script
23:49 kados and the change to utf8 script
23:49 kados as well as the ones above
23:49 chris right
23:49 kados slapped dev-week in place
23:49 kados now, when I do a search I get a mysql query that hangs forever:
23:49 kados | 135 | kohaadmin | localhost | oldkoha | Query   | 11   | Copying to tmp table | SELECT DISTINCT B.biblionumber AS biblionumber , ( MATCH (title,seriestitle,unititle,,subjec |
23:50 kados zebraidx on the data
23:50 kados started the server
23:50 kados can search it with yaz
23:51 chris you doing the search from the special page?
23:51 chris afaik it only works from there
23:51 kados yea
23:51 kados
23:51 chris is it searching zebra?
23:52 chris cos that search looks like its doing his fallback search
23:52 kados yea
23:52 kados it's not searching zebra
23:52 chris show full processlist will give you the whole query btw
23:53 chris so for some reason it think zebra isnt there
23:53 kados ahh, cool
23:53 chris so is falling back
23:53 kados yep, the conn must be working
23:53 kados bugger all ... I'm dog tired
23:53 chris :)
23:53 kados I'll work on this tomorrow
23:53 kados damn zebra
23:53 chris sounds like a plan
23:53 kados night
02:05 paul_away tiens, il y a quelques courageux qui ne font pas le pont en France ;-)
02:06 osmoze hello
02:06 dewey hello, osmoze
02:07 osmoze le seul service de la communauté.... C est d un fatigant la culture :)
02:07 paul :)
05:02 paul le gadget de la mort qui tue :
05:02 paul[…]-avec-l-iPod.html
07:37 qiqo hello everybody
07:44 qiqo tuut
08:16 paul hello tnb/tina
08:16 ToinS hello tnb
08:16 tnb hey Antoine :)
08:16 tnb ToinS: how's it going in Marseille?
08:16 ToinS how are you ?
08:17 tnb good.  just got up :>)
08:17 paul summer is arrived ... very hot today !
08:17 tnb paul: hi!
08:17 ToinS 32°C
08:17 tnb It is still cool, but warm here.  Perfect spring
08:18 tnb can I ask dewey to translate to farenheit?
08:18 tnb ;)
08:18 ToinS hehe
08:18 ToinS try !
08:20 tnb eek :/  I remember I have a meeting this morning.  I'll be back later. cya :)
08:20 ToinS i think farenheit = (celsius * 1.8) + 32
08:20 ToinS so it 's 89.6 today
08:21 tnb pretty nice weather!
08:21 tnb *tina gets to meeting fast
09:05 tumer paul are you around?
09:05 paul yep
09:05 paul hello tumer
09:05 tumer date:manip whats the problem you are saying about it
09:06 tumer how slow is circulation in your installations?
09:07 paul it's not a problem for my clients.
09:07 tumer I have removed date:manip from but cannot detect much differnce
09:07 paul because they are either small libraries or libraries with a few circ
09:07 tumer So shall we bother?
09:07 paul but kados reported that 60% of their circ slowness was due to compiling Date::Manip iirc
09:07 owen tumer: have you asked kados about it?
09:07 paul hello owen
09:08 owen Hi paul
09:08 tumer I dont know what time he is awake
09:08 tumer hi :owen
09:08 tumer opps hi:owen
09:08 paul tumer: kados is ALWAYS awake. He don't need to sleep. never.
09:09 owen :D
09:09 paul he is sometimes away, because he has meetings.
09:09 tumer :-)
09:09 paul or has some time with tina. but never sleeps.
09:09 tumer ;-)
09:10 paul dewey : kados is never sleeping, can you learn that !
09:10 dewey ...but kados is becoming a true Perl Monger......
09:10 paul (that's from me too ;-) )
09:12 tumer paul:have you resolved the issue of what to do with with kados?
09:12 paul we spoke of it, and he wrote something on the wiki
09:13 tumer you mean on the devel-list?
09:13 paul no, on
09:13 tumer I'll check that thanks
09:13 paul API, adding database considerations
09:14 paul last entry in the RSS feed
09:48 kados hey tumer
09:49 kados hi all
09:49 paul hey kados
09:49 tumer hi kados
09:49 kados tumer: the calculations of circ time were done by chris and I
09:49 kados tumer: we used dprof
09:49 kados tumer: it's more than 60% ... something like 70%
09:49 kados tumer: and if you're going to have a collection with over 100K records it's critical to speed up circ
09:50 kados tumer: because it's sometimes 4-5 seconds per transaction
09:50 tumer well I never get that long transaction periods even with date:manip
09:51 kados yea? how many records in the collection?
09:51 tumer 150K
09:51 kados might not be large enough yet
09:51 kados also, with zebra, it might alleviate the mysql strain
09:51 kados since I have both of you ...
09:51 kados paul:
09:51 kados tumer:
09:51 kados I have a proposition
09:52 kados I've been reading through HEAD and rel_2_2 and dev_week code these past few adys
09:52 kados days even
09:52 tumer what's it got to do with the size of collection? its a single search of a barcode whether zebra or mysql its very fast
09:52 kados and more and more I'm thinking we are going to need to do major cleanup for 3.0
09:52 paul tumer/kados : maybe the circ stuff goes slower when issues tables is filled with X00 000 issues
09:52 kados paul: nope, I've tried emptying it out
09:53 kados tumer: I'm talking about circulation, issues, returns, borrower records, etc.
09:53 tumer and I also populate marc record and zebra with this transaction as well
09:53 kados hmmm
09:53 kados I'm surprised you're not seeing any speed issues
09:53 kados with circ transactions
09:54 kados especially since I thought zebra was actually slower on inserting than mysql
09:54 tumer what is slow is try and get a books on loan or overdue books report. That is slow but circulation is not
09:54 kados interesting
09:55 kados tumer: how many librarians at the same time issuing books?
09:55 paul probably an index would help
09:55 kados tumer: at NPL there are seven branches
09:56 tumer 2 librarians almost hitting <enter> at the same time will get an issue almost 1 1.5 secons
09:56 kados tumer: at around 3-4pm the system starts crawling
09:56 kados tumer: so maybe that's it ...
09:56 kados tumer: because NPL has times where there are 14 librarians at the same time doing issues
09:56 kados tumer: plus other librarians doing searches and editing records, etc.
09:57 paul didn't mod_perl help ?
09:57 kados paul: koha's not clean enough to use it ... it causes major data errors
09:57 paul right.
09:57 tumer I did not use mod_perl I tryed using mysql functions for it?
09:58 kados yea, mod_perl's disabled on NPL's server too
09:58 kados anyway ... got a question for the both of you
09:58 kados paul: mainly for you
09:59 kados I've been reading through lots of code these past few days
09:59 kados and I'm prepared to invest a lot of time cleaning up for 3.0
09:59 kados in fact, I've already begun
09:59 kados however ...
09:59 tumer I personally believe that we are re-reading the borrower information and issue and item information every time we issue which slows things
10:00 kados I strongly suggest that we include a plugin for 2.4 for Zebra as per our original plan
10:00 kados I have to get NPL running Zebra asap (next few weeks)
10:01 kados and to do that, I'm going to be merging dev-week code, and head code into rel_2_2
10:01 kados (and asking tumer for some help as I'm having some trouble ;-))
10:02 tumer :-)
10:02 paul mmm... i'm really afraid with this idea.
10:02 paul maybe another option would be to have :
10:02 paul - Koha 2.2.6
10:02 kados paul: you might not be if you hear how I plan to implement it
10:02 tumer so am I
10:02 paul - Koha 2.4.0
10:02 paul - Koha 3.0
10:02 paul ok, i wait for your proposal
10:03 kados what I propose, is that it be implemented as a separate tar file
10:03 kados with utilities to automatically perform the upgrade
10:03 kados (a true plugin)
10:03 kados so we completely leave 2.4 code alone in the release
10:03 kados but we announce a plugin is available for zebra
10:04 kados paul: what do you think?
10:04 tumer what is 2.4 code (modified 2.2.5?
10:05 kados tumer: paul was planning to release rel_2_2 as 2.4 once we declare it stable
10:05 paul I think 2 things :
10:06 paul 1- we agreed that we didn't want to add any new feature to Koha 2.x branch, just fix bugs. IF your plugin, when uninstalled, strictly changes nothing to Koha 2.x, then I could be OK.
10:07 paul 2- "major code cleaning on head" => what does it mean on release time ? because there are many many improvements in head that libraries are waiting impatiently. And I think we could miss something (including customers ;-) ) delaying new features too long.
10:08 paul however, I agree we NEED a good coding rules & modify head accordingly.
10:08 kados maybe the solution is:
10:08 kados rel_2_2 => 2.2.6
10:08 kados head => 2.4
10:08 kados newhead => 3.0
10:08 kados (with code cleaning)
10:09 paul mmm... not sure, as head is already very unstable
10:09 kados yep
10:09 kados the problem I've got
10:09 kados is I've invested over $50K in Koha this year
10:09 kados and I'm getting tapped out
10:09 kados plus, I've got clients who need Zebra
10:10 kados as much as I hate to say this
10:10 kados I'm starting to think I'm going to have to maintain a liblime version of Koha
10:11 kados I think with tumer's help I can get a rel_2_2-based Koha up and running on Zebra
10:11 kados (at least I hope so, since tumer has one)
10:12 kados but unless that code is committed to CVS it does noone any good
10:12 tumer kados: be careful
10:12 kados careful?
10:12 tumer one sec phone
10:13 kados k
10:13 paul I back to point 2 : what is your timeline for 3.0 ?
10:13 kados paul: 3.0 isn't timeline based IMO
10:13 paul it seems we have 3 differents problems on HEAD :
10:13 kados paul: it's feature based
10:13 paul - tools & technical backend (like zebra things)
10:13 paul - code cleaning
10:13 paul - new features
10:13 kados yep
10:13 paul maybe we were wrong starting all of them at the same time.
10:13 kados to me, new features aren't important
10:13 kados code cleaning is important for 3.0
10:14 kados and zebra is #1 for me
10:14 paul so, maybe we could :
10:14 paul maybe we could rank all objectives and say :
10:14 paul - OK, zebra things is working correctly
10:15 paul - now we do code cleaning & only code cleaning for, say 3 months.
10:15 tumer kados: my code leaves out marc_tables thus no more searches like fieldxxxsubfieldx for advanced marcseraches
10:15 kados tumer: my clients are ok with that
10:15 paul - in 3 month, we start new feature commiting for 3 months
10:15 kados tumer: and if they need it we can use xpath
10:15 tumer yep
10:15 kados paul: it sounds good
10:16 paul I planned to spend some time on head in the next 2-3 months. It can be for code cleaning.
10:16 kados right now, my #1 priority, above everything else, is getting a stable Koha going for Zebra
10:16 kados s/for/with/
10:16 kados I don't care if the code is super clean as long as it works well
10:16 kados #2 priority is working on code cleaning for 3.0
10:17 paul so you're saying code cleaning is not that important ? ;-)
10:17 kados #3 priority is working on the new features for 3.0
10:17 kados code cleaning is not important until Zebra is production-ready (IMO)
10:17 kados but ...
10:17 paul be careful, because I have some libraries that are waiting for Koha 3.0 impatiently. so we can't delay it too much.
10:18 paul (most of those features being already in CVS, even if not 100% done)
10:18 kados something else to consider
10:18 kados when i was elected as RM for next major version
10:18 kados it was agreed that 'joshua is not a programmer' ...
10:19 paul and it seems joshua has a new diploma now ;-)
10:19 kados hehe
10:19 kados well, I've learned quite a bit these past few months
10:19 kados but to be honest, I've been a bit dissapointed at the speed of zebra developemnt for Koha
10:19 paul right, kados. but we are back to the problem discussed at devweek : having someone working at full time for the project itself !
10:20 kados even though I've invested over $50K in programming and support costs
10:20 kados (sub-contracted out)
10:20 paul same for me if you want to know the truth...
10:20 kados some of that was sponsored, but large portions of it have come from LibLime's budget
10:20 paul (disapointing, not investing 50K$)
10:21 kados (right)
10:21 kados so we're in a bit of a pickle now
10:21 paul bit of a pickle ?
10:21 kados it's an expression ... meaning ...
10:21 kados bit of trouble ...
10:22 tumer kados:zebra in itself is a major improvement but everyone else but me is working on other improvements. Priorities?
10:22 kados tumer: right
10:22 paul tumer : I worked for some time on zebra as well.
10:22 kados yep ...
10:22 tumer paul: I know but you stopped
10:23 paul but we face a problem here, already encountered 10000 times : a library want to fund something that is seen, and zebra is not really seen...
10:23 kados the bottom line is, I don't have the expertise to put everything together and come up with a stable Koha with Zebra with what we've got now
10:23 kados As the RM, I'm relying on programmer expertise from the dev team
10:23 paul tumer: right. I won't tell you too long why, but I got a contract that was really a pain. it's 99% done now.
10:24 kados fortunately, tumer came along
10:24 paul that's why i'm expecting getting some time to work on head
10:24 kados otherwise, I've no idea what we would have done ... zebra would be delayed for a long time I expect
10:24 paul (my position is opposite to kados : I invest time when i have money. I don't invest money to have time ;-) )
10:24 paul kados: right, but at the beginning, the zebra stuff was supposed to be easy. or at least easier.
10:25 tumer I hane neither :-(
10:25 kados yep
10:25 tumer s/hane/have
10:26 tumer kados:zebra learning curve is steep but easy once climbed
10:26 paul tumer: not exactly : you're sure to have money at end of month, from your employer. If I don't earn money, strictly no money...
10:26 paul so you have money, but no time at all.
10:26 paul fortnuatly, you odn't need to sleep, like joshua.
10:26 kados and while tumer's commits to dev-week are very helpful, the cvs of dev-week doesn't just work out of thebox
10:27 kados there are tons of things that need to be tweaked, config files, directories, indexing, scripts to run on the db, etc.
10:27 kados there is no OPAC ...
10:28 tumer kados:without changes to database my code will not work its a hybrid 2.20=>3.0 database I'm handling
10:28 kados tumer: yep, I completely understand that
10:29 kados tumer: while you're here, I suppose I should mention a problem I'm having with dev-week
10:30 tumer kados:by the way zebra is behaving very well lately.No dropouts except when I have non-utf8 chars in records
10:30 kados excellent
10:30 tumer kados:shoot
10:31 kados for some reason, it's not finding the zebra server
10:31 kados and the fallback mechanism isn't working
10:31 kados it just creates a msyql process that lasts forever
10:31 tumer very strange?
10:32 tumer can you reach the zebraserver from yaz client?
10:32 kados tumer:[…]
10:32 kados tumer: yep ... but I do get one strange error
10:32 kados lemme pull it up
10:33 kados 00:33:16-26/05 zebrasrv(1) [log] term="new" nn=662 type=void count=626
10:33 kados 00:33:16-26/05 zebrasrv(1) [log] user/system: 0/0
10:33 kados 00:33:16-26/05 zebrasrv(1) [request] Search OK 626 2 1+0 RPN: @attrset Bib-1 new
10:33 kados 00:33:23-26/05 zebrasrv(1) [warn] Couldn't open record.abs [No such file or directory]
10:33 kados 00:33:23-26/05 zebrasrv(1) [log] user/system: 0/0
10:33 kados 00:33:23-26/05 zebrasrv(1) [request] Present OK - 2 1+1
10:33 kados 00:34:18-26/05 zebrasrv(1) [session] Connection closed by client
10:33 kados 00:34:18-26/05 zebrasrv(1) [log][app2] zebra_register_close p=0x80b8898
10:33 kados I'm also confused about the database naming with the new koha.xml
10:33 kados should the biblioserver and authorityserver both be 'default'?
10:34 tumer the problem seems to be that your /tabs folder is missing or zebra.cfg does not point to it properly.
10:35 kados hmmm
10:35 kados I have:
10:35 kados profilePath:${srcdir:-.}:/usr/sha​re/idzebra/tab/:${srcdir:-.}/tab/
10:35 kados and in the dir where zebra.cfg is
10:35 kados I have tab/record.abs
10:36 tumer hmm one sec
10:36 kados (also, I'm confused about the user/password, is it supposed to be in zebra.cfg/kohails or in the koha.xml file? or both?)
10:38 kados I tried copying it to the dir where zebra.cfg is but it still doesn't work
10:38 tumer remove the trailing // after tab.Mine does not have it .I'll walk you in koha.xml in aminute
10:39 kados tumer: do I need to reindex?
10:39 kados tumer: or just restart zebra?
10:40 kados tried removing the / and restarting zebra same error
10:40 tumer if it did not read tab it should not have indexed. So try restarting zebra
10:40 tumer I mean reindex
10:40 kados ok ...
10:40 kados question about file locations
10:41 kados I have /koha/etc
10:41 kados with:
10:41 kados koha.xml
10:41 kados
10:41 kados zebra.cfg
10:41 kados /koha/etc/tab
10:41 kados default.idx  kohalis  record.abs  sort-string-utf.chr
10:43 tumer and where does the zebra db reside?
10:43 kados then I've got (for the zebra database):
10:43 kados /koha/zebradb
10:43 kados that has:
10:43 kados authorities  biblios  lock  records  register  shadow  tmp
10:43 kados (all directories)
10:43 kados records/koha.iso2709
10:44 kados can we name the databases:
10:44 kados authorities
10:44 dewey i heard authorities was authority records
10:44 kados biblios
10:44 kados items
10:44 kados (and eventually reservoir)
10:44 kados ?
10:45 kados I'm confused about running multiple databases at the same time
10:45 tumer you miss 2 folders for zebraopfiles
10:45 kados wondering if the indexes, registers, shadow, lock and tmp need to all be in different locations
10:45 tumer specialUpdate and recordDelete (both folders)
10:46 kados where do those live?
10:46 kados (is there a config file setting for them?)
10:47 tumer running 2 different databases from the same location I found to be tricky and confusing
10:47 kados (I'd like to get a standard filesystem layout for koha:zebra
10:47 kados something like:
10:47 kados zebradb/
10:47 kados authorities biblios items reservoir
10:47 kados then, each of them has:
10:47 kados register
10:47 kados shadow
10:47 kados lock
10:47 kados tmp
10:48 kados errors/ (with specialUpdate and recordDelete)
10:48 kados is that possible?
10:48 tumer so I have zebrabiblios folder containing folders: tmp lock record register shadow specialUpdate  recordDelete
10:48 kados then, when installing Koha
10:48 kados all the user has to specify is, where is 'zebradb'
10:48 tumer and zebraauthorities folder with similar folders
10:48 kados ahh, exactly what I thought
10:48 kados great
10:49 tumer sorry both of them also have a tab folder
10:49 kados really!
10:49 kados hmmm ... maybe that's my problem
10:49 tumer because record.abs is differnt for both
10:49 kados ahh, I didn't realize that
10:50 tumer I have commited record.abs to head under a new folder
10:50 tumer its called zebraauthority
10:50 kados ok
10:51 kados so is it required to have a tab dir in the same dir as zebrabiblios?
10:52 tumer Not necessarily but makes things simpler with srcdir/tab declaration
10:52 kados so to index, I go:
10:52 kados cd /koha/zebradb
10:52 kados (where there is a records folder containing npl.iso2709
10:52 kados )
10:52 kados then:
10:53 tumer I also put the zebra.cfg of each into their directories
10:53 kados zebraidx -g iso2709 -c /koha/etc/zebra.cfg -d biblios update records
10:53 tumer so that your code above can find it more easily
10:53 kados that will create a database called 'biblios' with the records in 'records', right?
10:54 tumer yes thats right unless your zebra.cfg actually defines where to look for /tab folder
10:54 tumer s/unless/if
10:54 kados hmmm
10:54 kados but ...
10:55 kados zebra.cfg defines the location of register, tab, etc.
10:55 kados isn't that supposed to be different for each database?
10:55 kados is there a way to specify: database:register:/path:sizeG ?
10:55 tumer yes differnt thats why together with all db
10:55 kados ?
10:55 tumer ?
10:56 kados my zebra.cfg has:
10:56 kados register: /koha/zebradb/register:4G
10:56 kados setTmpDir: /koha/zebradb/tmp
10:56 tumer yes
10:56 kados keyTmpDir: /koha/zebradb/tmp
10:56 kados but ...
10:56 kados register is different if it's biblios or authorities
10:56 kados register should be:
10:57 kados /koha/zebradb/biblios/register (for biblios)
10:57 kados /koha/zebradb/authorities/register (for authorities)
10:57 kados so do I need two zebra.cfg files?
10:57 kados or can I specify that in just the one?
10:57 tumer yes one for each
10:57 kados ok ... in that case
10:57 kados I propose:
10:57 kados zebra-biblios.cfg
10:57 tumer so 2 zebra.cfg's
10:57 kados zebra-authorities.cfg
10:58 kados both live in /koha/etc/
10:58 kados so to index biblios I go:
10:58 kados zebraidx -g iso2709 -c /koha/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg -d biblios update records
10:58 kados for authorities I go:
10:58 kados zebraidx -g iso2709 -c /koha/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg -d authorities update records
10:58 kados make sense?
10:58 tumer exactly
10:58 kados ok, I'll try that
10:59 tumer first get an indexed zebradb then we'll get zebrasrv started with koha.xml properly set up
11:02 kados tumer: when I start zebra, which zebra.cfg do I use?
11:03 tumer you mean zebraserver?
11:03 kados tumer: does it matter? (do I need to start zebra with both)?
11:03 kados yea
11:03 tumer yes
11:03 kados in koha.xml
11:03 kados there is a line for zebra.cfg
11:03 kados but now I have two different zebra.cfg
11:03 kados one for biblios and one for authorties
11:03 kados or do I need also a third?
11:04 kados for starting the zebra server?
11:04 tumer your koha.xml should define them both and start zebrasr -f/koha/etc/koha.xml
11:04 tumer slow down I can not write that fast
11:05 tumer did you index anything?
11:05 tumer or you will try later? shall I continue?
11:05 kados tumer: ok, it's working now
11:05 kados tumer: yaz-client is returning results
11:06 kados now I'll test the search in koha again
11:06 tumer your page gives me 404 on search
11:08 kados ok, that's fixed, now it's just hanging again
11:08 kados lemme check mysql
11:09 kados yea, same as before:
11:09 kados | 155 | kohaadmin | localhost | oldkoha | Query   | 65   | Copying to tmp table | SELECT DISTINCT B.biblionumber AS biblionumber , ( MATCH (title,seriestitle,unititle,,subjec |
11:09 kados need to kill that process manually
11:09 kados zebra's not getting called
11:10 tumer is everything updated as head?
11:11 kados I'm running dev-week
11:11 kados with from head
11:11 tumer and koha.xml from head?
11:12 kados yep
11:12 kados here's in the apache logs:
11:12 kados Error 10000: Connect failed
11:12 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Server shutdown in progress at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 607.
11:12 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Lost connection to MySQL server during query at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 615.
11:12 kados DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref failed: fetch() without execute() at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 616.
11:12 kados DBD::mysql::st fetchrow failed: fetch() without execute() at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 642.
11:12 tumer and yor apache logs should give you the zebra errors as well
11:13 kados those are the only errors I get
11:13 kados zebra never gets the request
11:13 kados probably because 'Error 10000: Connect failed'
11:14 tumer error 1000 is usually when there is no zebrasrv running -*veery strange*
11:15 tumer can you read me the listen lines of your koha.xml better still send me a copy
11:16 kados k ... which email ... yahoo?
11:16 kados I don't remember your email at yahoo
11:16 tumer
11:16 kados last time that one took several weeks to get a message from me ;-)
11:16 tumer try again its still the fastest
11:17 kados tumer: sent
11:17 tumer dont worry I'll get you running before going to milonga tonight
11:17 kados tumer: thanks!
11:17 kados actually I could just post it
11:18 kados tumer:
11:23 kados don't know if it helps, but in yaz-client I must go:
11:23 kados open localhost:9900/biblios
11:23 tumer sorry this configuration will not work with your I have to send you a new one give me an email
11:23 kados
11:23 kados but is what we're having trouble with now right?
11:24 kados well actually, connect is probably in
11:24 tumer I have changed to accept this new koha.xml but did not commit it waiting your dev-week commits. ý mean &
11:24 kados ok
11:24 kados if you commit to dev-week that would work
11:25 kados or just email
11:25 tumer wait till I get things from the server. 2 min
11:25 kados k
11:33 tumer I'sent the
11:34 tumer I'll commit a newer once we get this working
11:35 tumer kados: I newer got your mail by the way
11:35 kados sounds good, thanks
11:37 tumer any success?
11:37 kados tumer: new dependency, Date::Calc
11:37 kados installing now
11:40 tumer why did I need that I wonder?
11:40 kados hmmm
11:40 kados it was in
11:40 kados so ...
11:40 kados still getting:
11:40 kados Error 10000: Connect failed
11:40 kados and that hanging mysql process
11:41 kados why isn't it falling back on the old koha tables I wunder
11:41 tumer very strange indeed.
11:42 tumer I'm getting dev week stuff now to test and see whats happening
11:42 kados was there a name change in the connection object?
11:42 tumer yes
11:43 kados that could be it
11:43 kados Zconn in HEAD
11:43 kados what was it in dev-week?
11:43 tumer the new change allows Zconn to connect to either biblioserver or authority server
11:44 kados could that be the root of the problem?
11:44 tumer before it was C4::Context->Zconn now C4::Context->Zconn("biblioserver")
11:45 kados wasn' it ->new_Zconn before?
11:46 kados nevermind, I see it now
11:46 kados hmmm
11:46 paul bye bye guys. see on on tuesday.
11:46 kados bye paul
11:46 tumer bye
11:46 paul reminder : pierrick & me won't probably be here for monday meeting
11:46 paul as we have a meeting in Lyon
11:46 kados yep, got the email, see you on tueesday
11:46 paul (with the university)
11:46 kados have a good weekend
11:47 paul thx
11:47 paul you too. maybe 2 days off from Koha will be a good thing
11:47 kados :-)
11:49 kados tumer: is the name of the zebra biblio server always supposed to be 'biblioserver' cause I've got it as 'biblios'
11:49 kados ahh, I see in the now
11:49 kados it's handled properly based on the koha.xml file
11:49 kados nice work there!
11:51 tumer kados:biblios is tha name of yor database biblioserver is not and yes it should stay as that
11:52 kados I'm throwing some warns into to see if I can track down where the connections' failing from
11:52 tumer yes try and get the $port as well and the databaseName
11:53 kados In Zconn
11:53 kados Use of uninitialized value in list assignment at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.4/ line 289.
11:53 kados Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.4/ line 295.
11:53 kados Error 10000: Connect failed
11:53 kados warn in new_Zconn
11:53 kados sec, I'll get the port, etc.
11:57 kados interesting
11:57 kados In new_Zconn localhost
11:57 kados Use of uninitialized value in list assignment at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.4/ line 289.
11:57 kados Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.4/ line 295.
11:57 kados Error 10000: Connect failed
11:57 kados is all I get when I put in:
11:57 kados my ($tcp,$host,$port)=split /:/,$context->{"listen"}->{$server}->{"content"};
11:57 kados warn "In new_Zconn ".$context->config('hostname')." ".$port.$context->{'config'}->{$server}."\n";
11:58 kados so it must not be getting the port properly
11:58 kados or the context
11:58 tumer yes not reading your xml file properly
11:58 kados hmmm
11:59 tumer try using warn ($port,$context->{'config'}->{$server}) with no quotes so we get actual values

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