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02:00 chris hi pierrick
02:03 pierrick hi chris
02:16 chris hi bruno
02:49 chris hi hdl
02:49 hdl hi chris.
02:49 hdl How are you.
02:50 chris good thanks, and you?
02:51 hdl good.
02:51 hdl I qpoke last saturday with persons who lived a while in Australia.
02:51 chris oh?
02:52 hdl they told me that australia and New Zeland ppl had QUITE different minds. :)
02:53 chris hehe
02:55 hdl ;)
02:55 chris similair for some things ... quite different for others :)
02:56 hdl For instance, NZ was never considered as a prison.
02:56 chris nope
02:56 chris there is a joke that nzers say
02:56 chris when you fly into australia you have to fill in an immigration card
02:56 chris and it asks
02:56 chris "do you have any criminal convictions?"
02:57 chris the joke is to say "Is that still a requirement?"
02:57 hdl :D
03:22 btoumi hi everybody
03:22 chris heya bruno
03:22 btoumi hi chris how are u?
03:23 chris doing good
03:23 btoumi kool
03:23 chris how are you?
03:23 btoumi very fine
03:23 btoumi i return from hollydays today
03:24 btoumi and i'm ready to kill few bugs :=)
03:24 chris oohh excellent
03:25 btoumi and are u in nz ?
03:25 chris sure am
03:25 btoumi ok kool
03:26 chris just watching some tv before I go to bed
03:26 btoumi lol
03:27 btoumi it's morning here !!! lol
03:27 chris yeah its pretty much exactly opposite
03:28 chris when I first got back to nz, i would wake up at 8am .. and my brain was thinking its 8pm and was wanting some dinner instead of breakfast
03:28 btoumi yes i remember with swizerland and go inside the earth
03:28 btoumi lol
03:28 chris :)
03:29 btoumi and now are u ok with 8am breakfeast and 8pm dinner
03:29 btoumi :=)
03:30 chris well, sometimes i still want creme brulee for breakfast :)
03:30 btoumi lol
03:30 btoumi ok i let u go to bed and just say good night
03:31 btoumi see u later!!
03:31 chris good luck squashing bugs
03:31 btoumi ok thanks
03:31 chris cya later
03:31 btoumi bye
03:38 hdl good night chris.
03:38 chris good day hdl :)
03:43 btoumi hi hdl
06:35 btoumi hi tumer
06:45 hdl hi tumer
07:27 tumer hi hdl
07:28 hdl tumer: are you working on authorities ?
07:28 tumer yes and it seems you as well
07:29 tumer hdl:I have committed lots of things on head I hope we are not doing conflicting work
07:30 hdl trying to get hierarchies and summaries.
07:30 tumer very posh! own branch
07:31 hdl hehe not to break anything neither on HEAD nor on stable branch.
07:31 hdl It would be for a customer.
07:32 tumer hdl:OK. I have ported everything to Zebra. Also added support for linking authorities together. either from same group or any other authority group
07:32 hdl WOW.
07:32 hdl How do you link ?
07:32 hdl Are you using $3 subfield ?
07:33 tumer You can use any subfield. User defined.  I use field 750$8
07:35 tumer The summary includes the linked authority summary as well so I think we should try and merge our work
07:36 hdl I shall merge it when I have something that works.
07:36 tumer good of you
07:37 hdl You can have a look at
07:37 hdl kohaadmin
07:38 tumer and the pass?
07:49 pierrick tumer, do you only use zebra to link authorities? don't you store the link in a MySQL table ?
07:49 pierrick (thus you could have numeric identifiers and faster searches)
07:57 hdl pierrick: having to get multiple records each time a search is done is quite long (I speak in terms of hierarchy building)
07:57 tumer pierrick: I only use the marc record for linking. Linking is repetable. you can have as many link fields as you like. In mysql this is very tedious. In zebra searching for it is very fast
07:57 hdl pierrick: But I have to dig in your proposal.
08:00 tumer for summary building, we can have this written to mysql table at the time of creation. This will also give us a backup system to search on when and if zebra crashes. as discussed at devel-week
08:07 kados hi all
08:07 tumer hi
08:07 kados tumer: good to read you on IRC :-)
08:07 tumer keeps dropping out though
08:08 kados tumer: don't know if you noticed, chris and I started merging dev-week and HEAD
08:08 tumer yes I noticed and waiting your merge to modify
08:08 kados ahh ...
08:09 kados that's a complicated one
08:09 kados along with
08:09 kados tumer: do you have HEAD running somewhere?
08:09 tumer No unfortunately
08:09 kados tumer: (btw...I never remembered to show you how to run the translation tool)
08:10 tumer I know never mind
08:10 kados tumer: I just finished up a hungarian translation which is what reminded me:
08:10 kados cool
08:10 tumer whats wrong with
08:10 kados nothing's wrong with it ... it's just that we need to merge dev-week and head
08:10 kados which is gonna be complicated
08:11 kados unless you've already added your zebra config stuff to head
08:11 tumer I have already committed in head with new zebra support, all congig files in one xml etc
08:11 kados (I saw some commits to on head ... it's tough to try to figure out what's new and what's old)
08:11 kados ahh ... so we're all set on that one then
08:12 kados great
08:12 kados I'll tell chris
08:12 tumer This is the newest we do not need the old one
08:12 kados cool
08:12 kados so about ...
08:12 kados and also ...
08:13 kados bibid vs biblionumber
08:13 kados wish paul was around
08:13 kados one thing we didn't discuss
08:13 kados was how to handle the changes paul made to HEAD
08:13 tumer Bibid vs biblionumber is easy
08:13 kados regarding bibid and biblionumber
08:14 tumer but in head is very unstable (I tried it!)
08:14 kados yep ...
08:15 tumer We should suggest paul to start with a stable and make gradual modifications
08:15 kados well ...
08:16 tumer I can resolve bibids to biblionumbers easyl with old biblio
08:16 kados I'm assuming your code in dev-week has major conflicts with what's been done
08:16 kados in head
08:16 hdl paul shall be there tomorrow.
08:16 kados because IIRC paul removed bibid completely
08:16 hdl yes.
08:17 kados so it's not a matter of resolving them ...
08:17 kados it's a matter of rewriting around them
08:17 kados the problem I'm facing is that I'm not a guy ...
08:17 kados I only know a few subs in there
08:18 kados and trying to figure out what's the newest working code is really tough
08:18 kados maybe we need to schedule an IRC meeting to do some work on merging
08:18 tumer In dev week although bibid exist it merely exists as a name. Just replacing them to say biblionumber does not break the code.
08:19 kados cool
08:19 tumer bibid itself does not live any more
08:19 kados great ... so that might solve our problem then
08:22 tumer kados:did you have time to look authorities
08:22 kados tumer: I looked at the commits
08:22 kados tumer: they look good ... but I don't have a running HEAD so I haven't had a chance to try them out
08:23 tumer I have changed the way hidden is defined.
08:23 tumer Hidden is now a tinyint(3) for authorities
08:24 kados ahh
08:24 kados what are the possible values?
08:25 tumer What that means the librarian can say OPAC:show-hide-collapse INTRANET:show-hide-collapse EDITOR:show-hide-collapse but we still have one field hidden in our mysql tables
08:28 pierrick kados & tumer, do you remember what I've suggested on koha-devel about "hidden" property ?
08:29 pierrick[…]-03/msg00092.html
08:31 tumer did we discuss anything on hidden?
08:32 pierrick we did :-)
08:32 pierrick[…]-03/msg00092.html
08:32 tumer :-S
08:35 kados yea, that sounds good
08:35 kados but IIRC thomas had mentioned some other cases that the binary encoding scheme couldn't handle
08:36 kados I'm trying to remember what they were
08:36 tumer My line keeps dropping. So whats said about hidden?
08:36 kados hehe
08:36 kados tumer:[…]-03/msg00092.html
08:37 kados tumer: pierrick posted that
08:37 kados tumer: btw: there's a log here:
08:37 kados
08:37 kados it updates every second or so
08:37 kados tumer: so what's causing the line to be dropped ... is it the power?
08:38 kados tumer: or internet connection?
08:38 tumer I read that but I still think just modifying the hidden field from tinyint(1) to tinyint(3)  is more versatile as it will allow 10 variations each for OPAC_INTRANET_EDITOR. Although I implemented 3 each
08:39 kados yea, i think I like that solution better too
08:39 kados I kinda like binary encoding schemes ...
08:40 tumer Simply its a 3 digit number. 1st digit for opac 2nd for intranet 3rd for editor
08:40 kados hmmm
08:41 tumer my internet connection or my settings keeps dropping me out
08:41 kados I see pierrick's point of view though
08:41 kados it might be easier to test for all possible values if we had separate columns in the table
08:41 kados maybe we should discuss this on koha-devel
08:42 btoumi hi evrerybody
08:42 btoumi somebody can help me ?
08:42 tumer kados:having a three digit number is the same as having 3 differnt fields in table and is easier to handle
08:43 tumer hi btoumi
08:43 btoumi hi tumer
08:43 tumer whats up?
08:44 btoumi when i use updatabase i have this message :=>LWP Request Failed : 400 URL must be absolute at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.7/XML/SAX/PurePerl/Reader/ line 51.
08:44 kados tumer: I don't have a strong preference, so what you've done already is fine with me
08:45 tumer btoumi:sorry canot help with that
08:45 kados btoumi: updatedatabase shouldn't be using LWP
08:45 kados btoumi: that's really strange
08:46 btoumi yes i think so
08:46 kados btoumi: or do you mean after updatedatabase you get that message?
08:46 hdl No.
08:46 hdl While updating.
08:47 kados very strange
08:47 kados this is in rel_2_2?
08:47 pierrick tumer, the problem is the readibility
08:48 kados pierrick: but if we built a nice interface to it (rather than just enter a number) it would be ok, right?
08:48 tumer pierric:which readability?
08:48 kados btoumi: updatedatabase doesn't have any LWP code it it
08:48 pierrick when I see a field called "hidden", it obviously means "yes" or "no", not 246 possibilities
08:49 pierrick tumer, how do you manage the "hidden" from Perl code point of view ?
08:49 btoumi kados: yes i try to find any reference but i find nothing
08:49 pierrick kados, of course we will have a nice interface ! no user will understand what number to enter
08:50 tumer Check new authorities. Its a drop down menu for OPAC INTRANET and  EDITOR. No code it says 'SHOW' 'HIDE' or COLLAPSE' no numbers
08:51 pierrick tumer, where should I look in perl code ?
08:51 tumer its in admin/ and .tmpl
08:54 pierrick tumer, you show me the Perl code where you set the value for "hidden" field, can you show me the code where we use it ?
08:55 pierrick anyway, I understand perfectly what you've done, just like with Unix file rights
08:56 tumer pierric:perl reads hidden field and we use substr(hidden,0,1) in OPAC substr(hidden,1,1) in intranet and substr(hidden,2,1) in editor
08:56 pierrick I simply maintain that it would be better to have three boolean fields "display_in_opac", "display_in_intranet", ...
08:56 pierrick it's a matter of data model design
08:57 pierrick when I query my database, I prefer doing "select * from ? where display_in_opac = 'true';" rather than "where substr(0, 1, hidden) = 1"
08:58 tumer Yes but this gives me the ability to use collapsed for display purposes as well. If need be some fields can be collapsed at display and can still be viewed if required by user or librarian
08:59 pierrick tumer, using "hidden" for "collapsed" is a bad thing. It becomes semanticaly wrong
08:59 pierrick adding new fields is not forbidden at all
08:59 pierrick why making complicated while we can do simple ?
09:01 tumer semantics is something else. We can rename the field to say display
09:02 tumer Even if you do add 3 more fields. I still need more than 2 variations for each
09:03 pierrick if you need more than 2 variations, simply use enum type
09:04 pierrick as a coding rule, I would say : if you know the number of variations, use enum column type, not an int
09:05 pierrick int is good to store a quantity or a numeric identifier, not a flag
09:06 tumer pierrick:sorry I have to go, continue some other time.
09:27 pierrick kados, meeting tonight?
09:27 kados pierrick: I didn't announce it ...
09:27 kados pierrick: my fault, I'm afraid no kiwis will show up
09:27 kados pierrick: and paul isnt' in today
09:27 kados maybe for wednesday?
09:27 kados I'll post a note to koha-devel today
09:28 kados if not, next monday for sure
09:28 kados (it's taken longer than I expected to catch up since the trip)
09:28 pierrick I won't be there on wednesday, in France Thursday is a non working day and many companies are closed on Friday
09:28 kados hehe
09:28 kados of course
09:28 pierrick (so my week-end will last 4 days)
09:28 kados (this is why we need a full-time project manager ) :-)
09:28 kados (nice)
09:29 pierrick (I'm leaving to the country, wednesday evening or thursday morninfg, don't know yet)
09:50 hdl hi owen
09:50 owen Hi hdl
10:33 pierrick hdl, will the improvement you make be available in 2.4 ? or in 3.0 ?
10:33 hdl I set it up on a 2.4 base.
10:33 hdl But will port them to 3.0
10:38 pierrick so they won't be available before 3.0 ?
10:39 hdl They should be available by September.

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