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02:09 mason anyone lurking?
02:10 btoumi hi everybody
02:11 mason hiya btoumi
02:11 btoumi hi mason
02:11 mason anyone know about KOHA_CONF env vars?
02:12 btoumi can u explain?
02:12 mason yes, ive got a weird newbie problem
02:12 mason we have a dev box, with 10 koha's installed.
02:13 mason i am running a script from the unix command line
02:13 mason and want to set which koha i talk to using the 'export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha-mnd.conf' command
02:14 mason but...
02:14 mason no matter what i set my KOHA_CONF env var to, it always connects to the same koha database
02:15 btoumi when u install koha he create a koha.conf in /etc
02:15 paul hello all
02:15 mason hi paul
02:15 btoumi hello paul
02:16 paul mason: which shell do you use ?
02:16 paul because "export" is for bash
02:16 mason ive even tried putting these line at the top of my script
02:16 mason use lib '/usr/local/koha/intranet/modules';
02:16 mason use C4::Context("/etc/koha-mnd.conf");
02:16 mason paul: bash
02:16 paul ok.
02:16 paul is it worldwide readable ?
02:16 paul (or at least readable by the user you're logged as)
02:17 paul btoumi: did you recieve a mail from tumer, with it's correct phone number ?
02:17 mason yes, im running the command with sudo
02:17 paul mmm... strange...
02:17 paul for sure it works, i've dozen of Koha on my computer.
02:17 btoumi paul: no i recieve only the mail u send  
02:18 mason yes, its only just happened?????
02:39 osmoze hello
02:39 btoumi hello osmoze
02:45 mason ah, me stupid
02:45 btoumi it's ok mason?
02:53 mason yup, just friday brain :)
02:56 btoumi :)
04:00 btoumi when i use for koha head the updatedatabase he ask for
04:01 btoumi there is a link beetwen and zebar?
04:01 btoumi zebra sorry
04:01 paul yes, there is.
04:01 paul zoom is the Perl API that access to zebra
04:02 btoumi ok that why i must install zebra before use updatedatabase
04:04 paul yep
04:05 slef ahem, left this connected
04:07 btoumi ok i begin the install of zebra
04:07 btoumi ;=)
04:20 btoumi is it a problem if i install most recent version of yaz rpm?
04:21 paul yes it is.
04:21 paul you must install the latest version of everything
04:21 paul (yaz, zebra, zoom, marc::file::xml ...)
04:22 paul because they have be improved for koha needs
04:22 btoumi because in the web site of indexdata the rpm is in older version
04:22 paul and rpm/apt-get... are not always uptodate
04:22 btoumi ok
04:33 btoumi and some cpan module must be installed like XML::Sax
04:33 paul yep, iirc you're right
04:42 btoumi ok lot of mod cpan dependence
08:22 btoumi hi pierrick
08:24 pierrick hi btoumi
08:32 btoumi hi everbody
10:19 kados pierrick: you around?
10:21 paul hi kados
10:21 paul pierrick did not appear today
10:26 kados 06:09 -!- pierrick [] has joined #koha
10:26 kados two hours ago ;-)
10:27 kados but must have just been his auto-join or something
10:27 kados paul: how's things?
10:27 paul fine thanks.
10:27 kados took three hours today :/
10:27 paul I just have a major question with the "after" with bouillabaisse :
10:27 kados ok
10:28 paul a good restaurant is something like 45¤
10:28 kados bouillabaisse?
10:28 paul do you think it will be OK for everybody or too much
10:28 kados ahh ...
10:28 kados it's ok for my team
10:28 paul (the marseille specialty, with many fishes)
10:28 kados and I suspect ok for katipo too
10:28 kados not sure about others
10:28 paul ok, so i'll "reserve" the restaurant for all of us.
10:29 kados sounds good to me
10:29 paul I will ask on monday
10:29 kados you remind me of how hungry I am right now! :-)
10:29 kados a good meal sounds like a good idea :-)
10:30 paul ;-)
10:32 pierrick I'm here, kados, you wanted to ask something?
10:34 kados paul:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1054
10:34 kados paul: comes with a patch it seems
10:34 kados paul: I wonder if the patch works :-)
10:34 kados pierrick: I had a question but I figured it out myself
10:34 kados pierrick: so nevermind :-)
10:35 paul kados: I have no idea if this patch works or not. let's give it a try
10:35 paul (although not now, i'm working on something else)
10:36 paul pierrick: maybe you could remove outdated versions of Koha
10:36 paul (on bugzilla)
10:36 paul like 1.x ... and 2.0.x
10:36 paul (to avoid having a too long list when reporting a bug)
10:37 pierrick paul, I don't know Bugzilla data model but if I had designed it, it would be impossible to delete a version linked to at least one bug
10:37 paul at you would have been right.
10:38 paul but maybe there is an option to hide the version in the list ?
10:38 pierrick paul, what would be good is to be able to "hide" some versions for bug reports
10:38 pierrick ;-)
10:38 paul héhé... me 1st ;-)
10:38 pierrick I take a look at the config
10:42 pierrick paul, the Koha versions screen manager only propose to delete the version. I don't feel comfortable clicking on "delete" without knowing the exact consequence
10:42 pierrick Imagine that deleting a version doesn't delete associated bugs, will the version be deleted from the search form ? If yes, we should delete any version.
10:43 paul pierrick: ok
10:45 pierrick s/should/shouldn't/
10:45 pierrick (of course)
10:49 paul hello tumer
10:49 btoumi hello tumer
11:00 pierrick I have photos from KohaCon, do I upload them to my personnal gallery or do Koha as a photo gallery somewhere?
11:12 paul kados: i've noticed on marseille hotel website that the wifi is free of charge. so if he don't work, at least, it won't cost anything ;-)

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