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12:50 kados hi all
12:52 kados and it's really tough to find wifi in Paris :-)
12:56 owen Hey kados!
12:58 owen Ah Europe... so ahead in cell phone use, so behind in internet use
13:04 kados yea :-)
13:04 kados well, KohaCon is over
13:04 kados we had a pretty good turnout both days
13:04 kados probably around 60 or so the first day
13:04 kados and about 40 or so today
13:11 owen Do you know where everyone came from? Mostly French?
15:18 rach howdy
15:26 owen hi rach
15:30 rach hi owen
15:30 rach how are things in the us of a today?
15:31 owen Pretty quiet.
15:31 owen Nope :(  I'm trying not to think about it
15:32 rach me to
15:32 owen I'll have to get to be an international Koha mogul like kados before I can justify overseas trips
15:32 rach :-)
15:33 rach decided that travelling with a 3 month old was pushing it
15:35 owen Unfortunately it's the same with 3-year olds :)
15:37 rach drat - i thought it might get easier
15:37 rach 6-8 months seems to be not to bad
15:38 rach I've had friends do that - so after they've had their jabs, but before they get to big for the airline carycot things
15:38 owen The car and/or plane ride is the hardest part
15:38 owen But there's something to be said for being able to comfortably carry them on your back/front/whatever while touring
15:39 owen At age 3 my daughter is too young to walk very far anywhere and too big to carry for very long
15:42 rach ah yes very tricky
15:43 rach Ben is still in a sling for walking- goes on a dogwalk most nights
15:43 rach lucky for me Si carries him, he's getting heavy already
15:44 rach
15:44 rach new baby photos :-)
15:57 owen Cute!
15:58 rach indeed he is
15:58 rach and very cheerful
15:58 rach which is nice
15:58 owen Yeah, that's good news
15:59 rach 3 egg omlette for lunch got me a full 8 hours last night
02:12 btoumi hi paul
02:12 paul hello bruno
02:42 paul hi tumer
02:42 paul quick question : did you solve your hotel problem ?
02:43 tumer paul thanks yes
02:43 paul (where will you be ?)
02:43 tumer how did everything go!
02:43 tumer I'll near the station
02:43 paul very well, thanks. 70-75 persons on tuesday
02:43 paul 45 yesterday
02:44 tumer Ijust a sec I'll get the full details
02:44 paul except it's very very tiring to speak english & translate & go back to french & back to english...
02:44 tumer New Hotel Select - Saint Charles train station
02:45 paul tumer: when do you arrive exactly ?
02:46 osmoze hello all
02:46 tumer On monday around 09:25 at Marseilles airport
02:47 tumer paul: I was cut off did you get my details hotel,arrival etc?
02:47 paul nope
02:47 paul only "new hotel select" line
02:47 paul (the 1st one)
02:48 tumer Arrive Monday 09:25 Marseiiles airport
02:48 tumer Staying: New Hotel Select - Saint Charles train station
02:48 paul (remember that if you paste too much lines, you'll be kicked)
02:48 paul monday 8th ?
02:48 tumer Monday 8th
02:49 paul you won't find any bus to go to marseille center on 8th I'm afraid.
02:49 tumer Whats on 8th?
02:49 paul i'll investigate to see if I can get you myself (of Henri Damien)
02:49 paul it's a closed day in france : end of WW2
02:50 tumer So we just drink and celebrate?
02:53 paul tumer[A]: right, it's a day where we just drink & celebrate. Except for us, that will work on Koha ;-)
02:54 paul tumer[A]: except for 1 restaurant that is open for monday lunch : i had to investigate a lot to find one !
02:59 tumer How many of us in total now?
02:59 paul mmm... 20 if I dont mind
02:59 tumer Wow
03:00 tumer My hotel  is not very far from the rest is it?
03:01 tumer paul: is it possible to have a contact phone once I arrive Marseilles?
03:01 paul tumer: it not too far. Maybe 5mn by foot
03:02 paul my cell phone :
03:02 paul +33 6 14 38 05 56
03:02 tumer and mine in case: +90 532 860 5353
03:05 paul btoumi: hello
03:06 paul tu peux me donner ton tel, je veux t'appeler tout de suite
08:46 btoumi btoumi
08:48 btoumi how can i change my pseudo? (if i 'm going to lunch for example)
10:55 btoumi hdl peut tu m'aider
10:55 btoumi ?
11:17 btoumi bye everybody

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