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12:33 griffjon hm
12:34 griffjon so, there seems to be a self-check-out/SCO module for Koha, but where is it?
12:42 kados griffjon: it's only used at NPL
12:43 griffjon is there a way to get it?
12:51 griffjon I mean, it's GPL, right?
13:13 kados griffjon: well, it hasn't been released
13:14 kados griffjon: noone has sponsored the release, it would need quite a bit of 'genericization'
13:14 kados well, lots of NPL specific stuff hardcoded for instance
13:14 kados plus it would need to be updated for rel_2_2
13:14 griffjon hm
13:14 kados since NPL still runs 2.0
13:15 kados probably a week or so of work
13:15 griffjon what about the liblime version?
13:16 griffjon or does that suffer from the same problems?
13:17 griffjon what does "sponsoring" entail ?
13:23 kados well, LibLime supports NPL
13:24 kados sponsoring would entail telling one of the Koha companies
13:24 kados that you want a feature to be developed
13:24 kados and then paying them to work on it
13:24 kados LibLime is just one of the companies
13:25 kados of course, it would be easiest for us to work on the self-check since we installed it the first time :-)
13:25 kados unfortunately I've got a meeting so I must leave for a while
13:25 griffjon thanks for your help
13:25 kados but if you're interested in getting a quote you can email me:
13:25 kados cheers
13:26 griffjon is there any way I could get the existing code and see if I can hack it myself? I work at a non-profit, any my annual IT budget is... uh... $300 US total :|
10:18 kados morning all
10:30 owen Hi kados
10:30 owen All's quiet in here this morning

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